Large jump in data usage on Samsung m930 with Onavo -- why???

One phone on my account went crazy this month and I don't know why. We have 6 phones and we always use less than 500 MB. This month, we still have 5 days left and we are up to 920MB.

First, we all have Onavo on our phones to help track usage. 

My wife, mother-in-law & father-in-law all have Samsung M930 running stock Android 2.3.6.  My mother-in-law usually uses about 30Mb/month. This month, she is already at 528MB! She hardly uses the phone at all.

When I check out Onavo, the main screen shows that she has used 70MB, which is high for her, but low enough that the alarms that we set up in Onavo where not triggered. But when you check the "App Watch" screen, it shows:

 - Dialer : 927MB (set to "Restrict to WiFi", so I don't think they used cellular data...)

 - System Updates : 927MB (set to "Restrict to WiFi", so I don't think they used cellular data...)

  • Samsung Apps : 345.2 MB

All most all of the apps have the option to set data usage to "Restrict to Wi-Fi".  This is not an available option for "Samsung Apps". 

When I check the other two M930s, I find that their Dialers & System Updates are 9.4MB & 4.7MB. The Samsung Apps shows 3.5MB & 1.3MB


1) It looks like for some cases, if not all apps, Onavo is counting both Wi-Fi and Cellular Data? Is there a better app that only tracks Cellular on Android 2.3.6?

2) Why is the "Dialer", "System Updates", "Samsung Apps" using so much data on my mother-in-laws phone?  Is it possible that my mother-in-law has some kind of virus that is using a lot of data in the background? Are there any good firewall programs you can install without rooting the phone to see what apps are using data?

Note: I think Onavo treats the "Dailer" and "System Updates" apps as separate apps, but they both point to the same data bucket.

Note: I did get some alarms from Ting on the June 20-21 when she used over 400MB of data, but I was in/out of airports on my way back home from Europe, and didn't get the messages till I landed late in the day, in Philly. I promptly turned off data usage on her account when I got home and it is still off.)





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