LG Marquee firmware

Is there any news of a firmware update coming to the Marquee?

Its a nice phone but the battery life is horrible and compared to the Optimus Elite the Marquee is SLOW.

I bought the Marquee to replace my Elite but quickly changed backed after using it for a few days due to these issues.

Theres no reason it should be slower during normal use but it is.

Just wondering if you guys at Ting had an inside source of info on a possible firmware update to fix these issues. Its hard to believe LG updated the Elite but not the Marquee.(Elite is up to 2.3.7/kernel while the Marquee is still at 2.3.4/kernel




  • I think the Marquee's WVGA NOVA display is a blessing and a curse.  It's bright and beautiful, but the phone is a little underpowered for it in the processing department (it's in the same ballpark as the Transform Ultra and Kyocera Rise, while driving 2.5x the number of pixels).

  • I don't think an update in android version will improve anything. It's unlikely to have better performance with newer version on old hardware. And there is no real bug on Marquee stock ROM if you are already in ZVC, which solved the reset during call problem.

    Install Launcher pro and you will have a much better performance. If you like customized rom, you can try CTMod


    However I restored to stock after trying CTMod for a while. Because the kernal it used have some bug, I have had random lock up and resets.


    As for battery, android always cost a lot if you keep data on, this is not a hardware or software issue. People are complaining every android phone about bad battery life unless it has a huge battery. I knew many people said Marquee have bad battery life, but I can get 4 days in my regular uses. The trick? Turn data off, only turn it on when needed. Install Widgetsoid and place a 3G toggle on home screen. I never use my phone to check email in background, it isn't worth it.

  • CPU performance is different from GPU performance.  CPU performance of the Marquee is well below what the Elite can do and both have the same CPU. The GPU is what pushes around those pixels. When both phones have a 1GHZ CPU and one phone  out performs another in CPU related computations and in general use, something is wrong. They have different GPUs as the Marquee has a PowerVR SGX530 and the Elite an Adreno 200, but still the CPU computations are slower on the Marquee. Want to explain that?

    I am quite aware of how to conserve battery, my Elite gets 3 days or so between charges.

    There is no way in the world your Marquee is getting 4 days in between charges with ANY use. I have everything turned off and get just over a day of it sitting on my desk doing nothing with the screen off.  Thats with EVERYTHING disabled and a new battery. So either I have a bad one, or you got lucky.

  • I'm also skeptical that a firmware update would do much for battery life. I've had my marquee for a few days now. I've done all of the customization that should significantly improve batty life (including keeping the phone radio off).  It may even be the phones hardware that is buggy, because sometimes the battery can be steady and then all of the sudden it starts to drop. Only thing using battery is wifi, phone idle and screen basically (and the screen isn't using that much).  I previously owned a Droid x on Verizon that had almost an identical battery, same hardware more or less and a bigger screen and that phone's battery was much more stable and lasted a lot longer.  If the battery life becomes unacceptable, I'll just buy an extended battery on Amazon. 

  • Draco, tell me what kind of voodoo magic you're using to get four days.  I want in on that.

  • No word on a coming firmware update at this time, but I do urge anyone with battery issues with this phone to let us know and we can try and trouble-shoot that with you and get it to where we'd like it to be.

  • Thanks Rob.  With everything customized and minimal use (including radio off, no calls, minimal screen time), the battery can last about 24 hours.  That isn't great, but it is a smartphone.  From what I've read in lots of online forums, that's about all you can expect from the phone.  If I used the phone more it wouldn't last that long.  When I look to see what is using the battery, it is just wifi and phone idle (cell standby uses a lot if the radio is on and significantly reduces the battery life, but I don't have a great signal where I live).  

    So my question to Rob is, from what you know about the phone, should I be able to get more than 12 hours out of the phone while making a few calls, sending a few texts, maybe surfing the web for an hour or so, or is that where you'd like it to be?  I guess I'm wondering what you mean when you say "where we'd like it to be".  That might give some of us a better idea if what we are experiencing is normal for this phone.  I am just assuming that it is, and that the real problems are the phones where the juice drops really fast doing nothing (like in a couple of hours).

