I have Verizon service now, and at my house I do not have any reception here(cell dead zone) so I use one of their fem-to-cells. I was under the impression that the airave acted the same way. The Verizon one does not need any cell reception to work, it gets it through the internet (my understanding anyway). The airave I have learned from ting tech support has to have at least one bar to work. Kinda killed my hopes and dreams of saving $150 month on service. I hope this helps somewhat for others in my situation.




  • Ting has the Airave that will work if Sprint allows it in your area. Ting's page is at

    You can check to see if youe location is eligible at

    I have not received a reasonable answer as to why Sprint restricts the Airave to only part of their service area.

  • That is the device I was talking about. The reason sprint restricts it, you have to have at least one bar to use it. My area says I have service, and I do if I go to the end of my drive. It does not use the internet like the verizon one does.

  • I am not saying verizon is any better, ($50 FOR MY 3 PHONES FROM TING = $220 FROM VERIZON) I just can not use it at my house, so that makes it not what i need. If 4g in my area helps any I would like to try it again.

  • Daniel,

    I think you misunderstand. The Airave does not need or use the signal from Sprint's towers, so you do not "need 1 bar" The Airave uses your home Internet connection to connect your phone to Sprint's network.

    I do not know what criteria Sprint uses to determine where the Airave can be used, but they do not even ask abou signal level on their eligibility page.

  • I guess I am confused, when I called the tech support line, I was told that I had to have 1 bar to use it. I was told that the airave was just a booster. It really confused me. I was under the impression that it used the internet. When I was trying to activate it, the lights went solid red, that is when I called. 

  • It doesn't actually boost the signal, it acts as a tower itself, but it all goes through your Internet connection rather than through the nearest Sprint tower. That said, it does have to see at least 1 bar to activate in the first place, as they're programmed to only work where there should be Sprint service.

  • I just called again (with hopes raised) and was told again that it needs at least one bar to use it. :{

  • So Andrew how would I activate it?

  • I don't believe it needs to keep seeing the signal to use it (though I have to double-check on that), but it does need to see a signal to activate it. If it can't see a Sprint signal at all then it can't be activated.

  • Daniel, who r u talking with?

    And are you considering buying an Airave from ting and then switching? 

    It was my understanding that it uses GPS signal to determine its location, not a 1 bar signal from the Sprint network. If the service map for Airave shows up r eligible, then u should be. 


  • I bought one from ting, and have been talking to ting support. I thought the GPS was what it needed too, but ting support says it needs a bar to activate

  • I am going to try one more time tomorrow night, in different areas and windows. 

  • What lights are statused on your AirAve? When it's stuck I mean? 

  • They all change to solid red

  • It takes 10 min or so, the internet light starts out green

  • I don't get that. The guide only describes green or amber. No mention of red. Especially not all of them.

    You bought it from Ting ? 

    Top to bottom lights; voip phone, mobile, GPS and broadband. 

  • Unless red means amber in which case it means hardware failure. According to the guide anyway. :-)

  • Amber - Red - Bad :{

    Anyway, I can not get a signal to ping a sprint tower, so it would be moot anyway.

  • I get a bar or two so maybe that IS the difference. Mine is not active though since I can't BYOD yet. So not an apples to apples comparison.

    Sorry it's not working. Good luck!

    Maybe you can try it at a friend's house?  Just to make sure hardware works? 

  • To clarify, the Airave device needs two things to activate:

    1) It needs to be able to pick up at least a weak signal from a Sprint tower.

    2) It needs to be able to pick up a GPS signal.

    It also needs to be able to see these two signals on a regular basis (a brief period where it can't see them likely won't cause a call to be dropped, but it does need to be able to see them pretty regularly from what we've been told).

    I hope that helps.

  • As to why an Airave needs to pick up a GPS signal:  It is so the Airave knows where it is - then it can tell Sprint which would then check the location vs. their maps where they are licensed to use the spectum that cellular service requires - generally 'near' their own towers.  If you try to operate an Airave in an area where Sprint does not have ANY towers (no spectrum license) then the Airave will not work.  It also allows Sprint to tell the Airave which frequencies that Sprint is licensed to use in the area the Airave is in.

    As to the Airave "needs at least a weak signal from a Sprint tower" - that makes no sense and is not what I experience in my application of an Airave.  Additionally, there in no information the manuals about moving an Airave to get a Sprint macro-cellular signal to activate/operate it - only that it needs a GPS signal.

