New lg Optimus elite or used htc evo 4g

I'm finally about to o join the rest of the family on ting and need a phone. Should I get a new Optimus elite or a used htc evo 4g through glyde? Note I won't be using data very much at all. However I will periodically need data to use as a hotspot for my iPad ( to use Square credit card payment). I'm just curious as to what others m ay recommend in this situation?




  • As for me, I would go with the Optimus Elite. Spec wise, the EVO 4G and Elite are just about equal. Here's a few main comparisons:

    Elite vs. EVO 4G

    4GB ROM vs. 1GB ROM

    3.5" screen vs 4.3" screen

    Stock Gingerbread vs. HTC Sense Gingerbread

    Thin vs. Thick

    5MP camera vs. 8MP camera

    Other than that, the Elite is really easy to root and install a custom ROM on. Over at the Android Forums, they already have a few apk's that'll do the job for you. And, it can be overclocked easily to 1.6GHz. Much farther than the EVO 4G. If it's mainly being used for calls and texts with occasional web browsing the Elite will probably provide a better experience.

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  • @Trenton

    Those are some great comparison points between the 2 phones.  Since the phone isn't going to be used to heavily, i would vote for whichever one you can get a better deal for.  A used evo in decent shape is roughly 125 give or take and the elite is 193.  Also your looking at used vs new.  On second thought, if it were me, i would probably go for the new elite for a few bucks more.



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