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I know it's early, but any word on availability to bring it over once it's purchased from Motorola/Google?




    Hi Jamie, it's definitely too early to comment on the Motorola X, but any device that we will be able to bring over will be announced on our  blog. Thanks for asking.

  • Though not formally announced yet, The Verge is reporting that the Moto X will be offered on all four major carriers, including Sprint.  My guess is that if this is true, it will probably be offered or able to use with Ting not so long after it's official release.  I'm just a Ting customer though and don't know any more than anyone else outside of Ting does.  One thing for sure though - this phone is building a lot of excitement.  I am only a little over a year into my purchase of a Samsung G2 through Ting and was thinking I would wait until two years were up to get a new phone.  If this phone comes out around the $200 price range (as rumored), then I might go ahead and upgrade early.

  • Hey Adam,

    We heard similar things about the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One when they were released, and we can't take them on Ting :( I would warn against purchasing the the Moto X right away, as we might not be able to take it on Ting. Keep checking our blog for updates about this and many other devices! 

  • Thanks Katie for the reminder.  I guess I haven't kept up with available devices on Ting.  Neither the G S4 nor the HTC One have tempted me to consider getting a new phone, so I didn't even check for their availability on Ting.  The Moto X with its very interesting rumored features and its very interesting rumored price point has tempted me to reconsider.  Well, I certainly hope it does become available when released one way or another.  Thanks.

  • Adam,

    Ting *does* sell the Galaxy S4 & HTC One. Sprint models cannot be BYOD to Ting, though.

  • Whatever the scenario that allowed the S4 and HTC One to be sold on Ting, I HOPE that Ting will endeavor to do the same for the Moto X.  



    On Another note.  I am working hard to get my friends and family to accept Ting in to their heart. 

    Conversion count - 

    Seen the light: 1

    Foot in the door: 3

  • I agree that Ting needs to get the Moto X. I am anxiously awaiting the no touch voice recognition feature.

  • From all accounts this may not be a top-o-the-line phone.  


    But it looks like it will have outstanding power management features.    I am tired of tweaking battery saver apps  just so my Galaxy Nexus will last through the day.    Even if I do get the power settings right, it usually screws with the wifi's ability to reconnect after turning off and on (4.2.1 issue).

  • And hopefully with it not being top of the line (although still plenty powerful) it will have a good price. I am hoping for $350.

  • I too am in this same situation.  I'd love to be able to buy the Moto X right away and start a new line with Ting.  Here's the last pieces of the puzzle that I'm not able to put together.

    Bruce, you stated that "Sprint models [of the GS4 and the One] cannot be BYOD to Ting..."  I don't doubt you, but I'd like to point out that each of these phones would have to be bought from Sprint, or an authorized Sprint phone seller.  Neither can be bought directly from Google Play.  The Moto X will be sold directly from Google Play, theoretically with a CDMA version and unlocked (as are all nexus phones).  This gives me hope that the Moto X will be able to be BYOD'd to Ting easily, since Sprint has never had their hand on it at all, and it will have never been locked to any carrier previously.

    Katie, I would love to hear more about the process of how Ting acquires Galaxy S4's and HTC One's to resell from their website.  Are these devices bought directly from Sprint?  These ones that you sell, are you able to make them compatible with your network because they have never been activated on a sprint account before?  Are they altered in any way, hardware or software?  Do they have all the silly non-removable sprint default applications (bloatware) on them when you sell them to Ting customers?  If you don't know answers to these questions, can you point me to someone who does?

    In case anyone is hardcore enough and wants to try badly enough, you can always buy one and then return it if it doesn't work.  Google Play charges a 15% restocking fee, so assuming the phone will be $300 (which is my personal opinion), the worst case scenario is that you'd end up paying $45 to get to play with a brand new phone for 15 days ;)


  • Hi Bryan,

    We can't bring phones directly from Google Play; their phones will not work on our carrier. Any phones brought to Ting have to be from our network provider, as we operate on their network and therefore they have to approve the phones used on our network.

    The S4s and HTC Ones that we get have been altered to work on Ting. They still contain bloatware from our network provider, but are engineered for Ting specifically in our warehouse. We are not offering the ability to alter privately purchased supported provider phones into Ting phones. As of right now, Ting HTC Ones and S4s cannot  make the move.

    Hope this helps!

  • Yeah, it does.  First off, thank you very much for your response.  It's good to have that cleared up about phones from Google Play; no need to worry about that anymore.

    What is the engineering that is needed to Tingify (yeah, that's right, Tingify) the phones?  Surely it's software related?  I can't imaging you guys are in there cracking open phones and swapping out radios and what not.  Purely curious here.

    Also, just to be clear, when you say, "We are not offering the ability to alter privately purchased Sprint phones into Ting phones," is that just for the GS4 and the ONE, or is that for any and all Sprint phones?  I have an old HTC Evo 4G in my drawer, and I've been wondering about using that on your network too.


