What about non-Android phones on Ting?

We love phones. It comes with the territory.

We're big fans of Apple and all that they've accomplished with the iPhone. Perhaps one day we'll be in a position to offer it to our customers but currently we have no plans to offer the iPhone.

We recently added a Windows Phone 8 device, the HTC 8XT to the Ting lineup. We'll be adding another Windows Phone 8 device in the near future.

We do not offer BlackBerry devices, nor do we have any plans to do so.

To see the great devices we do offer, check out the Ting Devices page.

We're always listening and we'd love to hear your opinions on these or other smartphone operating systems.



  • Love your service, looking forward to bringing my family members under the umbrella of my account, saving us all a bunch of moolah.  My brother loves his iPhone and doesn't want to give it up, but as soon as Ting offers this (someday in the future), I will definitely bring him into this program.  Thanks again for all your hard work and this excellent service, looking forward to seeing what other devices you'll offer us in the future.


  • Ting's billing practices are a nice change from industry practices and a potential game changer.  However, the lack of bring-your-own-device (assuming the device has the right tech (e.g. CDMA, frequencies) is a deal-breaker.  It just won't work if I'm limited to Ting's device list (regardless of the extent of that list).  Windows Phone is a tremendous UI.

  • I have to agree. It's not that there are too few devices on the list, it's that there is no Windows Phone. The billing practices you advertise are like a siren song, though...

  • I'd actually like to see more non-smartphone options. I think a variety of form factors (candybar, slider, flip) would be great. Right now, people who are looking for a non-smartphone only have the one option. When I signed up, there were two, but nothing has replaced the Reclaim now that it's sold out.

  • +1 for any non android phone windows or iphone

    (smiley face)

  • I would love to use your service, but the limited choice of phones is a deal breaker. Heard about you on Leo Laporte's Twit network. If you get more phones , I will reconsider.

  • I have to agree - I have a mother and father-in-law I would like to add on. However, the tiny key Brio feature phone just won't work for them. Where did the flip feature phone options go? They were compact, but had larger keys that are easier to use for older eyes. 2 orders just waiting here...

  • Unless something better comes along (doubtful!).  I'll be purchasing two phones and opening an account in October 2012.  I would like to see a good non-smart phone available by then.  I like your service.  See you in a few months.

  • I love everything about your model. I wish you had a wireless hotspot that didn't require a USB connection, I'd be all over it. As it is I'm actually considering just buying a phone with with hotspot enabled but only use it for data, just so I can be on the ting network.

  • @Brendan: They're out of stock at the moment, but up until this week Ting was selling the Huawei Mobile Express, which is a stand-alone device.  They're supposed to get more back in stock.

  • More phones puhhlease!  First Checked the service aout months ago and you had  several sets i liked. Checked now and the only one I would want is 500$...

  • Their stock varies. Just because a phone disappears does not mean Ting has stopped carrying it.

    Last week, they had the HTC Detail (EVO Shift 4G) slider listed again and I ordered mine.

    They must be out of stock (again).

  • Love the Ting business model but I also love my Windows 7.5 phone. Get Windows phones and I'm there.Hope springs eternal and I check your phone list every day. First heard about Ting on one of Leo Laporte's shows, incidentally.

  • Ben, have all the comments on Windows phones made a difference in Ting's thinking about/pursuit of a Windows phone.  After doing some research, I'm beginning to think I'd rather have the Windows 8 phone, supposedly coming out maybe in October, rather than the Galaxy III.  I understand that if Ting gets it, you would probably not have it until January 2013 or so.  If this is the case, I'd go ahead and get an inexpensive phone with Ting and sit back and wait for the Windows 8 phone.  If you don't plan to pursue it, then I'd probably just wait for the Galaxy III.  In another thread, someone said (Scott maybe) that Ting is paying attention to the posts and will use the info to "put together our roadmap."  I know you don't know at this point if Ting will be able to carry it, but can you at least tell me if, after all the comments about people wanting a Windows phone, if you will pursue it.

    The reason I want to stick to Ting is because customer service has always been important to me and, from what I've seen, you guys have it down.  That's why I'd rather go with Ting than to pick up a Windows phone with someone else.  Thanks!

