LG Marquee MMS lack of service follow-up. What's fair?

Hi folks,

Before you read anything else: on behalf of the entire team at Ting, I'd like to express our deepest apologies for the lack of MMS service you experienced with your LG Marquee over the past few months.

We're hopeful the issue has been resolved.

At Ting, we're already saving our customers lots of money on their wireless bill. We're very proud of this fact. But saving money shouldn't be at the expense of a service our customers enjoy; we're also a small company and unlike the big carriers, we don't have buckets of money to throw at our customers when we stumble.

OK, the MMS problem is fixed. Now what?

That's a good question, and the reason I'm here.

Today, I thought we could start a conversation about what you consider to be fair compensation for the lack of service.

I won't put any restrictions around the conversation, other than to ask you to consider what the MMS functionality was worth to you in the context of a percentage of your overall monthly service; and that you refrain from commenting unless you are a Ting customer with an LG Marquee affected by this problem.

I realize I'm taking a bit of a leap here by asking you to tell me what you think is fair.

For me and everybody at Ting, this is the sort of thing we stand for; and it just didn't seem right to make an assumption about what compensation is fair if we didn't have this conversation with you first.

Thanks for your patience, and your continued business,




  • I lost maybe 5 pictures. No biggie there. More annoying was that certain people's phone seemed to send me plain text msgs as MMS so I would always not get their msgs. I don't really consider that Ting's problem. More of a problem with the sender. But it was annoying, but no one died because I didn't get the text. Bottom line, while the issue was annoying, I don't need or ask for compensation over it to feel like Ting's got my back. I'm very happy with Ting and this post is a perfect example of why I promote you guys whenever I get the chance. Keep it up!

  • I'm with David. It was pretty irritating, especially toward the end, but I recognized from the beginning that it wasn't Ting's fault and Ting was doing everything in their power to find a solution (both temporary and permanent). For me personally, I don't feel like I need any compensation. I get great rates and great customer service. Good enough for me. :)

  • Frankly, I'm surprised Ting even cared, let alone spent months trying to fix the issue. I guess I'm still getting used to such awesome phone service.

    MMS accounts for something like 15% of my overall messaging activity - or did anyway, not so much now that I've moved away, and stopped playing on a few teams that used group messaging as a way to communicate.

    While I don't have as much wiggle room as Jennifer and David to be able to say I don't want compensation, I still recognize that from what I read, Ting was not at fault here, which leads me to wonder: if Sprint was responsible for the mess, shouldn't they clean it up?

    It's not something I'm overly concerned about, but I am curious about that possibility. Again though, like David said, nobody died because I didn't get a text.

    Thanks for your hard work Ting!

  • Just a small discount towards a monthly bill seems fair, $5-10.

  • While the issue was an annoyance, I knew it was not Ting's fault, and I upgraded to a new phone after about a month of dealing with it. That was a cost I didn't plan on having for a while, but I don't expect Ting to reimburse me. That being said I am leaning toward what Scott proposed. I feel maybe a discount of the customer's average one month bill would be fair.

  • Thanks for your feedback everybody, I really appreciate it. I'm headed home for the day, but I'll check back in soon. I'm sure there will be more suggestions as people get home from work and check their email.

    I really do appreciate the constructive feedback and although we do rely on Sprint's®* infrastructure, we do take responsibility for the lack of service. 

    Talk to you tomorrow,


    * Sprint is a trademark of Sprint.

  • For me it was a matter of another line. Just the phone activation charge for the time MMS was not completely functional would suffice for me. I just hope this fix is not something Sprint can't easily break again with another MMS update.

  • Hello! Just my 2 cents worth.  Ting has treated me more than fairly since I have been a customer. No compensation for the pic message problem is need or expected.   :  )

  • Jennifer captured my thoughts perfectly.  This was annoying because of how long it took to resolve, but it wasn't caused by anything within Ting's control.  I'm happy that the problem is resolved and even more happy that I switched to Ting.  Your "customer first" attitude is without peer.

  • I am beyond happy with my service at Ting and, while, like many others, it was a bit annoying to not be able to receive images, the problem was addressed and resolved. That's all I was looking for; so I'm happy.

    As a side note, I have never gone out of my way to publicly endorse a company but have mentioned Ting twice on Facebook because I'm so impressed by the service. It's pretty unbelievable, especially as regards cell service, to find a company that is so easy and nice to work with. So, I'd say, take whatever reimbursement you were going to give us, and give the hard-working people who worked to fix it and keep us all updated a bonus.

