New (beta) dashboard

I couldn't find a thread for comments on the new (beta) dashboard, so here's one suggestion:

The old one had the cost of the plan level shown for what "level" your current usage puts you into.  That's no longer shown on the beta dashboard (I have to go to the "Plans" page to cross-reference what the pricing should be).  Would like to see that on the dashboard again.


Otherwise I really like the new dashboard!!  Especially the "per line" alerts plus the ability to "shut off" texts and data if that line exceeds a preset amount.  I don't see an immediate need for it (it's a business account), but it's nice that it's there and would probably be wonderful for a family with kids.



  • I actually preferred the old one. It made it clearer what buckets I was in, and what buckets I'd likely be in.

  • Is the new dashboard what I see in the videos on the homepage or is that still the old one? I don't have my phone yet so I don't have access to see what it looks like.

  • The one in the videos is the old (current) one.  If you go to "Settings > Dashboard preview" you can switch to the beta one to give it a test drive.

  • Ahhh. I'd ask for screen shots just to see what it looks like but I know it would be too much work to black out all of your personal data :P

  • You raise a good point Chuck. We should give you a way of seeing where you're at from a price standpoint too.

    Good feedback, thanks.

  • Chuck hope you don't mind me adding my comments into your thread. 

    Gauges do not work in Opera.

    I liked how in the old version it showed a graphical representation of estimated usage.

    The alerts that I set up in the old dashboard are not showing up in the new one. Do I need to add them in again?

  • What exactly IS the benefit of the beta dashboard?  What information does it offer the Ting user that the older version didn't? 


  • Not at all, that's why I started it.

    As for the estimated:  I see that there are line items for the "estimated" amounts but it's still zero, but on my account there's 25 days left to billing.  The estimated amounts don't show up in either dashboard for me yet (old one and beta) , I'm assuming because it could easily be highly inaccurate with only a few days of data points to derive the estimates.

  • Chuck,

     You are correct. The estimate does not show up until after the first week (I think) of your billing cycle. Before the first week it should probably say N/A or be removed. I kind of like the N/A and it would be great if they could add a mouse over tip to explain why it is N/A. I also think the estimate line should include what tier the estimate is in and like your original suggestion it should probably include the cost. Of course it should do all of this without cluttering up the UI.



    For me the biggest benefit is the per line alerts. Most of the info is the same just displayed differently.

  • Uhh, problem.


    Second, make the gauges start at zero, always.  Then make marks on the gauges where the breakpoints are.  My speedometer doesn't reset the lower limit to 35 MPH when I'm doing 55, yours shouldn't either; it's confusing.


    Finally, it'd be nice if  you could "twist the twistie" (triangle next to the line number) to open/close the call / sms / data detail rather than / in addition to clicking on the line number itself.


  • Thanks Brian,

    Having only one line, a per-line alert never occurred to me.  

  • Typically, I like the new dash over the old because I can see everything at a glance on my Phone. The estimations and other data is all laid out for me to see without having to clumsily tap this or that on my small screen. I also prefer the new Alerts tap in comparision to.... Well wherever it was before. Quite frankly I couldn't even find how to set alerts before this update (and I'm not exactly computer illiterate). That being said, there is room to improve.

    I agree in Giovannone in that the gauge should always start at zero no mater what the plan. Just put a marker where the prevous plan(s) ended and your curent plan began. To do otherwise is just kind of confusing. It'd also be nice to have a graphical representation of estimated usage (maybe if you click/hover over the number). Granted, that always gave me trouble with my touchscreen whitch is how I view the dashboard 95% of the time so it dosen't mater that much to me.

  • The old dash showed different colors for each person's usage, so it was real easy to spot when one phone was using more than the others.  I miss that with the new dash.  Now I have to click on devices and interpret numbers - not as easy to do on a tiny phone screen.

  • In general, I kind of agree with the suggestion to start the meters at 0, but with the range of possibilities that might not work well in some situations.

    For instance:  when I finally get all 13 of my company's phones moved over to Ting, we will probably be using a total of about 13,000-15,000 minutes a month.  Accommodating that usage and also accommodating an account that has one or two phones and only uses 400 minutes a month may have a dial with too big of a range and it would look like it barely moves off 0 for the 400 minute account.

    It may need to be that the 0 point stays the same, but the max on the meter adjusts based upon what plan level you are currently in.

    @ Michael - if you click on the "View Details" under each meter you will see usage broken down by line, including a graphic representation bar.  No fancy different colors, but accomplishes the same thing.

  • Oh, I assumed view details was the detailed list we got before.  I still have to click to see the breakdown, but at least it's graphical.  I definitely like that the detailed lists are now broken down by lines. 

  • I noticed another bug. When I view the line usage detail (click on "View Details" and then expand one of the lines) I am not getting column headings for the first line. I do get them for the second line. I only have the two so I can't tell what would happen after that.

