Otterbox case/cover for the Galaxy Victory LTE!

A couple friends of mine have smart phones from various companies (Galaxy S III's, iPhone 5's, Galaxy Note 2's) and they ALL swear by their Otterbox case/covers to having saved their phone from ridiculous drops/bumps/etc. I actually read a review of one for a Galaxy S II that claimed it survived a toss out the window at highway speeds - though I would hope most people aren't quite that clumsy with their phone ... but I digress.

Case in point (haha ... *ahem*), I went to the Otterbox website and they have covers for EVERY Samsung product EXCEPT the Galaxy Victory.


However, after having scoured the internet for protective cases for the Galaxy Victory LTE (and there are a few cases on Amazon that have gotten fairly good reviews and are pretty cheap), I happened upon the actual manufacturer a distributor of the Otterboxes who said that there is a case/cover (the "Defender" series) coming this week!

Here is the link if you're interested:

Once this case becomes available I'll buy it, try it out, and come back here with an update. Hopefully this will save another Galaxy Victory customer a little time and effort.




  • @Chris - Thanks for that option, I'll check it out once I get off of work (ebay is blocked, for obvious reasons).

    I'm actually going to purchase a few different cases off of Amazon (and possibly the one you mentioned) to try them out since they're relatively inexpensive.

    If I'm satisfied then I may forgo the OtterBox since I'm not particularly clumsy, but chances are that curiosity may get the better of me anyhow.

  • I went with this one, but may reconsider if the Otterbox looks good:


    I sent Otterbox an inquiry yesterday requesting a Defender series for the Galaxy Victory, the following was the response I got this afternoon:


    Dear Joseph,

    Thank you for contacting OtterBox! You are right, we don't have a case for that phone. :( I really do apologize. It is very possible that we WILL have one for that phone, I just haven't gotten any further information on it. I would just keep updated on our website because we are constantly updating the site with new products. I will also push through a product suggestion for you to the other departments to see if we possibly can get something designed. Thanks for your inquiry.

    Have a great week!



    First, that's awesome customer service (the kind of service that I enjoy at Ting!), so that's good. Also, it's great to see that they're constantly putting up new models, so hopefully they'll have one up soon!

    Second, as far as that link in the first post, I believe they are simply a distributor seeing as they have most (but not all) of the Otterbox cases for the Samsung lineup. Although, if they're claiming to have one "coming this week", then it may be safe to say that Otterbox themselves will have one as well.

    We shall see.

    @ Michael -> That one's actually pretty neat, thanks!

  • @Chris -> Good to know, thanks. From what I have seen from Amazon reviews of all sorts of cases is that the whole thing is sorta hit or miss. :-/

  • @Joseph -> They still haven't made a case so I believe it was all full of balony i'm really disappointed they didn't. I contacted them and they said the same thing they said to you but, a little different. I really hope that if enough people contact them, they will reconsider making a case for that phone.

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