Any word on the Galaxy Nexus or EVO 4G LTE coming to Ting?

I realize this is sort of wishful thinking, but I remember reading that there was supposed to be a blog post about possible future Ting phones.

Any word on whether or not the Galaxy Nexus or EVO 4G LTE will be coming to Ting?

There should be LTE sites lighting up on Sprint in the very near future.

It would be nice to have one of those phones available on Ting.



  • Hi -

    There is a blog post coming in the next few weeks on devices, hang tight! 

    Without giving too much away in advance of that, I expect us to offer the EVO 4G LTE at some point. We will make it available as soon as we can, but that *may* not be in the very near term. There may be issues beyond our control that delay this device. I do not know much more than that "for sure", but I am cautious in setting expectations given some of the things I have heard anecdotally.  

    There has been some demand for the Nexus, and we are exploring options for that device. 

    I hope that helps, and we are working on getting more device info out to you all.

    Cheers ~

  • I definitely don't want to invest over $1200 in non-LTE devices (moving entire family over at end of June) when I live in Dallas and the Sprint LTE service will be lighting up very shortly. I don't care if it is a Nexus, or some other phone, as long as it has LTE and has at least a 4.5 inch screen size. The small screen size is the one thing I can't stand about my iphone.

  • I'd much prefer the Galaxy Nexus over the EVO 4G LTE.  The non-removable battery in the EVO is a deal breaker. Why HTC? Why?

  • :-( I did invest almost $1100 on two non-LTE devices.  I just figured I would be content with wimax until they finally came out.  Didn't know it would be quite this soon.  I can't complain too much I guess, I'm pretty happy with the E4GT.

  • Thank you for the update Scott.  I too am getting tired of my iPhone and have lost interest in the "grid of icons OS" iPhone 5, even if it does come out with a bigger screen.  I will keep an eye out for the blog post on future Ting LTE device's (hopefully Galaxy Nexus).

  • Just waiting  for the HTC EVO 4G LTE to come to Ting before I take the plunge.  Contract was up two months ago, but I'm holding out for Ting! :)

  • Cannot wait to see a blog post about some new devices coming to Ting, especially ones a little higher on the totem poll! Even if I decided in five months or so not to plunge for the high end, hopefully the GSII will still be around and for a price that is quite a bit less than what it is now.

  • I am one of the winners of the Ting Dump Your Contract contest in May. I'm waiting with bated breath for the rumored new phones that will be available soon. Can't wait to switch to ting, but want to make the best choice for a phone.

  • This is what I was looking for with a month to go on my Sprint contract. 

    I was just in a Sprint store playing with the HTC EVO LTE with ICS.  Nice!   The photo shutter speed on it is amazingly responsive after all the digital cameras (and my current HTC EVO 4G).  It actually seems to take a picture (or pictureS on auto) when you press the shutter instead of seconds later.   And multitasking on ICS, switching apps, is much better than Gingerbread from what I saw.  

    BIG drawback is built in battery :(  I bought the extended battery pack for my current EVO.  Not possible on the new model I guess.... not sure it's necessary.  What's battery life really like like on the new model?

  • There is a blog post coming in the next few weeks on devices, hang tight!

    Scott, it's been 2 weeks... that's almost a few weeks, right?   .... only been here a day and hanging tight....

  • Yeah I am checking back just about every day now. I completely killed my last phone and I don't want to buy a phone now and I am trying to hold out. 

  • The post will be up tomorrow! Cheers ~s

  • Thanks Scott. Hopefully it will be good news!

  • I wouldn't hesitate in moving over to Ting if they offered the Galaxy Nexus, if i am to move away from the iPhone i want stock android without having to hack the phone to get it.

  • I'm having a hard time deciding on the nexus or the evo 4g lte, at first I was all about the nexus and still am for pure google, but damn the evo 4g lte is a really nice phone with a nice development community around it already.

    My biggest concern and deal maker would be which phone would have the best performing gps and CDMA signal.

  • Yes! I await the news! 

  • Cannot wait to hear the news! Planning on buying two devices finally this Friday, so even though I doubt it will change my selection, I still can't wait to see what Ting has in store! Also, Scott, isn't it about time we see some of those fixes and changes that happen every 2 weeks? I haven't seen a post about that in a little while now.

  • Dear Scott Allan:  Waiting patiently for that post, credit card at the ready.  

  • Ok I know it is still early but I am awaiting the info!

  • hehehe, this is turning into quite the nail biter isn't it?  Ah, but you see, Scott said today but not when.  He'll drag it out; he's a tease like that ;-)

  • They're killin' me.  

  • Haha. Patience is a virtue. My guess is that ting will do what they say and we will know something today.

  • Just wait.  The blog post will be about a new $65 flip phone, and the LG Optimus in green.  Meanwhile, Scott Allan will be cackling maniacally from atop his fortress made of Ting-branded Galaxy Nexuses.

  • I'm guessing it is going to be the Galaxy Nexus, but I really am hoping that it is the EVO 4G LTE as well.  I played with one at the Sprint store and it is seriously awesome.  Since it just came out, I doubt Sprint would let Ting have their flagship device.  All jokes aside, a flip phone on Ting is a must have too.  I'm waiting on the Samsung M370 also.

  • I really really REALLY want something at the beginning of it's life cycle.  I have fingers and toes crossed for a Galaxy SIII.

  • What they need is a higher end QWERTY phone, like the Epic 4G

  • What they really need is BYOD, but in the absence of that, I'm with Carmela on getting something cutting edge.  I don't want to live with gadget envy.  It's fatal if left untreated -- I think I read that somewhere.

    I assume we can mark down the M370 as one of the devices.  That's been all but guaranteed for weeks now.  Other than that, I just hope it's something coming soon, and not, say, confirmation that they'll get the EVO 4G LTE some time in September.

  • At this point I don't care just announce it already! I am waiting to pull the trigger but its getting annoying. You would think if they have something to announce they would be in a hurry to finally let people know. 

  • Gadget envy is only fatal on the wallet if you overpay for cell phone service! Ting seems to be the cure.

  • If this system allowed you to +1 a post, i would have done it to yours, Aaron.

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