    Curious to know your thoughts.

  • My marquee was bought new from Sprint so there could be some difference. I used widgetsoid to placed some widget on home screen to toggle wifi and mobile network easily. I can easily get 4 days if I only use the phone for calls (10-20 min /day), but it has been one year, so I usually get 3 days with about 30 mins wifi, 30 mins mobile network now. I don't allow any apps to sync except google play.


    The major cause of battery usage could come from screen (too bright?), wifi (even in sleep, some apps could be trying to connect), radio(if your signal is weaker, the battery is depleted faster. When I was using airave in home, I can get much more standby time) etc.


    If your battery performance is low, I suggest you do a factory reset, turn of data and wifi and test the minimal standby time. If the battery cannot hold even in this case, there could be something wrong in hardware or system.

  • Matthew, in response to your question to Rob, there are just too many factors that could be involved to give a definitive "expectation" (factors from Bluetooth and wifi being active, to signal strength -- low signal strength will drain a battery extremely fast -- to screen brightness, etc.). We consider battery life issues on a case by case basis, and encourage anybody who finds their batteries not lasting long enough to contact us for individual troubleshooting.

  • Thanks Andrew- I will just say for the record, the battery on the phone is adequate (as good as I expected based on online reviews).  I haven't had any of the problems others have reported.  I just wanted to set the record strait for those who might buy the phone, since it has gotten some negative press.

  • For what it's worth, I also get 3-4 days with minimal use.  My Marquee drains at about 1% per hour, but I barely ever use it so it's almost always in standby.  Mostly stock settings, gingerbread 2.3.4 (kernel  All I can think is that if you have it set to use wifi all the time (mine's only when the screen is on) it drains faster, and would be downloading updates if you have a lot of auto-update apps.  Email and such can also drain it faster, I think--my mother in law's marquee drains much faster than mine, and she has all her email delivered to it as well as news apps from CNN and so on.  She says they're set not to "push" and only download when she tells them to, but I can't confirm that.

    Anyway, mine's set to only update via wifi, and no email's setup (I just haven't ever bothered, esp. since my mail's web-based anyway).  Like I said, about 1% drain per hour, and charges about 1% per minute.  I charge it about every 2-3 days.

  • what's the point of having a smart phone but not even be able get email alerts? or sms from google voice? A decent functional phone should last at least 18 hours per day with normal usage, wifi, email push, gtalk, gps just to name a few. That's basically what Droid X can do. But Marquee is not, it only last roughly 6-7 hours, that's not acceptable. I can charge my phone twice a day, but that's not the best choice.

    On the other hand, Sprint's horrible signal may contribute a significant part of the battery drain.

  • Well, the Marque's short batter life is a discussion happening elsewhere as well.  Its seems that it may be an issue with the refurbishing as at least one customer received 2 phones, one of which died in 6 hours and the other easily lasted all day.  Also, the CNET test of the Sprint Marque showed a batter run down test lasting near 9 hours, which considering they loop a video and leave WiFi on indicates the Marque should last that and MUCH MUCH more when simply in standby with cell on.


    I am current suffering with my own marque that last only a few hours, in situations where any other smartphone I have had lasts significantly longer. Mine also gets excessively warm when charging, and warmer than normal when in standby with cell on.


    Still, we don't know if it's a firmware, radio or hardware issue.

  • I would also like to see a firmware change for nothing else but to reenable tethering which is usable in the stock Sprint firmware.

  • The battery watching app that I installed shows battery drain at 16% per hour!!  Wow.  I was bummed to read the negative reviews for the Marquee based on the battery, but I didn't really expect that sort of drain!  I'll take the advice to turn off data during the day.  But I'm also a little concerned that at my house I am usually at 1-2 bars which according to above comments may be contributing?

  • I agree with Matt's comment that there should be firmware update to reenable tethering.  I know that some had commented that Ting was working on that issues-  is that still the case?

  • Matt, Patrick:  This link to a work-around, which does not require rooting the phone, was posted in a forum specific to the tethering issue.


