Samsung GS3 Gripes

I've had enough sporadic annoyances with this device over the past several months that I figured I would just start my own thread to keep track. 

Examples of a smaller annoyance: 

Signatures on email app cause crazy edit issues. If I try and delete text and hit return to start a new line, the signature at the bottom doesn't move down a line as well. It essentially gets 'sucked' up into my main body of text. Very annoying, I just disabled the automatic email signature.=

Examples of a much bigger annoyance:

Gallery app randomly, for no reason I can yet discern, eats up a ton of data when I'm not doing anything. Picture autoupload for my google account is set to WiFi only. Can't find any other apps that should be pulling from the gallery. Example of this: heading out for a walk, turning my data on, noting that I had used 1 mb of data over the past couple days. Walk 30 minutes, check phone, notice that my data usage has rocketed to 56 mgs and it's all attributed to my gallery app. I'm not ruling out that it could be a malicious app stealing photos. I guess I could look into this further. Any ideas?

If you've had similar issues, and have any fixes or suggestions, please add to this thread.



  • I'm a potential GS3 buyer so I don't have real-world experience with the phone yet.  Searching around, I found:

    Check whether "sync Picasa web albums" is selected - (settings, accounts and sync, enter google account)

    Also, this doesn't use the gallery, but check whether Backup data to Google is set.

    Since you've already designated Gallery to sync over wifi-only, verify that your Ting data plan is not being affected - the gallery app could just be finding open wifi access points along your walk.


    Hope this helps.

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  • I have had an S3 for going on 7 months and have had zero issues with it. My recommendation would be to backup your apps, and factory reset the phone.

    See if that fixes your email and Gallery problems. Reload the apps back a few at a time to amke sure one of those isn't really the problem.

    Good luck.

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