Data charges??

He guys - Since customer service is closed until Monday can anyone give me insight to the following issue:

We have had the LG Optimus S for 24 hours and it says we have used 65 mb of data. we have it hooked to our wireless account and I had unchecked allow data from mobile network. I did not allow data on the device from our account - I set it up yesterday but when I went back it was not saved. We only have roaming at our house so no data anyways...what is going on? How is this possible??

Any thoughts? I was so happy to find Ting and I am hoping to bring my son on as soon as the refurbed phones are back but this doesn't make any sense to me and now i am really concerned.

Thanks in advance.



  • When you activated the phone, did it do any software updates? If so, that's likely the cause.

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  • A similar thing happened to me. I activated the phone and downloaded an App. Forgot to tether it to my home Internet. No biggee 46 meg of data. Went to bed and this morning dashboard says 47 meg. So I asked Ting. Did I dream 1 meg? It's most likely just catching up as I realize the dashboard results are not instantaneous. Now that I've got it tethered to the home, and limits set, we will see what happens going forward. STILL WAY BETTER THAN VERIZON LOL.

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