Choosing a plan level.

Can someone explain to me why I would want to choose any plan level other than XS? Is there any advantage to choosing a higher level, since the level is set monthly based on usage? 



  • There really isn't a point to choosing beyond XS since the billing system will automatically adjust based on your usage anyways.   I think it's generally recommend you pick something that you feel best reflects your usage.  If you overestimate, the billing system will credit your account and push you down to the next level, or whichever level is within your actual usage.

    Really, Ting, I'll run support for you in exchange for ya know...wink wink.

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  • Hey Frank,

    Like Sagi said, there isn't a reason. Some people like to choose a plan in advance, pay for it, and then keep an eye on the deficit/surplus each month. Prior to launching, we ran some focus groups and found that psychologically, people were conditioned into choosing a plan. You know what they say about too much change, right? We could have fought the notion and gone against the grain and done without the 'choosing a plan' part, at the risk of freaking people out. We're content to change the mobile landscape by taking baby steps. :)

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