  • Hmm, good catch.  I have 6 phones and only get the headings on one of them - but it's a different one on each of the features.  It's the 4th one down on the minutes, 5th one on texts, and 1st one on megabytes - lol.

  • I had an alert set up on the old dashboard, yet I don't see it on the new dashboard.  Did it get removed when I switched to the new dashboard, or is it not showing up for some other reason?

  • I would love to see the usage info graphed something like this:

    ...maybe that's a little complex for some, but a visual depiction of daily usage + trend relative to the bucket lines would be awesome.

  • With the new dashboard,  include the precise total of MB used like the old one.


    When you're trying to stay under 100MB, the precise total makes it easier to figure out the growth rate of various activities..........

  • Thanks so much for the feedback everyone!

    It's much appreciated, and the absolute best support we can get regarding how we can improve the service. :)

  • I STRONGLY prefer the old dashboard look where usage for minutes/text/data by line can be easily seen on one page. Everything is neat and very clear with color codes for each line. Very easy to interpret with no more clicks. This is where I go for 90% of the logons and it is quick and well organized. New dashboard requires multiple clicks to dig in to detail and I just don't get what the speedometer graphic really does for me...

    I have 5 lines now and all the basics on usage by line and category is on one clean page. If you do switch, PLEASE leave the option to use this page if desired!!

  • The #1 thing everyone here could agree on is the freedom for us to chose which 'style' interface we'd like to use is the best possible outcome. Why not give us the chose if we really prefer one over the other? I meen, sure make a 'default' setting that will let Ting chose the interface for those who don't care, but for those who do care give us the option to chose the retro style if we like it better or just don't want to learn the new one.

  • I have to admit, the old dashboard really is better.  There's just far more information available at a glance, even if some of the other features are harder to find.  Moreover, from a design perspective, the new dashboard's unrelieved blue-on-white color scheme is just too Smurfy.  Given how many other coding needs there are (mobile site via gomobi or an official Andriod Ting app), it seems y'all could hold off on any website changes.

  • I'm sorry guys, but I agree with some others.  I really don't like the new dashboard design at all.  I think it is terrible to be honest with you.  The old one is just right the way that it is.

  • I prefer the new interface on my smartphone/tablet (as I said once above) because the info is more condensed all out to see. Taping on this or that on the old interface was really a pain on a touch screen and it's impossible to hover over anything to get any addishinal data.

    On the other hand, if I'm on my desktop I like the old interface just a tinny bit better because I have the extra screen realestate and I'm free to click/hover over everything. That being said, I like the 'tabs' layout and the alarms interface much much better in the new interface no mater what I'm using.

  • The new dashboard looks great! I can't wait until the bugs are ironed out and it goes live. I don't know exactly what your plans are, but to my eye, it looks like it will be easier to scale this interface to a mobile size than the previous dashboard. I can view the current dashboard on my phone, but it is less than ideal right now. I think with a few tweaks this new interface could translate quite nicely to a smaller screen size.

    I am curious though, where is the best place to report bugs on the beta version of the interface?

  • When I look at the graphs under "show details", the bars for each line are appropriately scaled, but make no sense compared to the values on the hash marks above. 

  • I'm going to be hyper-critical for a minute, but it's not because I think the dashboard is actually that bad.  In fact, it's one of the things I really like about Ting.  But even good things can stand improvement, so here goes:

    • The bars on the old dashboard are much better than the dials on the new.  The object of the bar/dial is to quickly visualize usage, and humans are far better at visually comparing lengths than they are at comparing angles or areas.  Within the data visualization community, you'll see a strong preference for bar charts over pie charts (which is basically what the dial is).
    • The dials are rather large for the amount of information they show.  The bars do better, but could be made thinner without sacrificing anything.
    • In general, I care about my usage relative to my selected plan, rather than to the nearest bucket.  Thus, even if I've used only 50 minutes of my 500-minute plan, the bar scaling should adjust to the 500-minute range, as if I had already passed the 100-minute bucket.  This is particularly true in the first few days of the billing period.
    • The estimated usage is one of the most useful tools on the dashboard, so I would suggest making it more prominent, perhaps by marking it in gray or some other unobtrusive way.
    • I'm not convinced that the min/max/average statistics deserve a place on the dashboard home page.  They're interesting and useful, perhaps, but they don't tell me what I really want to know: how close am I to going over my plan?

    I've attached a mockup of what the dashboard could look like with a couple of these changes.

    Thanks for making this interface in the first place, and thanks for listening!

  • I have to say: the mockup image Steven posted looks really good (as far as layout goes anyhow). I love the idea of giving the estimation more prominence and adding the gray estimation bar (that doesn't require clicking or mouse hovering). I also like the fact that the bar scales to whatever plan I've selected instead of the plan I'm in right now (unless of course you go over said plan then it should be whatever plan your in)

    That being said, I like as much info as possible including min/max/average statistics. That being said, I wouldn't mind them being hidden requiring me to hit some type of "show more" link/arrow to reveal them (maybe even adding more info in there). I think such a solution would be best.

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