Please let this mean Ting!


  • If it were my position to help procure hardware for Ting, I'd be begging Google and Sprint for this; Google might be ok with it but if Sprint won't allow Ting to activate the devices as an MVNO rather than a "sprint" phone, then there is  no point.

  • After a lot of wishing and hoping Ting would get newer LTE devices, I realized that Sprint will only give them the "last generation" devices similar to what they do with Virgin Mobile (their own MVNO).  I can live with that, honestly.  I went ahead and got what they have today.  Really Sprint is not going to do it.  They want you with them so they can keep the profit margin and they can keep you under contract.  We need regulation that will require these providers to unlock and activate any phone that compatible with their network.  That's the only way this will ever work.  I am pretty sure this is a standard regulation in Europe.

  • Yeah, Ting seems to be under going a lot of changes right now. Currently, the only smart phones on their devices page are the LG Optimus S and the Samsung Galaxy SII 4G. This either means that they are cutting back their selection or getting ready to introduce new phones.

  • They are selling out folks!  Maybe they are just having a problem?  I wonder.

  • daaaang....I wonder what is going on, I hope its new phones...but it might just be a glitch or inventory issues.

    WINDOWS/IOS for the win.

  • Hi all -

    Just wanted to drop in with a few comments about device selection in the last few days. We have had some issues in our supply chain, and that ended up showing some restricted stock options on our site. Sorry about that!

    We are pretty sensitive to making sure we do not disappoint our customers, so we are cautious in our commitments in making devices available if we are not 100% sure we can fulfill.

    Similarily, we have also been reluctant to talk too much about future devices as so much of it can be speculative. Some of it is covered by NDA. Schedules change.

    I will tell you that "Sprint Retail" were only offering pre-order for one LTE device until recently, so it is not the case that there is a large discrepancy. They have since even stopped taking pre-orders.

    LTE will be a huge focus for Sprint at a network level in the medium term, and I would suggest that you will likely see it available quite widely ultimately. :)

    I am planning on posting something more substantive about devices in general in the blog soon.

    We do value your device feedback immensely, so please do not hesitate to let us know what you would like to see!

    Best regards,


    - Ting

  • Ah, those damned NDAs.  That explains why you can't say when you'll let me have a Ting Galaxy Nexus!  I know you wanna, Scott.  Do it.  Feel that?  That is you wanting me to have a galaxy nexus on Ting Mobile.  The SGS2 is lonely and needs a big buddy on the devices page!

  • lol Sagi, that would be awesome if they could offer the Galaxy Nexus, that's really the phone I want more than any other.  Let's give them some time to work everything out, hopefully we'll be seeing something good soon.

  • Scott et al:  I'm desperately eager for a 4G phone with a physical keyboard.  That's the only thing that's stopping me from moving over to Ting today.

  • I feel that Nexus demand, I feel it! :) 

    Patti: the Transform Ultra has 4G and a physical keyboard (it's a slider):

    Cheers ~


  • Really?  That page says that the Transform Ultra is only 3G.

  • I am really reluctant because I feel the Sprint will not get LTE to my area for a long time. I obviously do not want to get a Wi-Max phone and pay a premium for that and Sprints 3G is horribly slow. So, while I would love to see phones like the new EVO 4G it would not benefit me because no Wi-Max and no LTE yet. Plus the frequency that devices release means 3 new phones will have been release by the time I can receive LTE and I will not want the EVO 4G that I spent 600 buck on and will not have had the performance I would like. 

    Really a bad situation at the moment. 

  • Patti: Sorry, I made a mistake on the Ultra, my very bad! Must remember to double check and not go from memory... Is there a particular device or devices you have in mind? 

  • From my limited research, the Droid 4 would be my first choice, and the Epic 4G would certainly be reasonable.  I don't really know the market well enough to know what else is out there.  My above-the-cut-line requirements are a physical keyboard and 4G.  From there, the priorities are a high-resolution screen (not necessarily physically large, but more pixels is better), reasonable internal memory, reasonable battery life, reasonable camera, pretty much in that order.  


    If I could have all that and a GSM radio too then I would probably hire a skywriter or write a jingle or do something equally outrageous to sing your praises.

  • Scott,

    Please, please get the Galaxy Nexus to Ting.  After playing around with the phone on stock ICS, I just can't go back to any Android device with "skins".

    As soon as you guys get it, I am in!