    I can get a weak but usable signal outside my house from Sprint.  Inside, not so much.  My Airave is operational about 99% of the time - I would say "five nines" except that my ISP is only good for about 99% and when the internet connection is out, then the Airave does not work.  The Airave always comes back - without my intervention - when the internet connection returns.  If the Airave required a weak Spint signal to re-sync when the internet goes out/power fails/etc. I believe that I would have many more problems than I do.

    I will admit that I have been a lucky user of an Airave compared to some.  I have read horror stories that people have had getting the Airaves to work.  I am fortunate in that my relatively rural area, near-perfect cable tv provided internet connection (no one else on my branch) and really weak Sprint signal make for a ideal situation for an Airave.  People in apartments, in areas where their Sprint signal varies for whatever reason and people who have bad luck have terrible issues getting Airave to work or work consistantly.


  • Well it's finally working! :-)  of course it was "mostly" my fault. I read the directions saying that you might need to attach the GPS module to the cable. I assumed that if I just placed the whole airave in a window it would see the GMs satellites. I failed to use the cable that attached to the module and airave. I learned that the cable acts like an antenna, so as soon as I did this and did a reset on the airave it booted up and all green now.(green = good) :-) it took about 10 minutes. So in short RTFM then you can get it to soon! :-) 

  • Thanks for all the help, I am usually good at this stuff :-) 

  • LOL!  Glad u got it worked out. :-D

    Still wishing for BYOD tho... :-(

  • Hello all,

    There has been some misinformation which I would like to clear up and this was bad information passed on to us originally when we had first heard we were getting the Airave. Originally we had been told that there should be some level of cellular tower service to allow the Airave to work which was required for 911 services and this has been confirmed to be incorrect.

    The Airave does require a GPS signal ONLY and if there is no GPS signal, then the device will not work as this is because of FCC regulations for 911 calls as well as a Verification that the device is within a Sprint Coverage area. If the device is buried in a basement and cannot locate a GPS signal, the device will not function.

    The GPS signal that the device picks up on is required to be within a 5 mile range of the closest cellular tower (based on LAT and LONG co-ordinates) as well in order to work.

    In some urban environments as well as some buildings the concrete used in making the building is so dense that satellite signal cannot penetrate through in order for the Airave to pick it up. I know from personal experience as well that even driving in a downtown area with skyscrapers my car GPS bounces me all over the place which likely would also have an affect on the Airave.

    Aside from GPS signal, the only other requirement is a broadband connection for internet as the device communicates over the internet to turn your voice into 1's and 0's then transmits it to the person you are talking to : )

    I hope this clears up any misinformation that we have been giving and I hope this helps.

  • FWIW, that correction just turned the Airave into actual option for a potential use case of mine.

    (I don't know that I'll go through with it yet, but it is an option now.)

  • I've read just about every thread I could find on the Airave and maybe I"m thick or don't understand, but here's my situation:  I live in an area with NO cell service.  I am currently a Verizon customer but will switch to Ting IF I can make this Airave work:


    1.  I'm currently using a Verizon Cell Externder box that connect via my cable modem and GPS (cabled) antenna.  It works flawlessly.

    2.  I purchased an Airave direct from Ting.  It is the Airave 2.5 model.

    3.  I've connected it like this:  Cat5 from Airave > Wireless Modem and connected the cabled GPS antenna, placing it on the window (as my Verizon antenna is placed).

    4.  After a LONG time, the lights blinking are:  Mobile=Flashing Red, Network=Solid Green, GPS=Flashing Red, Broadband=Solid Green.

    This would seem to indicate that I"m getting a good signal from my Network to the Airave, but NO signal from GPS to the Airave.  Does anyone have any advise?  I need this to work before pulling the plug on Verizon.  Thanks in advance for any help.

  • I was mistaken in my previous post describing the flashing lights on the Airave.  The in sequence ShOULD have read:

    1. Mobile=Flashing RED

    2. Network=Solid Green

    3. GPS=Solid Red

    4. Broadband=Solid Green

  • Gary:

    Solid Red GPS LED = No GPS Signal.

    No GPS signal = won't work.  You need to ensure that the GPS antenna can "see the sky".  Remove the GPS "module" from the Airave, use the antenna wire to relocate the GPS module near a window.

    Once the AIrave gets the GPS signal the GPS LED will go solid green, then when your Airave checks in with Sprint the Mobile LED will turn green (assuming that the Airave is in an area that Sprint has a license to operate a tower).  Then it should work with your Ting/Sprint phones.  It will not work with a Verizon phone.

  • One other thing - if your Verizon phone has GPS in it see it you can get it to work in the same location as the Airave GPS antenna - via Google Maps or something. 

    If GPS signal is available at the location of the Airave's antenna then make sure that it is getting a good connection via the wire.

    Past that you are going to need support.

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