Sprint offically supports use of ALL deactivated sprint phones for MVNOs!!!

Sprint just announced that they officially support the porting of all (clean ESN) deactivated sprint cell phones to MVNOs!  Yes this in theory includes BYOD phones coming from Boost and Virgin mobile. :)  What is nice is if you have a old sprint phone you enjoyed you may soon be able to port it to Ting with Sprints blessings.  It has also been theorized that with several bills now before congress to make cell phone unlocking legal Sprint may of viewed this as a wise move to keep their deactivated phones in house on MVNOs vs taken to a different carrier. Regardless this is a big hurray for us customers at Ting!


Quote from TheVerge

"Sprint just kicked off a program it's calling Bring Your Own Sprint Device (BYOSD), an initiative that will allow the carrier's old, deactivated handsets to be freely used across any MVNO that piggybacks on Sprint's bands. That includes Boost and Virgin Mobile, of course, along with dozens of other prepaid providers. The company describes this program as a way of "diverting phones from landfills" and cutting down on a growing number of inactive devices throughout the US. Sprint also reasons that reactivating old handsets allows MVNO customers to avoid the so-called subsidy "burden" or paying full retail cost for mobile hardware; many prepaid carriers don't offer discounted rates. Some MVNO companies have already offered the option of reprogramming an old Sprint device, but now the carrier is endorsing the practice."

News Source: http://www.theverge.com/2013/3/5/4066856/sprint-endorses-use-of-old-phones-on-mvno-carriers-byosd



  • Are you really sure this is ALL deactivated Sprint phones? As much as I would love for that to be true (iPhone!) the press release doesn't say ALL, it says "...MVNO customers simply bring a deactivated Sprint device to their MVNO, who must determine the device’s eligibility for the BYOSD program. Upon meeting those specifications, the device is then activated by the MVNO. " To me, that implies that there are still restrictions. So far I haven't seen definitive word from Sprint, but one of there other MVNOs has this page up (http://www.prepaydwireless.com/PPWbyod.html) that basically says LTE and Windows phones yes, iPhones and BB no.

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  • This is being discussed over at the https://help.ting.com/entries/23295047--Sprint-endorses-using-old-out-of-contract-phones-on-MVNO-carriers- page, so I'd suggest heading over there for further discussion.

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