Galaxy Victory - Hurt by Jelly Bean Update

I just wanted to chime in with my impressions on the Galaxy Victory for anyone that is thinking of buying it or switching to it.

I just joined Ting February and bought the Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE.  I loved it.  It was super-fast.  The screen looked great.  WiFi connected almost instantly, and the battery lasted forever.  And then last week happened.

With last week's software update from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean 4.1.2, the phone's performance has taken a huge hit.  I now have to restart the phone multiple times per day.  The WiFi takes much longer to connect as well as needing to be reset often.  The battery life, while still good, has noticeably dropped.

The worst part of it all, though, is that what used to be a very fast phone, now lags at doing almost everything.  Just leaving an app to go back to the home screen takes way too long.  I think the biggest culprit is how the screen image is rendered, because there is even a lag when swiping between home screens.  In any app that requires swiping (which is pretty much all of them now), the phone just can't keep up.  Trying to read articles on website can get very frustrating, and Facebook bogs down almost immediately.

The only solution I've found so far is to just restart the phone when I notice it getting bad.  At first I thought maybe I need to do a little better applications management, but that's not it.  TouchWiz does a very good job at managing apps, and sometimes when the phone is very choppy, there may only be one or two apps running.

The problem clearly is due to the upgrade to Jelly Bean 4.1.2.  Just wanted to give people a fair warning.  I was hoping for maybe even a boost in performance when this phone eventually got the JB update, but it actually got the opposite.

Any other Galaxy Victory users out there?  I know there aren't a whole lot of us, but if anyone else experiencing the same thing, please let us know.






  • Uh oh; mine is in the mail. Please, please, let us know if you've found a fix or the root of the problem. Anyone else out there with not-so-victorious Jelly Bean dilemmas? Have you found a way to revert back to "factory settings?"

  • David,

    Hopefully you have good luck with your Victory.  My approach right now is to scour as many Samsung/Sprint/Android forums as I can searching for solutions.  One of the biggest issues is that this phone is just not that popular, mainly due to Samsung & Sprint not marketing it well, which means that there is an extremely small community of people to generate a knowledge base for it.

    If I can't find anything within the next couple of days, I'll consider the nuclear option of a factory reset.  But I hate doing that.  And I hate it when customer support for any product recommends a factory reset instead of actually solving the problem.

    If I am able to find any useful information or a solution, I'll make sure to post it here.


    After not finding much online, I decided to do a little step-by-step troubleshooting.  I think I may have found the culprit in Google Now.  When I received the 4.1.2 update, it was on by default.  I didn't think much of it, but the Google Now service can actually be quite pervasive.  After deselecting all of the programs it was polling, turning of location history, and disabling Now, the phone seems to have regained some of its former pep.  I have noticed a few lags here and there, but the WiFi issues seem to be gone.  And scrolling through webpages and Facebook seem much smoother.

    It still isn't as great as it was before, so I'm guessing there is something else under the hood going on with 4.1.2.  But overall, I'm no longer on the ledge over the horrible drop in performance that I experienced after the update.

    I'll keep updating as I find out more.

  • My wife and I got the Galaxy Victory through Ting back in October. After the Jelly Bean update, it seems like close to twice as much of my battery has been used after a day of use as what used to be. But, I haven't noticed the kind of lag or slow-downs you've been describing.

    Is Google Now something that had to be specifically installed? I don't see any settings for it.

  • Google Now is a built-in feature of the Google search app that comes pre-installed as part of the OS.  It was one of the most highly touted features of Jelly Bean, when that version of Android was originally announced.

    To get to it, you launch Google, hit the menu key and go into Settings.  There will be a toggle switch for Google Now.  After turning it off, I noticed a lot less lag in the phone's performance.

    Since you are reporting battery life issues after the upgrade to JB, I'm curious to find out what else is causing the phone's performance to take a dive.  If anyone else out there discovers anything.  Please let us know.