    I hope you guys can set up a deal with Google as well for pure Android devices.

  • Thanks both...  noted.

    Patti: I already have my own jingle, but I have yet to have the transient pleasure of sky-based tribute. It's a big ask, but also a big reward!

  • I have a HTC Detail on Ting (which is the same as the HTC Evo Shift 4G on Sprint with slideout keyboard).. it looks practically new.. but I actually wish I got a non-keyboard phone (such as the GS2).. anyone interested in buying my phone or trading phones?  

    Ting no longer offers this phone for whatever reason.. but they used to sell it for $400+ but had it on sale for $350 + tax.. and then back up to $385 + tax.  I'd sell it for $350 + shipping ($5) if anyone is interested.

  • Let me add my voice to the Galaxy Nexus chorus.  Right now I'm with Verizon and happy with the coverage, call quality, and 3g speeds. I'm not happy with the price I'm paying for it. I do know that Sprint will not have 4G LTE service in my medium sized city (top 75 city in U.S.)  for the foreseeable future. I don't see it even mentioned on the build out plans. However, if I can get by with 3G and wifi at work and home I believe I can overlook the fact that I will only see 4G when I travel.

  • Ref: the 3g/4g coverage.   4G is nice but my home area is has zero 4g coverage (save from VZ of course) and I find 3G nothing to complain about since the purpose of my phone is not to stream heavy media whilst on the go; GPS map tiles and internet searches at best; none issue for me and likely most Ting customers.  So, yeah, after having experienced a nexus device for a few weeks, I agree, it's really hard to go back and I didn't understand that until owning a nexus device.  

    Note to Ting:  I dropped my nexus just to go with you, that says something for how much I appreciate your business model and my experiences thus far.  I trust you'll get the nexus as soon as sprint allows you do to so.  If it were solely up to Ting, I don't doubt that the Galaxy nexus would be "coming soon" on the devices page by now.  Hopefully, it would be too much longer but Ting can say nothing until there is something to say about it; so wait we shall.

  • Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

  • Agree'd.  Ting has a brilliant business model, but the phone selection needs to be addressed.  I think the Galaxy Nexus is a must, and having the EVO 4G LTE would make things even sweeter.  I think that the biggest hurdle that people face when going to prepaid is the cost of phones.  It wasn't until recently that you could get top-of-the-line phones in the prepaid format.  I don't mind paying high prices for near new equipment, but $485 for the last generation SII is a hard pill to swallow.  If the GNex were priced at that level, I wouldn't hesitate to snap it up in a second.  I think an even better deal is an off-contract EVO 4G LTE at $549.  It's a lot of money for sure, but you would be getting essentially the best smartphone phone on the market to date.  I would understand Sprint not wanting to let anyone have access to its new flagship phone right away, but they should at least let Ting have access to the GNex.  It has been on the market for a while now.

  • Hi all -

    Just a quick question on the Galaxy Nexus, if it cost more than $500 to buy one, would that still appeal to you?



  • I bought the galaxy s II : epic 4G touch for more than that, so I certainly would have bought it instead.  It kind of makes me wonder why sprint charges so much for them though, since google sells the unlocked one for $399.  :\

  • Possibly. What I'm really interested in is whether the Galaxy S3 might be available? I think the S3 and your plan would be an unbeatable combination, whatever the price for the phone.

  • Yes. Especially since it is a Sprint version of the Galaxy Nexus which means Google Wallet is available easily.

  • I'm sure people would pay that for the Nexus.  I'd like to see the EVO 4G LTE.

  • It couldn't be too much more than $500 because of the total cost comparison between ting and st given my anticipated usage. I think 550 is about the max I'd pay, much higher and I'd go with the $399 nexus from google and pop in a st sim.

  • Having an up to date "super phone" like the Nexus or EVO 4G LTE is key.

  • I think that $500 is my limit for the Nexus.  That's still approx. $540 with tax, that is a lot of dough.

    I'd even do $549 for the EVO 4G LTE, but Google sells the GSM Nexus for $399 so I don't really understand why the Sprint version costs so much.


  • Like many other people have mentioned here. I would not want to go over 500.00. The options are already limited. With the frequency that new models get released many things limit the desire. You can get it from Google unlocked. It is cdma and will not have LTE. I would like to know why they would charge so much also when google can sell it unlocked for much cheaper. 

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