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I have been waiting patiently for over a year to get a Republic Wireless phone and was actually able to get one a few weeks ago and so far have had no issues.

After using it for a while I am now in a position where I can cancel for a full refund and get a dual band phone.

Browsing through the republic forums I came across a mention on Ting and decided to check it out. So now I am in a dilemma to either continue with my trade-in or give Ting a try. Looking at the cost, it would be very comparable, actually may be cheaper as I decide to add my kids onto the play (assuming only texting would need to be increased).

The real concerns for Republic is that the unlimited is only on wifi which would require me kids to always be on a lookout for wifi, which may or may not happen, and the lack of MMS.

So my question is, what are some pros and cons of Ting and if any of you have tried Republic and switched to Ting, would you recommend one over the other?

All comments I have read on this forum about Republic were months ago, and now that they have opened the beta to the public and include a dual band phone, I want to know if any opinions have changed.

Thanks for your response.



  • I also waited for Republic for months, staying updated by using their community forum. I found out about Ting through the Republic forum, ordered my Ting Samsung Galaxy SIII in August and have NEVER looked back. Since then, my wife has joined the plan and we intend to purchase the Phone Connect 2 through Ting as soon as it is available to provide our home service. My Republic Wave did not open for purchase of the single band until a month after I joined Ting (NO thought of going back.) We believe the choice of devices, both new and refurbished, the flexibility of the billing plan, the fact that Ting is not in beta mode, the overall excellence of the service and the obviously superior customer support makes Ting an overwhelming choice between the two companies. I foresee years of pleasurable use of our phones through Ting!

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  • Hi Derek,

    I have phones that I am responsible for using both services.  I have 3 phones on Ting and one on RW.  On Ting I have one optimus I bought (refurb) from ting that is our family "spare phone", one EVO3d that i brought over during the BYO(S)D alpha testing, and most recently, one Epic 4g touch brought over as part of the BYO(S)D beta testing.

    On RW, I was in the original Wave A, and I currently still am using the optimus.  Originally my hope/plan was to put my whole family on it, but I ended up putting them on TIng instead since I think the RW offering is still too "Beta"...if not "Alpha" in nature.  The RW phone is used by myself, and I am willing to deal with the dropped calls and fairly no frills phone, but  even I am not sure if I will upgrade to the DefyXt dual band when it is available.  With that said, I am excited about what  RW (and Ting too!) are doing to help nudge the whole industry to better place for us consumers!

    Here are the pros and cons that are most significant to me (but this is by no means an exhaustive list):

    RW Pros:

    • Cost (this of course depends on usage, but for me I would spend $31/month with TIng, but only $19/month for RW...for now at least)
    • Full roaming (including data)...for now at least.
    • Truly unlimited, though once they get rolling, we will see how that plays out
    • Pr-configured wifi calling with the "same number" as the phone has
    • Possible future wifi to cellular call handoff (it is not working yet...nor is cellular to wifi handoff, which I think I have heard is even more difficult)
    • Possible future addition for use of GSM networks (though that would require new phones and is just pipe dream for now).


    RW cons:

    • Service is definitely at beta stage (or even earlier...you can see a lot of "for nows" and "possible future" in my pros above).
    • Phone choices limited for now (as in one choice, the DefyXT).  This is a big negative to me, since I would prefer to pay much less for a used phone of my choice with more capability.
    • Getting customer service is hit and miss.
    • Business plan sustainability?

    TIng pros:

    • Great customer service
    • Partial roaming (voice and sms)
    • Clear pricing structure
    • Business plan seems sound
    • Proven track record (albeit relatively short)
    • Ability (soon) to bring over sprint devices that are not bought directly from Ting (buying used phones is a no brainer for me)
    • Willingness to support (or at least not prevent) activities like phone customization (including rooting, custom roms, etc.)

    Tings cons:

    • No roaming data
    • Poor (low) granularity on the plan (i.e. it would be nice to have some bins between the bins currently offered).
    • Further reduction in cost above the maximum plan bin (I am assuming here that Ting's cost/unit only go down as total usage goes up per customer)

    Again, this is not an exhaustive list, just things that matter to me and I am sure if I thought on it longer, I would probably come up with more.

