Unofficial Android App

I have created an unofficial Ting Usage app for Android. It's up on the Play Store:


  • See overall usage and costs for the current billing cycle
  • See detailed usage information for the entire account
  • See overall usage for each device
  • See detailed usage information for each device

Detailed usage information is cached so if you want to see the most recent information, you will need to hit the refresh button.

Any feedback and such can be posted here.

Important Note

  • This works by scraping the account pages to pull usage information, so it will not save you any data compared to just visiting the site in a browser. Also, if Ting updates their site, it will probably break until I have a chance to fix it. I saw in another thread that they will be making usage downloads available so I will probably shift to using those when that happens. And if Ting ever releases a proper API that may allow for considerably more functionality.


I've gotten a few requests for donation info, so if you really want to donate (and it is completely unnecessary for you to do so) you can do so via Paypal. My address is

Beta Testing

Occasionally I may need people to test the app before I release it to the wild. This is where you can find the absolute latest build.


Source Code

Source is now available:

I promise nothing in terms of easy to use, or well-written or any of that jazz.



  • Wow, nice work.  I'm not on Ting yet (will be in the future), but that's a nice handy app to have!

  • Very nice. Works great on my Optimus S.

  • I do have one question though, why does your app need to read contact information?

  • When you view detailed usage it will try to match them with your contacts.

  • Sweet! Thanks for the app. This should work as a great stand-in at least until Ting comes out with an official Android app (and we'll see how well it works).

  • Excellent Job! Getting to the info was a bit non-intuitive the first time though. I had to press the back button on my phone to get to it? Maybe a login or submit button would work well. Great work too!

  • Brian, thanks for the info. I see it now. Thats a really neat feature.

  • Hi Brian,

    You beat us to it! Good for you. We'll have some folks check out the app soon. Of course we can't endorse an unofficial app but if you want to maintain it and people want to use it, that's cool by us.

    We have started on our Android app but don't have a release date yet. We're also working on a fairly major update to the Dashboard which will likely muck up some of what you've done here with screen scraping.

    The only small concern right now is you using the Ting logo and colour in the app icon. You've made it clear it's unofficial so we'll let it go for now, but we may need to ask you to change that if it causes confusion later on.

    Feel free to contact me if you need anything. ken at ting dot com.



  • Ken, Thanks for the general approval. If necessary I am more than happy to change the logo and colors. When you release your app, it is entirely likely mine will become irrelevant (which I look forward to).

  • You know, I've not yet become a Ting customer.  I've been looking at Ting and several (loosely termed) competitors, such as Republic Wireless, Straight Talk, T-Mo's new 30$plan, and a couple others.  Having spent time in the forums at each site, I was beginning to lean towards Ting.  This thread has cemented that for me.  I will be a Ting customer at the end of this month and I will be pointing my friends your direction.  As a software developer by day, and tinkerer by night, it has been a long time since I've seen a company take such a healthy attitude with their customers and community.  Every day I read in the news how some company is suing another over some ridiculous patent, and here's Ting saying basically, "ehh, you gave proper credit and did nothing malicious, so we'll roll with it for now, till our offerings are ready for the public".  I mean you spoke to the dev like a person, gave a reason for your small concern and even made guarded concession on that for now so long as it doesn't cause problems.  That is awesome.  More than awesome, it is a mature adult way to handle these things.  So refreshing in today's business world.  Kudos to Ken and the whole Ting staff.

  • Just downloaded this today - unfortunately it crashes immediately.  Well, actually, I can enter email and password, but it dies when it tries to download usage info from Ting (The "Updating" screen)

    Really cool idea though.

  • When it crashes did you get an option to report the error? If you can do that it will hopefully give me the information I need to troubleshoot it.

    Other than that, is it possible you put your username or password in incorrectly? I don't think that should cause it to crash but anything is possible.

  • Hey Sandra and Brian. I'm not sure if this could have anything to do with it, but we currently have a maintenance notice on right now to advise people of a network maintenance that's happening. I don't think it's the maintenance that's causing the problem, but more the notification bar we have at the top of each web page that alerts people about the maintenance. 

    My thinking is that since Brian's app is scraping our pages for usage detail, the notification bar might be tripping it up. Then again, I could be totally wrong... ;)

    Anyhoo, thought I'd mention it as a possibility. Have a fantastic weekend all,


  • Ben,

    That makes complete sense to me, not sure how Bran implements it, but it could definitely be getting confused.  I'll wait until tomorrow and give it a try again.

    • Sandy

    PS.  Ben - it's the weekend, take some time off! :-)

  • I don't think it is the notifications. Those look to be pulled in separately via AJAX. I'm setting up my dev environment at home and will do some testing. 

  • Brian,

    I didn't see your note at first - once my better half comes back with the phone I'll submit the report.  It looked like the report was going directly to Google and not to you so I skipped out on submitting the report.

  • The reports go to Google and become available to us through the Play Store publishing tools.

  • Mine occasionally crashes as well when I scroll through the detail list of SMS messages. I'm running it on CM9nightly on a Tmo vibrant (my contract is up next month so I can join my wife on Ting) so I wasn't sure it wasn't on my end. Since I know you have access to reports, I'll submit one for ya.

  • I just submitted a report as well

  • I see both reports and am working finding fixes.

    Jared: Do you have any messages that show up as to or from nobody? Or two ting devices instead of numbers? I'm not sure what is causing your issue. I think I have a workaround, but I would be more comfortable if I knew what the actual problem was.

    Sandra: Your issue seems to be related to parsing the account page. I'm probably going to need to build in some additional reporting capability to get to the bottom of it.

  • Jared: Do you have any messages that show up as to or from nobody? Or two ting devices instead of numbers? I'm not sure what is causing your issue. I think I have a workaround, but I would be more comfortable if I knew what the actual problem was.

    No, My wife's device is on Ting I'm on Tmobile for another month. All of them appear to have info, I can email a csv of what shows?

  • That would be great! is my email address.

    If you're willing, it would be even better if you could send the actual html source of that page. That way I can see if there is anything in there trying to screw up my parser.

  • @Michael Hunt: I just saw your note from June 14. Thanks for the kind words... we really appreciate it. :D 

  • A new version of the app is up. It includes (hopefully) a fix for Jared's issue and aditional debug reporting. The reporting can be disabled in preferences.

  • Just published a fix for one of the parsing issues. 

    There is still another issue in which the account page doesn't seem to have any of the normal data. If you're still getting an immediate force close, please let me know so I can figure out this issue.

  • The reports of the unresolved issues come from some using an Epic 4g touch

  • I'm currently on vacation in Puerto Rico so I'm not able to debug effectively but I'm not able to get usage stats. No longer crashes bit says I either don't have.a connection or have the wrong user/passed. Definitely have a connection and I just reset password ... I'll play around more later

  • Right now that message just means something went wrong. I'm working on getting it to say more appropriate things when it knows better. I think I have debug reports that I can use to correct your issue but it will take me a bit to figure out what exactly needs tweaking.

  • I think the latest release should correct all the issues that I currently know about. If it doesn't, keep submitting error reports and I'll keep working on it.

  • Works great! Many thanks

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