Picture messaging on your LG Optimus Elite

We recently sent an email out to our LG Optimus Elite owners who have enabled MMS on their accounts and thought we should post it here as well:

A little while ago, you purchased an LG Optimus Elite phone from Ting and enabled the MMS functionality in your account.

You may have noticed that sending picture messages is problematic on your device and we wanted you to know that it's not you, it's us. 

Or rather, it's a firmware problem on the Optimus Elite. 

We're working on getting a fix as quickly as possible, but since it could be some time before we have it in place, we wanted to give you a heads up to let you know. We know what it's like to struggle with something by yourself and we hate to think we may have caused you any grief.

Although we don't have an estimated fix date for the problem, we do promise to follow up as soon as this issue has been corrected.


The Ting customer service team.

=== UPDATE (OCT 10)===

Hi folks,

We're pleased to announce that LG has identified the problem and fixed it (in the lab). We expect to have the permanent fix rolled out across the network (and on to your phones) by the end of this month.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


=== UPDATE (NOV 6)===

An update has been pushed out as of October 25th that should resolve the MMS issue, but some people may still need to reprogram the MMSC URL in their Optimus Elite handset.

There may be slight differences from one phone to the next in terms of how the steps read, and without question, every device is going to have a unique MSL (Master Service Lock), but other than that, the instructions apply to pretty well everybody.

1 - Open up the phone's keypad as though you are about to dial a number 

2 - Enter # # 3282 # 

3 - Select MMSC 

4 - Select Edit 

5 - Enter your MSL

6 - Select Set URL 

7 - Enter  http://mms.plspictures.com 

8 - Select Ok

Then simply send an MMS to activate.

If you don't know your MSL already, please contact Customer Support and we'll be happy to provide it to you.





  • Its not only sending but receiving as well.

  • I just double-checked, and yes, it is now looking like there's an issue with receiving MMS messages on the LG Optimus Elite as well as sending.

  • So, I followed the procedure in  https://help.ting.com/entries/21385067-mms-and-custom-roming-the-lg-optimus-s (I have an LG Optimius Elite) and I was able to receive a previously un-downloadable picture attachment (previously I saw a "Download" button and the phone would respond that the message had expired or was unavailable).  However, I still can't send MMS messages, says "Message Expired or Not Available" and it sits in my outbox waiting to get sent.  I would say this is semi-consistent with the problem being a firmware issue.... I wonder if there's not just a handshake mismatch on the remote end -- do we know if formal Sprint users have problems sending MMS on LGOE devices?  

  • Scott,

    The results you experienced with sending are to be expected with the issue on the Optimus Elite at the moment.

    Also, I cant say with certainty whether it's happening to formal Sprint®* users at this point or not. I do know they're working on a fix though.

    *Sprint is a trademark of Sprint.

  • I have not seen much of anything related to this on any Sprint contract forums so lets hope its given a priority and not put on the backburner due to being a MNVO. My issues started around the first of Sept. So its going on near a month now.

  • That figures, I just ordered one.  :)    Did it work before and then just stopped?   Does the picture sending still work with Google Voice?

  • Mike,

    It's been an issue with the Optimus Elite since we launched it on Ting.

  • At a point, I was able to both send and receive picture messages, but I was sent another Optimus Elite because the first phone kept rebooting itself at random points in time. Now I wish that I had kept the first one because I could send MMS while the newer phone cannot.

  • Back to my second question, does this also apply to using Google Voice to send a picture?   I read somewhere that GV sends the picture via email when texting?  Can someone explain how that works?  Does the text comes through an a text and then the picture goes to your inbox for email?  Sorry to muddle this thread but I am curious since I haven't used the Ting service yet but have one of these phones arriving tomorrow.  It might have been good if a comment about this issue had been posted on the devices page.  I have faith that this is a temporary issue and Ting is working on it but it does give me pause when I read  "Although we don't have an estimated fix date for the problem..."

