Complaint about Ting policies

Please tell me if I'm off base here as I like the Ting concept... It just seems that the implementation is a little off. Here is my response to a servey I was emailed after I cancelled my service...


No complaints about [service rep's name]...

It's Ting that is "Bad, I'm unsatisfied". Basically, my family of five is staying with US Cellular rather than moving to Ting, and I'm letting everyone I talk to and communicate with on-line know that...

o A $70 credit/promo on the account will take a year to use, rather than simply being applied to the account as one would expect. [added later, see, it says 'Get $75 toward monthly service' - my failure to read and understand prior to accepting]

o you open your equipment, you've bought it, even though it's unused... unlike other companies that will charge a 20% restocking fee, and resell the "refurbished" phone to another customer at a discount.

o Ting *LIES* when it claims "Pay for what you use. No penalties. No waste."... If you use 501 [later edited to 526] minutes, you pay for 1000... that's a waste of 499 [later edited to 474] minutes that I did not use, but for which I must pay.








  • My experience has been different....

    1) I was able to use the $70 credit on the first phone we purchased. It was a Vero which I received for $20

    2) no experence

    3) Last month, we used 524 minutes, but we were only charged for 500 minutes. I asked Ting about it and this is what they wrote:

              "...Thanks for bringing this to my attention. We each plan we give you a 5% grace, so for example you can use up to 25 minutes over the 500 minutes for the M plan. 

               The same goes for text and data as well...."

  • You are off base. (You asked for it...)

    1) no experience

    2) After I ordered a phone & it was shipped, Ting offered a better one that I wanted. I called Ting and asked if I could return the phone unopened. They sent me a prepaid return label & I returned the unopened phone for full credit.

    3) They use "marketing speak" to exaggerate slightly. There is less wastage (&, generally, cost) than with a Sprint plan, though. I agree that it is confusing and sad that you cannot take those words at face value. though. They should have said something different, IMHO.

    I am surprised you are staying with US Cellular unless you have very heavy usage. My son is moving from a US Cellular family plan to Ting even though he recently got a new phone. Although he will need to pay a, ETF, he estimates that he will save that fee in less than 2 months with Ting.

  • I'm going to have to agree with the consensus here. You're way off base Troy.

    I have not encountered a more decent cell service than Ting. The prices are very fair. I have received numerous generous service credits and discounts. As mentioned previously, there is a 5% bucket grace overage. Stay within that 5%, and you won't get charged the next tier. They're being completely upfront with the pricing and even if you fall just a hair over, they're being very gracious and not charging you extra. Try getting anything like that with any other cell service and you'd be laughed out the door.

  • I have to agree Ting has been great. There have been a few hiccups on the way but I would call Customer Service and they would help me out considerable. When a problem did arise that they couldn't help me with then I would be directed towards a person who could help. It was frustrating for me to get use to counting my minutes and text messages because I came from a plan that I just never went over but was paying a huge amount for but my first bill is coming soon and it is small considering my old cellphone provider. In fact I am going to be paying the ETF and my Ting and both together are lower than my old cellphone bill was.

  • Most of us agree that Ting's plans and service are good, but Troy does have a point. Ting does not operate the way their plain language states. If there were another plan close to Ting, even if they cost a little higher, I would have gone with them instead of Ting because they are not advertising honestly. I believe if somebody wanted to charge them with false advertising, they could win.

    Here is what Ting says.

    Pay for what you use. No penalties. No waste.

    Select your plans based on how many minutes, text messages and megabytes you think you will use. That's what we bill you. Next month you will be credited or charged the difference based on your actual usage.


    For example, if I were on the Small (100 minute) plan and paid $3, but I only used 50 minutes, Ting would credit me $1.50($.03 x 50) for my unused minutes, so there would be no waste.

    In reality, those minutes are wasted. Although Ting's variable tiered plan is good, it is not as good as what they advertise. I think we should be able to agree with this.

  • You forgot to include the line that immediately follows what you quoted: "Watch a video to see how it works."  There they explain their billing system perfectly.

    "For example, if I were on the Small (100 minute) plan and paid $3, but I only used 50 minutes, Ting would credit me $1.50($.03 x 50) for my unused minutes, so there would be no waste."

    But there is no $1.50 tier between $0 and $3, so what you said there would not happen. 

    I don't get how their billing system lies (@Troy).  They explain it well, and with it being a tiered system, you should be managing your minutes/texts/mb accordingly.

  • No matter how good a plan is, someone is always going to find something to complain about.  No doubt, there are things each of us think could be better to meet our individual desires, but Ting's business model has to address the needs of the general public, while making a profit for themselves.  I think they have a great plan plus I've never come across another company that strives for excellent customer service like Ting.  They're #1 in my book.

