Sprint Network Improvements

Sprint has a page that shows what towers it has and what improvements they've mad or are making -




You can look at what they're doing in your area.



  • Very useful site. If anyone's interested in Sprint's Network Vision a few places to check out on top of this one would be s4gru.com. It's a site run by a Sprint employee and he gives info about upcoming plans as well as site maps and scheduled upgrades that aren't on the Sprint network site yet. If you want more you can donate some cash and become a sponsor, I was glad I did.

    I also started a thread about Network Vision on the TingUsers forum.  http://www.tingusers.com/forum/threads/18-Sprint-s-Network-Vision

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  • When I was using my Epic 4G, before there was officially any 4G in my area, I was in a Sprint store (for something - don't recall why) and had an agent that confirmed that what I had seen when playing with my then-new phone (4G connection) was real, and would be announced shortly.  I think it was another 2 weeks or so before Sprint said anything at all about 4G in Columbus, OH.  So it is clear that they light the systems up before they complete testing and officially announce them and if you happen to catch it, you may get some advance knowledge.

    I'd love to know some of the logic in their choices for where LTE is going in first, and I'll have to browse the sites that TJ mentions to see if there's any insight there.

    It is also important to recognize that if service suddenly seems to get worse, you should call and complain .  A friend of mine had an issue with another carrier where she suddenly couldn't make calls to her mother, which was what she primarily used her phone for at the time.  After a bit of whining they did fix the tower in her area, and presto! good service again.  As someone who is the last house on our cable service run, and the second to last on our landline run (yes we still have one), I've learned that if things get worse, not to wait to complain.  And no, we're not THAT rural, it's just a consequence of the sequence of development in our area.

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