Issues Activating New Account / Phone again on Saturday

I am trying to open a new Ting account and activate my Sprint Galaxy S 4G. I get all the way through inputting my info through the activation process on the website (credit card, plan, phone ESN, etc) and when I click on ACTIVATE it says "We are currently having problems, Please try again"

I have tried again and again many times from noon through 3:30pm today (Saturday) with no luck. Is TING having problems again like yesterday? Thanks.



  • I had a similar issue. Though I was able to activate the phone and my number also got ported. Everything seemed like a seamless process untill i restarted my phone and I got the error - Error 6 - Connection Error. Contact Customer Service

    One thing I would recommend new users is try to not activate your phone in weekends because if something doesnt work out as expected you will be stuck without phone for the weekend.

    I am sure Monday morning Ting support will get this fixed!

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  • Hi Justin,

    I just sent you an email about this, and as I said there, it looks like you were able to get this all resolved.

    If not, however, please let me know and I'll do everything I can to help.

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