Sprint Enabling MVNOs to Custom-Brand White-Label Android Phones

With the recent anouncement by Sprint that they're going to allow de-branding of the phones for their MVNOs, do you anticipate any migration towards a Ting branded phone (or even better, a bloat free) phone offering(s)?  My wife currently has a Ting phone, while I run an unlocked Galaxy Nexus.  i'd be over in a second if I could get updates immediately like I do on my unlocked phone from the play store.

See the link below for reference.

Thanks, and keep up the good work.





  • The CDMA versions of the Nexus devices do not get updates as quickly as the GSM versions, and the unlocked world versions are quicker yet. There is however LTE which is not available in the unlocked versions. While 4.2.2 is available my GNex is on 4.2.1  

    The link is an interesting one. 

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  • It's definitely something we'll be looking into, but we don't have anything else to say about it at this point.

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