  • Hey Bryan,

    No no, the HTC EVO 4G will work just fine without any modifications. We will not be physically taking HTC One and SGS4 devices into our warehouse and changing them for you, that's what I was saying (we've had people ask).

    I'm not sure exactly what would be needed to Tingify the devices; all we've been told is that they must be separately engineered for Ting and that we can't do this via our normal BYOD process; only factory-engineered Ting-specific devices will work on Ting. Sorry!

  • So basically what you're saying is if we want the Moto X, we have to wait until Sprint offers it, and then Ting will hopefully pick it up and make all engineering modifications to carry the Sprint version of the phone to then be resold by Ting before anyone can attempt to use the Moto X on Ting?

    Bottom line:  Wait out the initial hype of the Moto X because it won't be compatible on Ting until Ting can get their hands on it?  Hopefully on Aug 1 you'll have some new info if Google announces it will be going to all major carriers.

  • @Ali - yes - what we're saying is we have no idea whether or not we'll be able to support other versions OR sell a Ting version, so the best bet would just be to wait. Any updates we get will be available on our blog!

  • Hey everyone, we'll post the good news on our blog when it becomes official. Keep an eye open for it.

  • Guess I will have to wait to get a new phone to check this out.

  • Do remember how I said I really hope that Ting gets the Moto X?  Yeah, never mind.    This phone tastes like tofu soaked in seltzer water.    

  • @ Stephen - for best results, do not ingest.

  • I'm still *very* interested in the Moto X... excitedly waiting for the official word!

  • I'll have to wait and see the retail price before making a judgement, but at $199 on-contract, it isn't looking pretty. The major appeal of this phone was the rumored. Low off-contract price. I don't get it. Let's hope the can keep that price down for off-contract buyers. No idea why they didn't announce it today

  • Yep - I think the Moto X is perfect for the Ting culture; and besides a made in the USA smartphone - woo hoo!  Sign me up...I'm really hoping the Moto X can be used on Ting...I'll be buying it once confirmed; hoping to be able to buy it off the Ting website so profits go to Ting!!

  • @Greg,
    Actually, I would ONLY purchase from Ting to be assured it would work with Ting. Some of the more recent phones cannot be BYOD but are sold by Ting.

  • Hi Bruce - good point.  I'd like to add that there are more reasons to purchase through Ting.  I get into these conversations/debates with people all of the time when comparing cell phone of the biggest drawbacks people have with Ting is that they can't get over the 'device list' or the ability to upgrade phones after a 2 year contract.  Even when I explain the Economic Value Add of using Ting and even when I convince them that saving $50 a month can net a new phone in less than a year they're still hesitant.  I just wrote a long paper bashing Apple users for being a part of the conspicuous consumption bandwagon; but no matter how my logic deduces to prove Apple's success is due to a cult following, Apple still makes a healthy profit when compared to other manufacturers - the Apple bandwagon works.

    So - what I'm saying (my point), is that I'm super-happy to be finally saving $50 a month on my cell phone bill with a company that FINALLY let's me pay for what I use (Ting)...that I'd like to support Ting as much as possible.  And hopefully, by doing so, Ting remains a viable business with enough happy customers to be around for the long haul.  If that means we're in process of creating a "Ting bandwagon," so be it, at least our bandwagon saves money with a product that actually makes sense (and is a pure win-win).

  • The Moto X = the phone I would like to have over the HTC One and S4. 

    Sprint is already pre-registers for the Moto X. Maybe you guys should start taking it as well?

  • Hey all, 

    @Michael, We are with you there and hope the rumours are true.

    @Greg and @Bruce, We love the support, keep it coming! 

    @Matthew, It is still early days. We have some details to go over before possibly setting up a pre-sale. 


    We love that all of you are interested in this device. As more details come in we will be sure to keep you in the loop.

  • Do a Facebook survey or similar for the MotoX. I will click yes until my finger locks up! Or put up a notify me link on the device list like you did with the iPhone. Can I register my email more than once? I went from AT&T at $208/month (3 smartphones, 2 dumb-phones) to Ting (2 smartphones) currently at $42/month. If you need anymore hints, see the attached picture.

  • I'm definitely interested in the Moto X, depending on it's price point.  Hopefully the good, but not cutting edge hardware will keep the price closer to a mid-range phone. 

  • Hi Jeffrey - I believe the Moto X is cutting edge!  You need to read this article; you might see that the Moto X is doing things no other phone is doing.

    Also - we need to keep in mind that cutting edge can/might also mean pricing IT to the value received; meaning, too many companies are piling IT on top of IT just because they can.  If you make a product with a capability of 10, and price it at a 10, but the consumer only ever uses up to a 6 of it's capability then the consumer is wasting 40% of their money.  What I'm hoping for is a smartphone (the Moto X) that will finally match the price to the value I receive.  I only want to pay for what I use (or get the value from).  This is the whole point of Ting's service, and why I like Ting.  However, I'm really hoping the Moto X is finally a smartphone that delivers only what I need, without the needless fluff, and price it accordingly (fairly).

    That's my take.

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