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  • Thank you both for your comments.   I do like both models and its nice to see at least a couple cell phone companies trying to change the cell industry!

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  • Lynn, thanks so much for that.

    That's an excellent, very thoughtful comparison you put together, and I'm sure it will be of great value to many.


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  • I would echo what John and Lynn said.  I was intrigued by Republic when I first heard about it--my wife and I have WiFi at home and at work, so we would be covered for probably 90% or more of our waking hours.  If Ting had not come along, we probably would be Republic customers now; we are pretty much using our Ting phones much like we would have used Republic phones--on WiFi most of the time.  Here were the key factors for us:

    • Lower first cost.  The refurbished LG Marquee is very comparable in specs to the Motorola Defy XT, at about 1/3 the price.
    • Lower ongoing cost.  We typically use only a couple hundred minutes (combined), never text, and rarely access data via 3G.
    • Better reputation for customer service.  After monitoring both websites for several months, it was really no contest in this area.
    • More sustainable business model.  Republic is limited to the devices that they modify, and surely will not be able to allow unlimited usage forever.

    Our direct experience with customer service has been very positive so far.  We ordered a third phone for our son, but it came with the wrong charger.  Ting simply told me to buy the right one myself and then send them the receipt for an account credit!  Oh, and the entire interaction happened on Thanksgiving Day; I understand that their support people are in Canada.

    To me, the only reason to choose Republic over Ting is the fact that minutes, messages, and megabytes are unlimited, which is obviously important for those who need that much capacity; but again, I am skeptical about the long-term prospects for this apsect of their service.

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  • Hi.

    We tried Republic and found the phone service unreliable. We have Wifi at home and at work. The wifi at home worked great...... although some echoing but the wifi at my husbands office wouldn't connect and calls were being constantly dropped. Cell service was intermittent and very inconsistent.  But the one reason we quit was that the customer service is terrible. Also you need to constantly upgrade your phone. You can pay $250 for a phone and find that  in a year the phone will no longer have customer support. You can only communicate by email and only after being issued a repair ticket. Republic's model looks great on paper but after over one year they are still in the Beta testing phase. Ting has fantastic customer service that is priceless. We are new to Ting and so far we have no complaints.....only compliments.  

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  • I hope that Republic Wireless is able to iron out the kinks and pave the way for the hybrid phone. Definitely a great idea .

    I chose Ting because but not limited to, we are light users and 2 phones are costing about the same as one Republic phone per month. I still use an ATA at home. I have VoIP available on the Ting handsets but it's pretty much for playing with as minutes are cheap enough for our needs.

    This has been constant for the past few months and I expect the occasional higher bill as is necessary but love the flexibility and reliability.

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  • Jon,

    Ting support people are great. I am sure Ting support was mindful if US Thanksgiving even though they already celebrated Thanksgiving in early October.

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  • For no other reason RW is a waste of money because of their phones. The Optimus S they started with is the dumbest smart phone I've ever used. Unresponsive and only enough storage to install maybe 5 apps. If you can't install apps on the phone, then what's the point. Wifi calling works fine, provided you have a good wifi signal. The free WiFi you get a restaurants doesn't really cut it and at work there are so many dead areas that I often had to switch to cellular. The biggest pain was when you made a call on wifi and start walking out the door. the call will drop because you can't switch from wifi to cellular while on a call. They have been saying they are going to fix this but it has been a year now. The new phone is the one they should have started with but it's still an obsolete phone running ginger bread on a single core processor. Personally I believe a smart phone needs a multicore processor to handle multitasking and maintain responsiveness. Yes I saved a lot of money switching from Verizon to RW but the phone is so frustrating to use that I'd say you're better off elsewhere... then on their forums someone also expressed their frustration with RW and their underpowered phones and said they were going to Ting. I had never heard of Ting so I went to the site to check it out. I decided to make the switch on the spot.