  • I have two victories and ever since the Jelly Bean update both are having frequent wifi connection issues.  For instance they will connect just fine then after a couple minutes of steaming a Youtube video my internet connection will be lost even though it says I am still connected to the router.  At first I thought this was a problem with my router, but I had the same issue on a public router yesterday.


    What is worse I believe the wifi issue is interfering with other wireless connections in my house.  I was streaming Netflix last night and it stopped playing in the middle of a video (not normal for us).  I tried connecting multiple times and then I decided to turn off the wifi on my phone.  I didn't have any more problems for the rest of the night.

  • I should also mention that I contacted Samsung about this issue.  Their "solution" was a factory reset.  That did not resolve the issue so now they're telling me I need to send my phone in to have it reflashed by them.  I'm seriously considering a third party ROM.

  • I'm considering the Victory for my first smart phone (though waiting to see what the release of the S4 does to prices on existing phones) so this concerns me. I searched the Sprint community forum and Howardforums and couldn't find anything from others having similar problems. Either the problems are not widely experienced, this phone is way less popular than I though, or most people are suffering in silence. Or a bit of all three. 

    Two Android noob questions: Could I skip / decline the upgrade from ICS to Jelly Bean? And in a month or so, would the Victory be likely to ship with JB pre-installed (which might, theoretically, work better than an update)? 

  • I upgraded mine over the weekend and am also suffering reduced battery life. The Wakelock Detector app has been some help, but not enough. I did disable the Sprint Connections Optimizer because it was turning on WiFi when I didn't want it to. If I find it's still doing it, I will remove it altogether (after making a backup). I'm watching for third-party ROMs to be released.

    Unfortunately, Google Now was already disabled in my case, and the battery life still sucks.

    I'm tempted to restore the ICS backup I made.

  • Also, if you've removed any bloatware, be warned that the OTA update may not install. Fortunately I'd kept backups with TitaniumBackup and was able to restore all that it wanted to find. Also be aware that if you're using a custom recovery like CWM or TWRP, the OTA update will try to overwrite it. It will also remove root execute permissions on any binaries in /system/xbin (where Superuser tends to install its binary). Be prepared for some surgery on the install script in the OTA update to prevent these issues from getting in the way.

  • This update was just pushed about a week ago.  ICS worked fine for everything.  I don't know how many people use them in wifi only mode so maybe it isn't as much of a problem when you have cell data enabled.  You definitely had the option to decline the update.  I'm actually hoping there is a way for me to go back without sending my phone in.

  • I tried force-stopping the Sprint Connections Optimizer, but that hasn't helped enough. According to WakeLock Detector, the biggest consumers over the past 19 hours have been Android System (AlarmManager and ConnectivityService), Calendar Storage (ScheduleNextAlarmWakeLoc) and Clock (AlarmReceiver). Clock is the biggest user. I have no alarms active.

    With ICS I wouldn't have gone from 100% to 89% in only 19 hours.

  • I'm down to 41% battery left after today (fully charged this morning). On ICS after a day like today I would have been at 70-80%. Battery shows the following top users:

    Android OS - 29%

    Android System - 15%

    Maps - 14%

    Screen - 11%

    Device idle - 6%

    Possible problematic items I've seen mentioned include Google Now, Sprint Connection Optimizer, Samsung Push Service, and Clock. I might try to run tomorrow with all of those disabled and see if that makes a difference. Otherwise I'm considering trying a factory data reset. Geoff, did you ever try that?

  • As far as I know, for Sprint there has been the factory load of ICS and the new JB update, with nothing in between save what's distributed through the Play Store. Happy to be contradicted.

  • The jury's still out, but removing from one of my home screens the weather widget that's a default in this phone may have helped some. Even with WiFi off and updates set to manual, it may have been causing wakeups.

  • If it's carrier-specific at all, it'd be all Sprint, as Ting phones are Sprint phones. I haven't seen this kind of performance complaint here,, but it's a valuable resource nonetheless, as it has users of the Virgin Mobile variant also.

