Is there a way to force voice roaming on an iphone 4s?

I just switched to ting and my family members who got iphone 4s's are having some pretty severe voice quality issues. There is a little sprint coverage where they work, but it's so weak that it is unusable. I see that it's pretty easy to force roaming on android devices, but the only way I can see to do it on an iphone is to make everything roaming, which I'm assuming would break data and texts for them (am I wrong?) here's the method I'm referring to:

Is there any way to force the iphone to roam for voice only?



edit: or, ideally, is there a way just to make roaming activate when the network sprint strength just isn't strong enough to actually carry a call? I doubt that's possible since I haven't seen anything about it anywhere, but I figure can't hurt to ask.



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  • Forcing roaming for everything wouldn't affect texts; SMS signals are carried over regular voice signals from the tower to to phone.  (The more you know :) )

    You would be out of luck for data though.

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