    The experience was kinda like when I first started dating my wife after getting out of a toxic relationship that was cheap and shallow. Ting made it incredibly easy, their selection of phones is excellent, and so far I would say their customer service is better than any other carrier out there. You pay a little more for Ting than RW but it's more than worth it. RW has by far the worst customer service I've ever experienced. The only connection you have to them is their website which is incredibly confusing to get around and many of the important pages like seeing your usage say "Coming Soon". Their staff aren't trained and it's like the only hire stuck up popular girls from 80s movie, very rude. I switched my wife over first but needed to stay on since we couldn't afford for buy two phones. I went through their confusing process of shutting down her phone line which actually involved posting on their forums. They ended up shutting down my whole account and when I contacted them to tell them they made a mistake they responded "you clearly indicated that you wanted to close your account.". I decided then and there that I would rather go without a phone than give RW another cent. I'm trying to get my Optimus S over to Ting who does allow you to bring the phone over but RW's modding of the phone has proven challenging but I'm sure I'll get there.

    Lastly I want to praise Ting's website. So easy to find what you want, beautifully designed and has the right touch of humor to make it a pleasure to come to. They seem to really care about their customers and the only thing I think they could improve on is marketing to get their name out there. I'm spreading the word to my entire network that Ting is the best value out there. Carriers charge $30-40 for data plan because they used to be just for Black Bery's that were used on corporate accounts. They charged that much cause they could afford to. Then the iPhone came out and all of a sudden people thought it was reasonable to pay $80 a month per user for a smartphone. Ting's plans are an excellent value that will save you lots of money every month with out compromise... well if you come from Verizon or ATT you will notice coverage compromises in areas but I suspect Sprint will be improving their network in the coming years.

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  • I am not a RW customer, but it looks like both TING and RW are doing great things to change the industry. While I love the idea that RW presents, it seems like they have to have more control over their users's phones than Ting. Unlimited everything for $19 sounds amazing, but they make you have to use only a specific device, and do not allow any BYOD or even BYOSD. I for one love my EVO 3d that I brought over this month to Ting from sprint. Looking at the current phone RW is offering just doesn't compare very well to the EVO 3d (Evo 3d has qHD resolution, dual 5MP cameras, 1 GB of RAM, 4 GB of ROM, better build quality, and runs Android ICS 4.0.2, not to mention HTC is very supportive of making it easy for people to install custom roms.). What RW needs to do to make things more comparable to Ting, is not require a specific device that they custom modded; if they just used The android Native SIP protocol for both texting and Voip, they wouldn't need any custom roms at all, and would only need an app to handle the automatic switching from wifi to cell.  Once RW allows for more devices or makes you able to use your own sprint device (or all devices) without having to install a custom rom, then and only then will they probably be of interest to me. For now I'm sticking with Ting though.

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  • I too have an EVO 3D and like the phone a lot! I plan on using it for about 8 months and then I am going to buy a Nexus from Ting. When I first read about Republic Wireless I was excited about what they were offering; especially the $19 per month unlimited. However, after I reviewed exactly what they are offering and how the service works I am definitely no-longer interested! Their phones are lousy and I do not like the whole idea of Hybrid calling. In theory it seems nice, but in practice I think their service will always be problematic. Having a reliable service is important to me. Until I read some reputable sources saying that their Hybrid calling works flawlessly and they have a good selection of phones I would not even consider them.  

    I have been with Ting a couple months now and I love their service! Good phones, great prices and good customer service makes Ting a clear winner to me.


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  • I was waiting on RW's beta wave for about a year before I decided I could not wait any longer and signed up with Ting.  I've been a Ting user since July and have since moved my wife, my kids and my dad over to the service.  I'll admit the coverage isn't as complete as it was with Verizon, however I'm paying less than half than what I was with them.

    As for RW, reading through their forums had me very leery.  I use my phone for work and can get caught up in some high pressure calls where call quality and call drops would certainly not help matters.  I wanted reliable, in-expensive, customizable and manageable and Ting delivered on all of them.  The couple times I have had to reach out to customer service have been great.

    In my opinion, if you want a toy phone and you don't really care about the quality or reliability but like the idea of unlimited then go with RW.  If you need service you can count on, go with Ting.

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  • At the moment the technology still isn't there for RW and the phone selection is pretty bad. Aside from Ting even other MVNOs at the moment offer a better value.

    After the recent efforts to discourage rooting, they don't seem like a very geek friendly carrier. 

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