  • I've just restored the backup I made of ICS and will compare battery life with it.

  • Have you made sure your Profile ans, especialluy, your PRL are up to date? The PRL [Profile Roaming List]affects what towers in a particular area are used by the phone.

  • If you mean me, I did a PRL update after the JB update.

  • Completely idle, after a full charge, with JB I'm seeing draing of 0.5-0.6% of total battery capacity per hour. With ICS, it's 0.3%. There appear to be fewer application-internal alarms causing wakeups. After restoring my ICS image I restored the factory apps and froze (with TitaniumBackup) Google+, Media Hub, S Suggest, S Voice, Samsung account, Samsung Apps, Smart Device Manager and Sprint Connections Optimizer. It's possible one of those was the culprit with JB, though I did try freezing the Sprint Connections Optimizer under JB. I don't yet have the expertise to dig down into the alarms to find out what's really causing the wakeups.

  • I started with stock in both cases, but have mine rooted and disabled some of the bloat.

  • I tried following the instructions at to root my phone.  It seems like it is not actually using debug mode even though I set it to.  I keep getting permission denied when I try to copy the su app to /data/local.  I just want to go back to the original rom so I can hopefully resolve my wifi connection problems.

  • I am back.  Sorry to abandon this thread for a week.  Just so there's no confusion, I have never rooted my phone.  It is running stock everything from the factory/OTA updates.  Here's what I have experienced since my last update:

    I am still noticing quicker battery drainage, especially overnight.  This is the thing that might be the most worrisome to me.  What is the phone doing overnight now that it didn't used to?  I do not plug my phone in overnight, as I just leave it on the table next to the bed.  I tend to plug it in first thing in the morning, and it is usually fully-charged by the time I am done with my morning routine (breakfast, shower, get dressed, etc.).  I also usually charge it in the afternoon to make sure it doesn't get too low by the end of the day.  I have not documented any specific data points, since I am trying to get a sense of the handset's overall ability to fit my daily usage and do not want to bias it with some super-specific numbers that I will never be able to compare to anything now anyway.  My best recollection, however, is that if I went to bed with a full charge (or close to it), the battery would still be in the 90+% range when I woke up.  Now, it is consistently in the 70% range in the morning.  Surprisingly, the battery still seems to last quite a while during the day with normal usage.  It still uses noticeably more battery during the day than it was, but not anywhere near as bothersome as how much juice gets sapped overnight when the phone isn't being touched at all.

    Thank you, Bruce, for suggesting a profile and PRL update.  What I am confused about is, Why doesn't the software update to JB automatically force those updates?  How would general consumers know to even do that?  I'm pretty tech-savvy, and I never would have thought to do that.  I have previously used Motorola Droids, and they've never required any post-update attention.

    I will say that the Victory's performance (battery aside) feels as if it has gotten better over the last week.  I have no idea if that is from the PRL and profile updates.  The wifi used to have to be reset way more often than is acceptable, but now seems to be pretty good.  I think it has been two days since I've had to cycle the wifi.

    The worst thing of all that I was experiencing was with streaming video.  Up until about three days ago, I couldn't watch more than about 15 seconds of a video without it stopping to buffer, which would take about 30-45 seconds.  I don't even watch that much video on my phone (why I bought a 4-inch instead of a 5-inch in the first place), but I was pretty much ready to throw this phone on the train tracks that run next to my building.  This issue didn't seem like it was directly related to the wifi, because the phone wasn't switching between wifi and the data network, but I would have no way of knowing that.  This problem seems to have cleared itself up, so that's good.

    The last noticeable thing I want to mention is widgets.  Someone mentioned that they might be contributing to the issues.  I'm not seeing any proof of that, but they do take forever to start after rebooting the phone.  Under ICS, the clock and weather widgets I use were always up immediately.  Now, I still stare at blank holes on my home screen for 15-30 seconds every time I restart the phone.  But based on the phone's current performance, my gut says that they're not the issue, it's just that something in the phone's boot sequence is messed up.