  • I don't think it would be fair to ask for compensation you guys worked hard and went out of your way to help us instead of what usually happens at any other company which is to just say,  "oh well upgrade".As for me it was just annoying like others said so no need to compensate.

  • As the other early commenters have said no real harm done to my overall Ting experience, and it seemed like a lot of effort was put into a resolution. 

    I think a small credit could be nice, but not necessary to be "fair".

    I expected some issue to pop up based on what I paid for this refurbished phone.

  • I think I lost maybe 10 mesages. I don't think I care if I get a credit or not.

    What I want is a promise from Ting to do better.

    The most frustrating part of the experience was, I was never notified by Ting there was a problem with my phone.

    I went for months just thinking I was getting random errors with certain messages. It wasn't until recently I discovered I hand't been able to receive an MMS for months.

    I only discovered the problem after a searching for it. Then I found out Ting had known about the problem for months but bever told me about.

    I assume the logic was "If they aren't complaining, it must not be important."

    So for my compensation, I want Ting to promise to tell me if there is a known problem that may be impacting my service.

    Get it out up front. Don't wait for me to them.

  • My husband does a lot of bartering on Craigslist and ran into problems with people not willing to send pictures to email because of lack of knowledge on how to do so from their phone. Therefore it has probably cost us more than it would have for most people. That being said, I don't believe that the compensation should be more than $20. I was thinking along the lines of $12 to $18 at the most.  I understand that this was not Ting's fault and they went above what I expected from them,  but it was still an inconvenience and I appreciate that they are willing to reimburse people for this issue.

  • Since the problem took 3 months to repair, a $15 credit ($5/month) would be appreciated.

    The dilligence in updating customers and getting a solution in place was appreciated. If it hadn't been solved, I would have expected a heavy discount on a device that would receive MMS would have been necessary to keep me as a customer.

  • I don't have an axe to grind about the temporary loss of MMS service on my LG 855. I have this attitude because Ting was upfront about the problem, understood the issue and tried diligently to implement a work-around. It was a minor annoyance, and I the bottom line is I was unable to receive only a few pointless camera phone pictures.  If I were Carlos Danger, this problem would be a real issue and would have cramped my lifestyle- but I'm not, and I don't believe Ting owes me any compensation. Just maintain Ting's operational model and awesome customer service.

  • Good evening everybody,

    Honestly, this conversation is more than I hoped for. I really appreciate the honesty and stories.

    @Karl: we share the same concern. We are still working through the 'permanence' of the fix, and hope to have more information in the coming weeks.

    @Ken @Scott: I appreciate that. Truly.

    @Cherie: that's very generous of you. I'll pass along your suggestion to the rest of the team. They wouldn't accept it, but they'll definitely appreciate the gesture. :)

    @Brian: It was definitely annoying. We *hated* the idea of telling people to upgrade. I think that's the reason why we seemed stalled at one point. We had nothing good to say and the thought of asking you to buy another device made us sad inside. Thanks for your patience.

    @Matthew: We're really trying to find the best possible devices when we source our refurb devices. We've learned a lot about them recently, and we've become quite selective about which vendors we use, the OS versions, configs, etc., etc. Thanks for chiming in. :)

    @Andrew: I promise we'll do better next time. This was our first 'major' problem (if there were others, I've blocked them out). Even today, we haven't fully nailed down who was affected and who wasn't. There are thousands of customers our there with Marquees. We struggled a bit with who to alert. In hindsight, the answer's easy: ask everybody. When we did compile a list of affected customers, we had to go to marketing for help with notifying customers via email since we didn't have the capability ourselves. Since then, we've really streamlined how we communicate. Members of my team are now trained in using the email software, and our admin back-end has been tweaked to pull affected customers whenever we need it. This is probably more than you wanted to know, but I felt like I owed you a better explanation. Thanks for sharing.

    @Dennis: bartering on Craigslist is one that wasn't obvious for me. I can see how important MMS would be for that sort of thing. Thanks for your story and recommendation.

    @Jeremy: Thanks for chiming in. I really appreciate it.

    Have a great night all.


  • @Jon: You posted while I was writing an update, and I missed you. Awesome reference. I didn't know who Carlos Danger was until I googled it just now. Fortunately, Anthony Weiner is not a Ting customer. Although, if he was (and he owned a Marquee), we probably would have kept him out of trouble! (Thanks so much for sharing your feedback)

  • @Ben:  For what it's worth, if Ting decides to issue some sort of credit, then how about giving those of us who are satisfied without a credit the ability to opt out?  Just my 2 cents.  Thanks.

  • I have 2 LG Marquee's, $10 good faith service credit  per phone will remove any hard feeling, thanks.

