Sprint Home Phone Connect 2

I have some questions on this device.

How does it work? Do I just plug in a landline phone into it and it just works?

Does it need its own phone number?

Would I be able to use my cell phone at the same time?

That is all for now, thanks.



  • For the most part it just connects your home phone to the local cell towers.  

    Yes you connect your home phone directly to device.  Multi handset phones work best with this type of setup but not required.  You can also hook the device up to home phone wiring if it has been PHYSICALLY DISCONNECTED at the NID. See.http://voip.mi-telecom.org/  for general instructions on how to do this.  I am sure this is not a Ting supported option.

    It will need a number.  You can port your existing landlines number over to it.  If you don't have a land line I assume Ting can supply you with a number for it.

    Has no effect on cell usage.  Well other than it uses your Ting  voice minutes.



  • While connecting to your home wiring very well might work, it's not officially supported by Ting.

    And of course, use caution when playing with electric wiring.

  • Well, I'm both happy and anxious about Home Connect.  I've looked through the online reviews (yes, for the Connect 2, not the original box) and Sprint users give it 2.5 out of 5 stars.  Now, the caveat: most of those who gave poor reviews were also rather lousy at using standard English conventions, and they were Sprint customers, which means they're not as filled with wisdom as Ting users.  ;-)

    I'd like to hear from anyone who has had experience with one of these devices in a low-signal environment.    Santa told me he really wants me to research this before he's willing to pack it this year.

  • When you say low-signal environment are you talking about just poor sprint signal at home?  If so I could swear I hears someone from Ting say it would work with the airave.  It was in the hangout they had last week.   Seems kind of strange to have home phone route to cell only to turn around and route the call  into voip with another device.



  • I can't think of any reason it wouldn't work with the Airave.

  • Yup, I live in a black hole here.  Good signal at the end of the driveway, but not in here.  Could be the dang I-beam that runs across the house.  If it weren't for GrooveIP and calling via WiFi, I would not feel comfortable using my cell phone in the house: the signal is never above 1 bar.

  • I don't want to hijack this thread but I have a couple questions too.  Has anyone successfully used the Home Phone Connect 2 with Google voice voicemail?  It would be nice for my home phone to transcribe, text and email my voicemails to my phone.  I know you can setup GV with cell phones but this devices is a weird case, it is not a landline and it is not a cell phone...

    Do you get the same options in the device window on ting that you would get for a cell phone?  For example: "Forward 'Busy Signal' calls to this number" and "Forward 'No Answer' calls to this number"

    If so this could remedy most of the issue.  The only outstanding issue I could see would be how do you check your GV voicemail without having to dial the whole phone number?  I know on a cell phone you press and hold the number 1 and it dials your voicemail number which can be reprogrammed on the cell phone.  Can something like this be done on the Home Phone connect? 

    Thanks for any help


  • Hi Mike,

    Since call forwarding is a feature for this device, then yes, you will be able to set it up so that the Home Phone Connect number forwards to your Google Voice number in the same way you would use a Ting cell phone.

    Now in terms of being able to program a short code so that you can access your Google Voice number, I don't believe that the Home Phone Connect has support for that.

    However, if you are using the Home Phone connect in conjunction with a phone that does have support for quick code dialling, then you should be all set there.

  • Awesome!  Thanks Rob, that answers a lot for me.  I will be doing a little more research and most likely transferring my number to ting and the home phone connect!  Thanks  I will try to post back in case anyone else has a similar question.



  • Someone correct me if I am wrong! 

    Looking at the Phone Connect 2 manual  http://shop.sprint.com/global/pdf/user_guides/sprint/phone_connect_2/sprint_phone_connect_2_ug.pdf

    It looks like the home connect only does unconditional call forward only  *72+num.  No call forward on busy or no answer.

  • Hey Doug,

    Here's what I can tell you about this for sure.

    The Home Phone Connect itself seems to toggle on and off call forwarding only to a specific phone number - you're right about that.

    The thing is, once the device is active, the same forward when busy and forward when no answer to a specific number options appear in your Ting account.

    I just tested this out myself by activating a Home Phone Connect that I have an ESN for, but no actual unit.