  • OK, just ran across this over at Google:   http://googlevoiceblog.blogspot.com/2011/10/first-steps-towards-mms-support.html

    I guess when you send or receive a mms through GV it goes to the email inbox?  Maybe I'm not understanding this.  That would seem pretty clunky for texting.  Regular texting would go to a GV text inbox and that works normally on this phone? 

  • Sorry for the multiple posts, wish we could edit.   After more reading at GV and here, I assume that GV does not currently support mms messages other than with Sprint?  Sorry about mixing topics.

  • While this seems like a easy fix of editing the profile that controls MMS and either pushing out the update to the phone or doing it manually from the phone via a profile update.. What if this doesnt get fixed?

    I am also curious who is responsible for fixing this? Ting, Sprint or LG?

  • We're working to get this resolved as quickly as possible.

  • Just wanted to chime in with this.  I just got the LG O Elite. Mine can receive a "mms" message but it sends the picture to a website:  http:/www.plspictures.com for viewing.  However pictures don't seem to be sent from the LG OE (at least not to my "dumb" phone.  (I am on roam at home but have a wifi connection established)

  • It actually looks like the phone doesnt send the picture at all.. Doesnt matter the size of image it always takes only a few seconds then says "Sent" which is impossible if the image is over a few hundred K..  It never reaches the destination, I noticed this at the beginning of the month when some pics would not post to Facebook and I just thought it was the defective phone I had then.


  • I found this problem solved as long as I have data enabled or wi-fi on. Works every time.

  • Cory, is that sending and receiving?  Doesn't work for me with wi-fi on. Currently can't receive or send, earlier I could receive.

  • Yep I can receive and send as long as I use wifi or data.

  • My only problem with my Elite is it randomly shuts off and I need to pull the battery to restart it.

  • Mine had the same problem with shutting off.  Current one works fine, minus MMS..

    My understanding:

    If you have Mobile data on, you should be able to send/receive MMS.

    If you have Mobile data on and WIFI on, you should be able to send/receive MMS.

    Mobile data off = No MMS.

    Mobile data off and WIFI on = No MMS.

    Key is having mobile data on to have MMS work.

    So Cory is saying that he can turn off mobile data and only use WIFI and MMS works? I would love to know the answer to this if I am wrong. But everything I have read says MMS must use the phones mobile data connection not WIFI. So even if WIFI is on, MMS uses Mobile data if its turned on otherwise no MMS.


  • Yes I can send mms over wi-fi only.

  • If your phone is shutting down randomly, I'd suggest giving us a call to troubleshoot that with you.

    Regarding MMS, Cory, you're able to send picture messages on the Optimus Elite currently? If so, have you rooted or modded the phone, by any chance? And to clarify, does it work over 3G as well, or just wifi?

  •   I have not rooted my phone and I can send picture messages by either wifi or data-no probs.

  • ANd yes it works over both.

  • So you turn off Mobile data (Menu, Settings, Wireless and networks, Mobile Networks and you disable "Data Enabled") And you can do MMS with ONLY WIFI?

    Just turning WIFI on does not totally disable Mobile data..

  • Yes-I never have data on unless I absolutely need to. I only pay the minimum for data and I work at a university where I have wi-fi pretty much wherever I go and have wifi at home. I All I use for the most part is WIFI but yes-I can also send MMS by data as I did this weekend from our family farm.

  • Interesting. My thought is that you must be on a different software version or something than the rest of our customers. I'd be curious about the version numbers in About Phone under Settings, as well as if there are software updates available for your phone (I'd also recommend against doing any updates until the fix is pushed out so you don't lose this ability). Would you be willing to check and post the various version numbers here?

  • Where do I need to look Andrew? I open my dashboard and see settings but when I open that it doesn't say anything that says About Phone. Do you have a link I can follow?

  • Sorry, I should have clarified that. I was referring to Settings on the phone itself (from the Menu button on the home screen).

  • Android version 2.3.7. Baseband version LS696ZV9-M8655L-AABBQMLYM-414005. Kernel version Software version LS696ZV9. Hardware version Rev. 1.1

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