  • No Bruce, Troy does not have a point, and neither do you. If you are claiming Ting is guilty of false advertising, then you must have had your head in the sand for the past 10 years of the cell phone industry. Ting makes a statement that there is no waste and no penalties, and they explain the billing system in crystal clear terms--there are no asterisks or pages full of fine print (have you seen any of the other providers' plan descriptions recently?). What other cell phone company bumps you down to a lower tier for less usage? NONE of them. Similarly, which cell phone provider will bump you up to the next tier WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT if you go over your expected plan instead of slamming you with ridiculous per minute overage fees? Again, NONE of them. That's what they mean by no penalties. Why does this not make sense to you? They aren't being deceptive about their rate tiers. They're perfectly up front about exactly what they mean by no waste and no penalties. They explain that there is complete fluidity between those tiers and on the very same page where the claims are made, they have the rate chart and a link to a video for further explanation. You can't get any further from false advertising than that. You don't understand the legal definition of the term, so stop making ridiculous claims.

    Could the tiers be smaller and of finer resolution? Sure, but this is what they settled on and even explain why they chose the buckets that they did in their blog (if you even cared to read). It is a marked departure from the rest of the industry. Would I prefer a graduated per minute/txt/MB plan, yes. But then again I'm a geek and I understand that most people would have trouble understanding a more complicated billing model. It's just a matter of time until Ting or another provider offers a pure per use plan similar to current VoIP services, but the industry just isn't there yet (largely because of the large barrier to entry costs in this market and other political constructs that prevent competition, but that's another issue all together).

    If you want to talk about being guilty of false advertising, just browse over to all of the major providers that advertise "UNLIMITED" data on a plan. They should be sued into oblivion for stating that when it's the furthest thing from the truth (often just 2GB or 5GB per month and they actually had to be sued before they put those words somewhere deep in the fine print). Take issue with them before you start nitpicking here. You people are unbelievable. Instead of being happy that there is a trend in the industry favoring consumers and applauding and supporting the effort, you all whine about it like you're against the very idea. If you all like being fleeced at the major providers, then stay with them and leave us sane ones alone to enjoy the shifts in the market.

  • I agree totally with you totally Ryan. Well Said!!! 

  • I second what Ryan N said.

  • Ryan,


    I did not forget the video. I agree that the video explains their plans, but it contradicts the plain English explanation that preceeds it.

    Ting doe not say that they minimize waste. They say there is NO waste. If they said they minimize waste, that would be accurate. Saying there is NO waste is blatantly FALSE.

    I think that is one of the points that Frank was making.

  • Ting does have a respectable business model that may even be "revolutionary" for this industry.  However, I had also thought "no waste" means I get charged for what I actually use, not the tier I fall in.  Like a water bill.  Like an electric bill.  Like a gas bill.  Like a landline bill.  There's nothing abnormal about expecting it to be a "metered" service since that's what "no waste" truly means.

    Deceptive?  Maybe.  However, the fact is that it did mislead me as well.

  • Ting's policies are spelled out in enormous detail on the website. That's why I know 5 people in the past few months who have left US Cellular, Verizon and AT&T for Ting with no complaints. They are all thrilled with Ting. Can we stop the negativity and complaints now?

  • I had been with Verizon since 1994 was a different company then that got bought out by Verizon. I switch to Ting a month ago and I will never look back. I love Ting my second bill will be less than 50 bucks for 4 phones. Verizon was just shy of 200 bucks. Keep up the good work Ting!!

  • The easiest way to avoid exposing yourself to negativity and complaints would be to stop visiting this thread that was originally written to voice a valid opinion.  You can take brand loyalty to whatever level you'd like, but there is no need to hijack the thread and tell others to shut up.

  • Ting's current pans are the best available for many.


    Their advertising does not match their offerings. That is the point being made.

    Here is another example. As I was navigating here, Ting's front page said "Moms ride free". The mother on my plan costs me an extra $6 a month. That is not free.


    I do believe we have beaten this poor, dead horse enough, though,

  • Because I like hijacking threads and beating dead horses, I feel inclined to point out the pay per minute/text/megabyte that happens at the end of tiered plans. From what I can tell, these metered prices are super cheap, and would definitely result in a "No Waste" system. So, there is no false advertising as claimed. And as far as the "Moms ride free" statement I'm thinking they meant that nice children can now afford to pay for a phone for their mothers, thus making the mom ride free. Case closed. Enjoy the awesomeness that is Ting.

  • Dead horse, meet stick...

    I've don't understand the claims that Ting and their fans make that their system is less complicated or confusing to users than tiered metered usage. In the area I live, we've been using tiered metered usage for electricity and water for decades so everyone understands that model. Anyone who pays income tax should understand tiered (i.e., "marginal") rates. The concept is ubiquitous in the world around us. For those that don't understand it, they would never be surprised by tiered metered usage -- i.e., no unexpectedly high bills because each tier would (I assume) get cheaper per unit as usage increased.

    I like TIng, but this is one of the few things that bugs me about them and which is under their control (there's probably not much they can do economically about not having data roaming to provide better data coverage).