    As for the battery, I do not use my phone much during the day at work; after 10-12 hours, it is typically at about 60% if I have it in airplane mode (no cell) but with WiFi and sync turned on, and at 70% or higher if I have the cell turned on but no 3G data and no WiFi.  I have not checked lately how it does with both cell and WiFi active the whole time.  As a light user, this level of performance seems fine to me; but then, this is my first smartphone, so I had no prior expectations and no basis for comparison.

  • Hey Rob, I was wondering who I contact about the LG Marquee refurb battery issues. I bought one a while back and ended up switching back to my transform. I can't return it or trade it back in and I don't want to sell a faulty device on the ting forums and push problems on other people. What options do I have or am I simply out $103.55? I know you don't offer trade backs or anything but it's honestly in the same condition as when I got it, I'd even take half of what I paid for it to get rid of it.

  • David,

    I know you didn't ask you, but let me tell you what I did.  I bought an OEM LG battery off ebay.com for around $5, and the phone now lasts about 36 hours with light use, always connected to either wifi or radio tower but never both.  New battery also got rid of sudden drops in battery life and general instability.  The phone now has a very respectable battery life and is quite usable.  It is the regular batter made by LG (not extended).   electronics-4u was the seller, but others sell the same genuine LG battery.  Search for BL-44JN.  Hope that helps.

  • Thank you Matt, I might give that a try and see how it goes.

  • David, Matthew's suggestion is a good one. But definitely feel free to give us a call if you'd like to discuss it further.

  • Andrew is there a way I could contact you directly? I tried calling and my options I was given, with a 1 week window, is to credit the phone towards buying a new different phone or simply get a replacement.  I'm seriously regretting buying this refurb phone from ting right now.

    I wanted to change to the marquee because it was thinner and lighter than the transform but it has problems.

    The LG Marquee has nearly the same internal specs as my transform but the screen scrolling, pinch to zoom, so on are more sluggish. The battery has issues and the solution to that is buying a new battery. So I went back to my transform that I originally bought and now I just want to get rid of the LG marquee but without being 103 dollars in the hole.

    I evidently have till the 19th till my options are down to being stuck with this phone and out 103 dollars. How can I reach you or someone higher up at ting who can actually help me out with more options than buying another phone?

  • David, I will send you an email shortly.

  • My Marquee in airplane mode doing nothing is down to 60% after 24 hours. So with no use it could last just over 2 days on a new battery.

    Theres some 'fixin' to be done to the slowness and battery drain on this phone.

  • I got a referb marquee and I could not get 6 hours out of it before the battery died, So I called and they reprogrammed it but it still did not last 6 hours so I called back and they just sent me another one  I charged it all night and took it to work with me and called to have it turned on about 10 am  now the battery is dead again at 5 pm it shut it self off. now What do I do is there something turned on that I should look for? This phone has got to have enough battery life to make it though a work day. I'm not even using it  any suggestions?

  • The only thing that helps my battery life is turning of wifi and cellular data. With those off I get about 2 days with just a little phone usage.

  • If you're battery is not making it a whole work day try Juice Defender. http://www.juicedefender.com/  It's free but the paid version ($1.99) is worth it. 

  • I'm pretty confident the big problems with this phone are with the battery. Buy an OEM LG battery from eBay and chances are your problem will be solved. Doesn't seem to have anything to do with the hardware or firmware of the phone.

  • I just flashed CTmod for the Marquee and WOW this thing ROCKS now.

    If you understand computers and have not updated the firmware on the Marquee (ignored that annoying, never ending, update notification) its fairly easy to accomplish.  If you have updated the process looks to be about 5x harder, but its not impossible.

    From what I have seen this ROM should increase performance about 50% over stock (benchmark antutu)

    BTW, this is the first flash I have ever done on android (first root too), although I used to flash my old Windows Mobile phone regularly.

  • Hmmmm. Are we talking dead letter here? I just looked at Ting's **Devices **page, but could not find the **LG Marquee **anywhere.

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