  • Hi Al,

    I can tell you that we have heard loud and clear the demand for a decent Windows phone, and we are exploring our options. There has yet to be a public announcement around Sprint supporting a Windows 8 device, until that happens we can not say much with any certainty. 

    I hope that helps a little! Thanks for taking the time to post, we do appreciate it.


  • Glad to hear you are considering Windows phones.  I hesitated to join Ting because I wanted a Windows phone.  I have signed up anyway but would really like my next phone to be a Windows phone and I can give my Android phone to one of the kids.

  • I am biting tooth and nail to switch to Ting from Tracfone. I hate contracts and I will never go with the big cell phone companies again.

    However, I have no desire to own an Android smartphone. I've used a few in the past and the OS is terrible. The second you have a Windows Phone in your lineup, I have a large wad of cash to throw your way!

  • I'm glad there are no plans for the iPhone or any other Apple products!  Please keep it that way.  With it's proprietary type business model, Apple is antithetical to the open source platform which tucows has championed and which is healthy for the the internet, good for you and the world!

  • Ryan,

    You posted the exact same thing to two different threads, but i will reply anyway.

    If you really just wanted a non-Android phone, Ting has the Kyocera Brio. They also have other non-Android devices that may be used for tethering.

  • Scott, is Ting considering the HTC Arrive, which Sprint offers?

  • Forgot to add, for those who may not know - the HTC Arrive is a Windows 7 phone.

  • We have looked at the Arrive and have not felt it was compelling enough to justify the overhead of launching support for Windows. I am certainly interested in hearing if there is demand for that device in the $425 price point. If there is reason to, we would look at it again!

    We are actively working on making sure we are ready for any new Windows devices, my sense is that Microsoft is in talks with all the carriers right now.

    Hope that helps, and thanks for writing!

  • With that price for the Arrive, I'd rather just wait for the Windows 8 phone.  (Long sigh)

  • Windows Phone 7 is already obsolete, there's definitely no use for it.  There's a famous list floating around that originally had 101 features missing/design flaws of WP7. T-Mobile of Germany cancelled plans to release it since it was obsoleted.  I doubt WP8 will be a good deal, but time will tell. However, there are two future phone OS'es that should be looked at closely.  1: Tizen, which is supported by Samsung and Intel and should have Android compatibility.  2: Firefox OS: This is to be released by the Mozilla Firefox team as a lower cost smartphone based on HTML5, like what WebOS might have been.

  • i would think Ting is at the mercy of Sprint in what phones it offers.  With a much more fair billing model (pay for what you use and not ten times that) than the major carriers, a full phone selection could generate a mass exodus.  Why be on Sprint if you can get the same device and service much cheaper?  So I am thankful for the options that are there, especially Android devices including a high end device superior to the iPhone.  Anyone who has used both IPhone and a recent Android device, and thinks the iPhone is better is crazy.

  • If people are so bent on having a windows phone (or iphone or X phone that is not on the list), just pick up the $70 feature phone and flash over the profile information to the target CDMA phone of your desiring. People have to remember that this is a small company and have very limited support, with the primary "product" being the voice/txt/data rates, not the phone. The phone is just a means of accessing that service. They've consolidated on android because it's a single UI to support. If you want someone beyond that right now, take the responsibility of setup and support on yourself and have at it (like many others are doing).

  • If I am currently a Sprint customer but using a phone not listed on your website (Kyocera Dura Core) will it work when transfered or will I need to buy a new phone?

  • A note for people who like Windows Phone 7.  What WP7 calls "tiles" are merely a limited form of "widget" long available on Android phones. So if you want a WP7 look and style, that is easy to do on Android.  You don't even have to manually create individual widgets if you don't want, you can use free apps like "Launcher 7" on the Google Play store.  On the other hand. neither WP7 nor IOS have the range of functionality of Android widgets.

  • I WAS thinking ting would be a good fit for my kids as a starter plan,  but I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT spend over $100 on a cell phone for a 13 yr old, a 12 yr old and 10 yr old to break, especially when the internet is going to be blocked anyway! When Ting gets more family friendly, maybe I'll reconsider.

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