So many Samsung devices

I noticed that 11 of the 15 devices currently offered are from one manufacturer - Samsung. I've got nothing against Samsung's phones. But, in the high end smart phone category there is really no other choice if you are looking for a new phone.

I understand that the HTC One is coming, but that may not be for a while. The LG Optimus G is gone, I'm assuming permanently since there are rumors that even Sprint may be pushing it toward end of life. Which is a shame, I have this phone on Ting and I absolutely love it. There are no Motorola phones at all. 

I'm not complaining that there are so many great Samsung phones available, only wishing there was more of a choice.

Has anyone heard of any phones from other manufacturers that could be coming to Ting?



  • There are a lot of phones that can be bought on your own and brought into Ting if they were originally on the Sprint network.  I have bought three different used phones from Ebay and brought them to Ting.  Samsung does just make a LOT of different models, so they do seem to be the majority of the market.  There are a pretty good number of HTC and LG models that can come over, and there are a few from Motorola.  Here is the list of the models that are eligible to bring.

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  • Andrew, keep an eye on our blog (at, as we generally announce our upcoming devices as soon as we know any details. If it hasn't been posted there, it's unlikely that anybody has enough information at this point about what's to come.

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