  • Hi, Michael from Ting here. While the horse is, indeed, dead at this point and I think the collective voice here pretty much got everything right, I figure it might be nice to hear from us.

    We wrestle a lot between simplicity and value. Big inclusive plans are actually the simplest (if you think about it), but the value sucks. We'd love to have a plan where you pay for what you use and get a better rate with each unit (minute, MB, text), but that would be ridiculously complex. And we cannot afford to give everyone our flat "beyond XXL" rates on the first unit.

    We think our buckets (and policies like the 5% forgiveness) give you the best combination of simplicity and value. The rates do get better as you move from one bucket to the next. But there there is some unavoidable waste until you get to the absolute top of each bucket. Then, when you get beyond the last bucket (where we are doing well as a business) we go with the one flat rate.

    So, as many people said, the intention is right and, I think, the plan couldn't be much better. And we basically try to be as fair and honest as we can possibly be at every turn (including admitting when we can't afford to be any more fair).

    But "no waste" is not accurate. I'm going to change it. Maybe "Minimum Waste." I have to think about what still sounds good! Thanks for all the feedback.

  • Ok got to add my 2 cents.  I think Ting is great. I have gone over my planned limit and hated paying the extra, it was just one of those way life goes things and wasn't that much more.  The billing has confused me and The Reps were very helpful and showed me where I was confusing myself.  They went way out of their way to get me started as tho I am in a Sprint service area Maple Rapids doesn't exist for some reason.  They helped me figure out how to activate my phone even tho my village doesn't exist.  My hubby changed to at&t cause it is better coverage at the shop and porting with at&t was a PAIN.  Ting worked with the at&t reps and got it sorted.  Only thing I wish they would change is the customer service hours  problems on the weekend are slow to get help with.  But in time I'm sure they will have more hours.  Paying for the usage we don't use ( I never use all the messages or data) is annoying but then it still cost me less than any other company (if they can find my village)   I'm a TINGER lol

  • Thank you. Michael.


    After I re-read the thread title yesterday, I realized that I may have steered it off-topic.

    Ting's policies are very good, they just did not match the advertising That was very confusing to me as I was researching Ting.

    Thank you for allowing us to help you improve. That is what makes a business grow.

  • Thank you for making this complaint to alert me about the hak5 code. Despite poking around the site I totally missed that. It would have been a shame not to use it. Anyone know when it expires? I probably won't be ordering for a couple of days unless my chance to use the code is about to run out. Someone above said they were able to use it on the device instead of account credit. Is that still possible or was that an older offer?

  • I don't care as much about the unused minutes as I do knowing EXACTLY what I will pay when I do get bumped to the next bucket. No surprises with Ting. Every major carrier is nothing BUT deceptive. They are all thieves shaking your hand as they stab you in the back. 

    Try getting the customer service Ting provides anywhere else, not just wireless.

  • Was Michael serious about changing the plans page?


    It still incorrectly says "No Waste" when Ting plans really minimize waste.

  • Hi Bruce, Thanks for all your helpful posts!

    We are working on evolving our language, just need a little more time to get it done.

    Thanks again, your feedback was good.

    Riley: the HAK5 code will work for the foreseeable future, looking forward to having you on Ting!

  • Scott,

    Although Ting currently appears to be the best, or one of the best wireless companies in terms of customer service,  I am trying to help you be better. Before the start of this year, I though I had seen good customer service, but a year-old company, in a different industry, showed me the best customer service I have ever seen. 

    Scott, email me offline if you want more information, It might be good for the two companies to learn from each other.

    Meanwhile, I am just starting to enjoy Ting.

  • Ah, it finally happened!  Months had gone by, and I kept checking, and it still said "no waste", which was still kind of bothering me, so I thought it had been forgotten.  I was filling out the quarterly survey just now, and this was the only negative thing I could think of, where you promised to change that, and it didn't seem to have been done.  I decided to check one more time before sending off the survey, and it had gotten changed to "less waste" at some point.  Thank you very very much for actually taking this concern seriously.  It may seem like a nitpick to some, but I think it's important to be able to stand proudly on the true great value of your service, without having to exaggerate about it.

  • I'm sorry it took so long, Rocky. We pretty much agreed from the beginning and put it on the backlog to be edited. We just had so many big things getting pushed through - from BYOSD to control panel features - that a simple little thing like this kept failing to get prioritized. Please keep nitpicking. These are the sort of principles and details that we think are separating us from the big guys. Thanks again.

  • Ting still claims you "pay for what you use" on the 3rd slide in the current hone screen rotation.

    Ting needs to fire their marketing team before they get slapped with false advertising charges. There is less waste than with the larger carriers. but most people definitely pay for more than they use.

  •  Maybe we could offer some suggestions?  

    "Pay only for the bucket you need each month."   OK. maybe I wouldn't make it on Madison ave, any other suggestions?

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