    I then set the account to forward when no answer to my own cell phone number - and of course, that's without having set any anything on the physical device itself (i.e. no *72...)

    And the thing is, it forwarded. It didn't ring at all, but likely because the device isn't set up. But it did forward, which says to me that this very likely won't be an issue.

    If you can toggle forwarding from the dashboard and don't have to make use of the device at all, then we appear to be golden.

    If any information to the contrary comes up, I'll do my best to let you know.

  • Ok, that makes sense.  Everything is pretty much handled on the back end at ting and not the device itself.


  • All great info!  One more question, does this devices or Ting support caller id with name?  Thanks

  • According the the FAQ the phone connect 2 only supports caller id number.  No caller id Name..  http://newsroom.sprint.com/news/sprint-phone-connect-2-fact-sheet.htm

    Not sure how ting or sprint handles outbound Cname.


  • This should be working the same as it does with our cell phones:

    Incoming caller ID displays number only, and outgoing pushes both name and number.

  • I'm sorry, but my last post appears to be inaccurate.

    When you call a phone line from your Ting number, if  a name displays, that name is being pulled from a database that is independent of Sprint/Ting, versus our actually pushing the name to the receiving operator.

    My apologies for the bad info.

  • Is there an additional $6 monthly device charge when adding a Home Phone Connect to your account?

  • Yes, the Home Phone Connect will have the $6 device fee as well.

  • Any chance of an unlimited minutes flat rate plan for the Home Phone Connect device?  It looks like if you exceed 500 min/month it will cost more on ting than on Sprint, Voyager Mobile or Straight Talk.

    Do non-answered forwarded calls count as minutes against the Home Phone Connect device? 

  • Hi Ooty,

    Forwarded calls are billed the same as all other connected calls, and thus a minute forwarded is equivalent to any other transmitted/received minute.

    There also isn't any plans to introduce unique Home Phone Connect service, so as with a regular Ting cell phone, the users that are going to get the best value are those that find that they're over billed with standard phone options.

  • Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the clarification.  So if one set up their Home Phone Connect to forward unanswered calls to their ting mobile number the call could cost them 2x the actual minutes used.  Not a good situation.


  • Well, I'm on my way to using SHC2.  I figure it'll be here in about a week.  Is there anything I have to tell Vonage when I activate this?  Anything I have to tell Ting?  One of the reasons I originally went with Vonage 8 years ago was because I could port my home number, which in a small town is kind of important because we all have the same exchange number.  I'm going with SHC2 for the same reason, but it's unclear how to go about doing that.  Help?

  • Emmett,

    I logged into my Ting.com account and activated an SHC2 device earlier today.  During activation, I was given the option to port an existing phone number to the device or setup a new phone number.  I chose to setup a new phone number and was then asked to confirm the service location and area code so that Ting could allocate a phone number from the correct area code.  I was able to easily change the service address for this device and setup a phone number in the proper area code.  Now that the device has been activated, I see a link on the device page that says "Port a number to this device".  When I go to that link, I am asked for all of the billing details for the existing phone number. 

    You will need to enter all of your Vonage billing details into that form to begin the process of porting your number to the SHC2.  The form appears to allow porting of residential and business telephone numbers.  I doubt you will need to call Vonage or Ting to tell them anything before you port the number.  However, I would recommend calling Vonage AFTER the number has been ported to make sure they cancel your account so that you do not receive any more monthly charges from Vonage.

  • Jason, thanks.  I did the activation but Vonage is messing up the transfer.  My zip code is xxxxx but they say it does not match xxxxxx.  I'm on the line with them right now and they are still messing with me.  (This is better than the first call, though; when I told Vonage I was interested in transferring to another carrier, the agent hung up.) 

    I'll add my 2 cents when the SHC2 is finally up and running; should be sometime next Christmas.



  • Emmett,

        Wait for the "I can give you this cheap plan" line.  I got it when I ported my number from vonage to ting.  Some how they were able to go from me paying ~$36 to ~$9....hmmm how could that be.....Nope sorry heading to Ting!  Besides that the transfer went smooth, the only hitch was that vonage did not "let go" of the number until almost 3 days after ting said it was ported.  So really I had two phone with the same number that I could call in and out on.  After that all is well.  Good luck I hope it works out for you!