    Overall, I'm happy that the issues seem to have gotten better, but this phone is still a far cry from where it was while running ICS.  I still firmly believe that the display rendering/processing needs attention.  I am still experiencing lag when swiping and when switching between apps.  There was never any lag under ICS.  The best way to sum up my feelings about the phone right now are: three weeks ago I would have recommended this handset to absolutely everyone looking for a 4-inch smartphone, but now, I would steer everyone away from it.

    Also, I have not done a factory reset on my phone, nor will I unless it becomes completely unusable.  I believe that this is chicken-sh!t troubleshooting for consumer devices, and any company that recommends it to their customers is pretty much asking that customer to never buy one of their products ever again.  Customers are not beta-testers or guinea pigs.  By the time something is ready for mass production/purchase, my opinion is that it better damn well be working correctly.  Especially when that product is so closely tied to my life and work that I have to carry it with me at all times.

    I'm also curious as to how closely Ting works with Sprint when device issues like these arise.  Do they work for us as an advocate, or are we pretty much on our own once we've bought the phone?

    Thanks to everyone for contributing to this thread.  If nothing else, at least we all have an outlet to vent our frustration at getting the rug pulled out from under us.  Anyone else have any overall performance anecdotes to add?


  • As a follow up, I just noticed that Ting no longer offers the Galaxy Victory on the devices page.  Not sure if it got pulled due to performance issues stemming from the JB update, or if the inventory just ran out.  We'll see if they ever let us know the answer to that one.


  • Hi everyone,

    I've been following this thread for a while and I was hoping that some solutions may come up from the user community.

    As has been mentioned, there's virtually no talk on the Sprint forums of there being a problem with the Victory after the update to Jelly Bean. As Sprint has considerably more customers than us, that's pretty unexpected if this is a widespread issue effecting everyone who's updated the OS on this phone. But of course, it wouldn't at all be surprising if it's not.

    The first thing I'd love to do here do is determine if there's a problem and what that problem is. Once we have a diagnosis and have a clear idea of what's going on, we can then contact Sprint to find out more.

    Has anyone found that a profile or PRL update helped at all? How about turning off Google Now?

    There could always be apps that are interfering and causing issues like lag and battery drain, and so to be really thorough, I would encourage a factory reset for everyone having this issue. (Though of course, please back up first.)

    Like I said, if I can collect the data, we can move ahead and contact Sprint from there. If anyone has the idea that specific apps may be interfering, please try disabling them. I know when I upgraded my Galaxy S2 to JB, Google Now slowed it down considerably and made the thing a chore to use. As soon as I turned Now off, the phone came back from near-death and is showing all the benefits of the update.

    Please report back when you can.

    Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this soon.

  • Nothing I've tried has made a difference yet.

    Things I've tried: updating Profile, updating PRL, disabling Google Now, disabling Samsung Push Notifications, disabling "Report from this device" and "Enable location history" in Google Maps, disabling Sprint Connection Optimizer, disabling GPS, changing Network Mode to CDMA only instead of LTE/CDMA, disabling alarms from Clock application, restarting various times.

    I have not tried a Factory Data Reset.

    Looking at Battery in Settings almost always shows "Android OS" as the highest consumer.

    My battery has always drained faster when I'm at work than at home. I think that I'm on the fringe of getting Sprint reception there and I more often fall back to Verizon connection. Compared to ICS though, JB seems to drain faster no matter where I am.

  • Does this phone have Samsung Media Hub?

    On my Galaxy S Epic 4G, shortly after release,, we found their OmaDrmConfigService consuming the battery.

  • It does. In fact, a few days ago I got updates to both Samsung Apps and Media Hub and installed those hoping they would improve things, but they did not.

  • You can try stopping that DRM service, but it will come back after a reboot.

  • Has anyone been able to successfully root their phone for the first time since the JB update?  It seems like you need root to be able to disable many of these vendor provided apps.

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