Any extra cost/fees in switching to a different phone?

My lovely wife had a ...temporary moment of concentration...and left her GSII on the back bumper of her car as she left the house yesterday.  About halfway to her destination, the GSII decided it had gone far enough and bailed out in the middle of the road.  Surprisingly, a good Samaritan picked it up and gave it shelter until we could retrieve it.  However, as you can imagine, the screen is in 1000 pieces.  Everything else seems to be working.  I have given thought to attempting a DIY project to replace the glass.  If I am unsuccessful, I'll have to get a replacement.  Other than the cost of a new/used device, is there any additional charge or fee from Ting to roll the activation from the old phone to the new one?




  • Hi Clay,

    Sorry to hear about your S2's awful balance :( There's no cost to switch phones on your account, and in fact we've just made it easier than ever to do so!

    When you have your new phone added to your account at, click Device Settings, then click Activate Now. Choose "Use my existing Ting number," and you'll be able to switch the number from your wife's current brick onto her new phone! DO NOT deactivate the phone; this will lose the number.

    If you need any help during this process, please give us a call at 1-855-846-4389. We're open 8 am to 8 pm EST, M-F!

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  • Thanks!  You guys rock!

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