  • Emmett,

    I am sorry to hear about the difficulty porting your number from Vonage to Ting!  We may be using HPC2 to replace the existing lines at dozens of locations.  I suspect we will experience a few porting issues as well, but the savings will make the hassle worthwhile for us.

    I have tested the various features of the HPC2 and written a full review describing my experience with purchase, setup, activation, and usage of the SHPC2.



    In short, I believe the HPC2 will work well for us and have had only had two major surprises:

    #1 - The device does not support Caller ID name, which was already discussed earlier in this thread.  If you have a telephone handset that supports Caller ID, it will display the number but it will NOT display the name.

    #2 - The HPC2 uses 3G data service to download firmware updates.  The HPC2 is the only device activated in my account and my Ting.com dashboard shows that I have used 1 megabyte of data.  I spoke with Ting today and they do not (yet) provide the option to disable data access on the SHPC2, so my account will be charged $3/mo for up to 100 megabytes of data.  This is not a huge concern since the $3/mo will be shared by dozens of devices and my plan will likely include other data devices in the future.  However, someone who is expecting to pay $9/mo ($6/mo device + $3/mo 100 minutes) may be disappointed when they are charged $12/mo ($6/mo device + $3/mo 100 minutes + $3/mo 100 megabytes).  I am hoping Ting gives customers the option to disable data service for the HPC2 device.

    I have also read that the HPC2 does not support fax machines, credit card terminals, or alarm systems.  This does not affect us because we have moved to online faxing, online credit card processing, and cellular or IP-based alarm systems with the intention of moving away from "landline" phone service.  This may be an issue for other people though?  I suspect the devices may work at lower speeds (e.g.: faxing at 4800 baud, credit card processing at 4800 baud, etc).  It would be nice to hear from someone who has tried to use these devices with the HPC2. 


  • I bought a HPC2 right after Christmas and activated it with a new number. I wanted to test it for a week with a new number before converting my home phone number to it. It worked fine so I initiated the porting process. I couldn't get it to port using the web page so I had to contact Ting support. They deactivated the phone and then I was able to start the porting process from the web page. It took my old provided several days to release my number but when they did my HPC2 wouldn't work. It just reported an "account cannot be validated" error. After a week of working with Ting support they finally sent me a new HPC2 and activated my number on it. That worked fine. I think switching numbers on the first HPC2 left it configured to the original number and we couldn't get it reset. We found Sprint instructions on how to reset it (**34000000# or **35000000#) but it didn't work in this case. Just a heads up that activating under a new number then porting caused me some grief. 

    On the bright side, I'm just adding $6 to my current Ting account and saving $40 from my land line so even though it took a few weeks to get it working with my ported number I'm still happy. During the down time I was still able to configure the HPC2 at the Ting website so it forwarded all my calls to my cell phone. I think that pretty much double charged me for all my calls but at least I didn't miss them for two weeks.

  • I suppose I should put up a billboard outside my house warning people to stay away from Vonage.  It has been one big headache trying to port my home number.  Today I got a call from Sprint, saying they were handling the porting (which surprised the hell out of me!) and that Vonage needed me to give my new provider, which Sprint said was Virgin Mobile (which also surprised the hell out of me, because I wouldn't go near Virgin with a 27,000 mile pole held longitudinally at the Equator) my correct zip code.  Oh, you mean xxxxx isn't xxxxx again?  After insisting that my zip code was correct in both places (Vonage and Ting) the operator said that Vonage actually needed me to give Vonage's zip code!  I am not kidding.  If this were a joke a friend decided to play on me, our friendship would be quite over.

    So now, 12 days after I ordered the device and 5 days after I initiated the porting, I have no joy.  Well, I have a good job, a fabulous wife, and a dear and loving cat, but as of yet, no SHC2.

  • Hi Emmett,

    The good news is, it looks like your port is ready to complete in two days' time! Give us a call if you're still struggling by Monday (our phones are closed Sunday). And give your kitty a scritch for me :)

  • maybe the zip needed was 9 digit instead of 5.  I hope to do this option too; can Ting disable data usage on this device?

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