  • Ben. I own a Samsung which had the same problem, which Ting fixed. I'm happy with your company, and service, and do not feel any compensation is necessary. Thanks for asking, Peter

  • Someone else touched on this above - but we were really annoyed that Ting knew about the problem, but didn't handle it proactively.  We have 3 of these phones on our account.  And our family members who we encouraged to join Ting had the same phones.  We all kept having these problems and assumed that TIng's over-all service was the issue.  Unfortunately 2 of the 3 of us put are heart & soul MMS users.  We have family that we share photos with... I have a grandson who I haven't been able to enjoy spontaneous photos and video of for months.  We have many people who we have group texts with for coordination, we haven't been able to do that.  It has been more than frustrating for us.   I did try the work-around and all it has done is mess with my phone's speed and responsiveness. I am going to have to do a hard swipe on the phone to take off the Go SMS, which means re-setting up my phone again (which I did once before thinking that would solve the MMS issue before I found out on my own about the problem with just the LG). 

    Communication is important.  Our experience through this has felt like we were continually being strung along, waiting for the team to figure out the problem, and it went on for months. Our overall impression of Ting, did suffer through it.  My husband especially, he is our decision maker and he really wants to cancel at least one of the phone lines.  I am hopeful he won't.   My personal concern is that this is a phone you offered, not one that we brought over, and the support we received on it wasn't up to par with what we have experienced in the past with Ting.   In my opinion, when this occurred, I would have wanted Ting to contact us up front, and not after months had gone by and we had to come to you after hearing about the problem second hand from another Ting LG customer, and explained the situation and then offered for us to either wait it out, or an option of a different phone or account credit. 

    Interestingly enough, I have been talking back and for with a rep for some time about the situation.  Over the last 2-3 weeks we have been discussing compensation.  I had to wait for my husband's decision on the final answer, which I gave Monday and when I didn't hear back, I re-emailed.  To which I was told that the compensation was now on hold because of this forum discussion on what the LG customers thinks is fair.  Considering everyone has a different experience, I think it is rather subjective to do that.  

    Interestingly enough... not until I read this forum did I learn that a fix has been found.  So, again, no effective communication. 

    You asked for my opinion... and granted, I did give it before coffee at 5am.... but here it is.  Ting is still the best option out there, but this has left a blemish, and the public decision of compensation after compensation has been offered in a case, and  this is where we learn a fix has been made (altho no guarantees it will hold or work for everything) is really no fix at all in my estimation.

    I appreciate your company, and everything you do and have done for cell coverage.  Yes, our family has saved money.  But that is aside from the handling of this situation. 


  • ....And if we could afford to shell-out $600 for the next cheapest smarthphones on the list, we would.  But we don't.  We are a fixed income family.  Any purchases like that come out of our food budget, so it is not an option.  We are stuck with the phones.

  • I appreciate the offer and though I did miss getting the spontaneous pictures from my friends and family, I more appreciate the money saving features of your service. I would not turn down a credit, but won't ask for it either when I know this whole situation wasn't Ting's fault. I do expect the lessons learned to benefit the next issue that might come up though and from what I have read it sounds like they will. Thanks for working to solve the problem and please continue to offer your great service.

  • I agree with many of the posts above, a discount on this month's (or a future) bill would be nice.  Obviously it was very annoying to not be able to rely on MMS to work, but even worse was the time I spent trying to fix it and then figure out a way around it . . . then explain to my wife that it would work soon and I still had faith in our 'new' phones and the Ting company.  It was close, another week or two and we might have been gone.    

    I do appreciate you even asking for input regarding some sort of compensation.  And I am glad I do not have to get another phone.  



  • We waited a few months and eventually bought a used phone off ebay for $75 about a month ago.  We couldn't wait any longer for Ting to fix the issue.  It wasn't the pictures so much as the fact that iphone sent group texts weren't getting through.  I think a $10 credit per month (June,July,August) would be reasonable.  I spent a fair amount of my personal time and work time checking up on this issue, just like many others here.

  • Since the other thread has been closed for comments, I'll have to ask it here.  After hearing about the update/fix, I removed go SMS from my phone and I was unable to send or receive MMS messages from my wife's Marquee to and from my Marquee.  Does this update still require me to continue using Go SMS?

  • Daren, I'm in the same boat with my son's Marquee. I contacted them via request ticket and haven't heard back yet, so anxious to see what they say here.

  • Hi Jennifer, Shan can help you through your help request, she's very good. If it's urgent, feel free to give us a call at 1-855-846-4389.

  • No, it's not urgent. Just curious. :) Thanks, Brennan.

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