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Looking to migrate my wife from a bare-bones Net10 phone and service to a full featured Android smart phone. Her voice/text usage is likely to fall into the lowest billing rates, and data is likely to always be over wifi. But I'd like to give her as much of an iPhone-like experience as possible with a sub-$300 phone. The current Ting device offerings are extremely slim and I have the following questions:

* Is the slim device offering typical?

* Is the Samsung Conquer the only current device that fits my requirements?

* Does the Samsung Conquer support Wireless N at 5GHz or only 2.4GHz?




  • Slim device offering seems to be temporary but it looks like it may serve to save them money. It looks like they get stock in as it comes but don't replenish it immediately. That's been the trend (See prior HTCs, prior Photon). They detail some of what goes into that in the blog. The Conquer is returning but it's no clear whether it will always be available or will be replaced by the new offerings coming later on.

    As for the Conquer: there is no 5ghz WiFi. The Transform Ultra does have 5ghz, however.

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  • Had to order the Samsung Transform Ultra as the Conquer disappeared from the site in the last couple of hours.

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