HURRY!! Chance to cancel your Sprint contract in Georgia with no ETF

So my December 20 bill from Sprint has a statement, "Effective 1/1/13, the Georgia Universal Service Fund surcharge will increase from 1.4% to 2.0%".

Under the latest Terms & Conditions contract I signed with Sprint, it specifically states that as a Sprint customer, I have the right to terminate my contract without paying an early termination fee in the event that Sprint makes a material change to its agreement with me, and so long as I notify Sprint of my desire to do so within 30 days of such a change.

This Sprint surcharge increase constitutes a material change to the Terms & Conditions agreement I signed, and therefore, I am exercising my right under the agreement to terminate my contract without any early termination fee.

I will post my experience after the retention rep calls me tomorrow but it is certainly worth a shot for anyone in Georgia!




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