Sprint Home Phone Connect 2

I have some questions on this device.

How does it work? Do I just plug in a landline phone into it and it just works?

Does it need its own phone number?

Would I be able to use my cell phone at the same time?

That is all for now, thanks.



  • It would just act like a regular cell phone call and send the caller to voicemail if you don't accept the call through call waiting.

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  • Home phone connect has call waiting, so the incoming call will just ring.

    If you have a 3-way conference call set up, I assume the next caller would get a busy signal.

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  • I have questions about *call forwarding* on the HPC2:

    I have two small business phone lines that forward all calls to my office receptionist via an 800# on a landline (both incoming lines forward to the same 800# line).

    1) Does the physical location of the HPC2 (i.e. cell signal strength) make any difference if the calls are all set to forward? Wouldn't the call basically go from the caller "directly" to the landline and simply bill my ting account for the minutes? Right now we have outstanding call quality and I wouldn't want it to drop down to the 1bar quality I get when making a call on my Sprint cell phone. I understand that outbound calls would be cell quality (I don't make any outbound calls).

    2) On Sprint's web page it's called the "Phone Connect 2" not the "Home Phone Connect 2". Is there anything in the contract or fine print that states: "This device is only for home phone calls"?

    3) Is there anything that states "You may not use this device for continuous or ongoing call forwarding"?

    4) It would really be good to know "for certain" in advance of purchase/porting whether the call forwarding "busy"/"no answer" works on Ting. What if the power is out (past the battery life) or the box locks up? If I have forwarding enabled do the calls continue to forward even if unable to reach the HPC2?

    5) Each of my lines is in a different area code than where I live (same provider). Is there any way to check in advance to be sure both numbers can be ported to Ting and into the HPC2? (I would purchase two HPC2's, one for each line). If either number can't be ported then it makes no sense to do it, so I need to check that.

    6) And while I hope Ting lasts forever, what if this excellent idea doesn't pan out and they close shop one day? Or if HPC2 service becomes unavailable? What happens then to my ported numbers?

    These are important questions to me (due diligence) as I run a small business and would be in big trouble if I suddenly cannot get incoming calls routed where they need to go. I use approximately 1500 minutes per month between the two lines and all calls are incoming (forwarded). Obviously if this will work and cut my phone bill in half then it's certainly worth it. :)


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  • Jonathan,

    If all you need is call forwarding, you may want to check this website http://parkmyphone.com.

    As to your questions:

    1. Call forwarding should be done from the switch not the handset, therefore I don't think it would affect the call quality.

    2. No Ting does not have such smaller letter practice as far as I can tell (I am a customer not a Ting employee).

    3. This should not be a problem as well, as far as I know.

    4. The call forwarding does work with Ting. If you just want to forward all calls to the 800 number then it should work with no problem.

    It does not depend on the handset, therefore there should not be a problem if the device is not working.

    FYI: If you don't intend to actually use the HPC2, and just need to forward the calls, you do not need to buy this device. Just buy a low cost Sprint phone that you can bring to Ting.

    1. You can call Ting and they will check the numbers for you. Use the opportunity to ask the above questions to be 100% confident.

    2. I believe that if Ting goes out of business you will be transferred to Sprint, but you will be able to port your number to any phone company.


    good luck :)

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  • Oren, thanks for the reply. It gives me some good ideas to consider.

    As for why I want the HPC2 vs. parking vs. another cell phone, there may come a time that I need to start making calls on these lines again and I already have a 2 line base station that I would want to use. (1 line plugged into each HPC2). So while my main concerns now are forwarding, I may someday make outbound calls and that's why I'm specifically looking at the HPC2. Glad to hear all the forwarding should work the way I imagine.


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  • I'm seriously considering the HPC2 with Ting, replacing my current VoIP carrier.  My concern though is about call blocking.  My VoIP carrier provides a handy control panel to block unwanted calls.  It has grown to over 150 numbers.

    Ting does not provide call blocking, leaving it up to the user to figure it out.  How are you handling this?  Ideally I would like a phone that allows manual preemptive input of those offending numbers, not after the fact blocking of the number that just rang.

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  • Google Voice will allow you to block incoming calls by phone number.  I would setup an HPC2 with a NEW phone number on Ting, then setup a Google Voice account and port my existing number to GV.  I have a "Blocked Calls" contact in my Google address book with a handful of telemarketers.  I marked my "Blocked Calls" contact as Spam in Google Voice so that calls from any of this contact's phone numbers are not forwarded to my Ting line.  Voicemail messages from any of these phone numbers in my "Blocked Calls" contact are sent to a Spam folder so that I can retrieve them if I accidentally blocked a legitimate number.  Google Voice voicemail includes free transcription service, which works pretty well.  HTH, Jason

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  • If I port my number to Google Voice any outbound call originating from the HPC2 will display the caller ID of the Ting assigned number.  I would prefer to keep the number consistent.  Over the years my clients have become familiar with the number.

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  • @Brad,

         I believe you are correct.  This is one of the major hold backs for me not porting my house number (HPC2) to Google Voice.  I need the outbound number to be my google voice number.  If someone has a decent work around I would love to hear it!  Thanks

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