"Nexus 5" Here You Come?!?!?!

You've read the rumors, I've read the rumors...CDMA enabled for Sprint network!  I already sent Ting a G+ callout indicating they better be staffing up because they are going to be getting slammed!  I for one will definitely be adding a new device to my account!!



  • The real question is whether we'll be able to get the GSM side legally unlocked if we buy it from Ting.  I'm looking at some international travel next year, and I'd rather have my everyday phone than some inexpensive GSM bought just for that.

  • Yes.  If this phone is at the price they are predicting or even $100 more, I will be all over this.

  • Hope Ting will let me use the Nexus 5, if purchased at the Play store.

  • After the price reveal of the MotoX, here's hoping the Nexus 5 becomes a possibility.  I'd even pay an extra $50 on the device if it meant only being able to buy it directly through Ting.... maybe even $100, but at some point in price you're breaking the spirit of a Nexus's cost to consumers.

  • "Hope Ting will let me use the Nexus 5, if purchased at the Play store." - it isn't Ting that is the party to question, but Sprint.  Have you read what Verizon was doing about the Nexus 7?

  • I also hope that Ting will support the Nexus 5 and that we can either bring it over from Google Play or buy it from Ting at a minimal markup. This would be a great phone for everyone in my family!

  • Hey William, it would be a great addition if possible. Currently, our phones are sold with minimal to no markup already.

  • This is my question as well. Given that Brad Coates from Ting confirmed the year+ delay on new devices from Sprint in the BYOD whitelist thread..I am very interested in direct purchasing a Nexus 5 or from Ting if the price is right. I don't want to pay $600+ for a new phone and Sprint won't let us buy used S4s/HTC Ones so this would look like the only option for truly affordable smartphones that will actually be updated. 

  • Tate really hit the nail on the head - "... option for truly affordable smartphones that will actually be updated."  One would also hope, since there is no contract or subsidy involved, that the phones will sell for the same price as unlocked GSM from Google.

  • As it is getting closer to release, it may be the specs are not as incredible as once rumored, but it looks like a moderately priced, mid high end,  pure android phone, and I still would be all over this just to get updates.

  • I am also highly interested in this phone. There was a price leak indicating it'll be $350. Since Sprint is supposedly getting it, hopefully it'll come to Ting and at the same price tag also:).

  • Agreed, I got a Galaxy Nexus when I came to Ting, but while its a good phone still it is getting a little long in the tooth this would be a best of both worlds for sure.

  • Now that we're closer, the official leaks have been confirmed, and @evleaks just tweeted this ( https://twitter.com/evleaks/status/395221012125450240/photo/1).

    I spoke with Ting today and they're about as informed as we are at the moment. Ting will definitely not have the Nexus 5 at launch if it is 11/1 but they're hopeful. Since we don't know if Sprint will be receiving a variant or if there'll actually be a single North American SKU it's hard to estimate availability.

    Whatever happens it should be an exciting few days. My fingers are crossed for a single 

  • J L I hope Ting being optimistic is a good sign, and thanks for updating us on your conversation this will be awesome when (if) it comes to Ting. I brought a used device when I signed up so looking forward to my first device purchase from Ting.

  • I am so ready to hop all over this.  It looks like a 4 week lag on the Note 3 from when it was available on Sprint til when it ships on Ting.  I'm also checking the LG G2 which is now in pre order on Sprint

  • 4 weeks, if its out on Sprint fairly soon, Merry Christmas to me.. or Happy New Year!

  • Hey am I the only one that wants to see a Nexus 5 mini??? Like a 4" screen.

  • @william b I'd say so.. While everyone is entitled to an opinion I think the 4.95" screen is a compromise.. Especially considering the handset is roughly the same size as the N4. I don't think Google is looking to go much larger in screen size (if restraining device dimensions is a valid indicator) but I personally wish they did. I'm hopeful Motorola will release a phablet sometime next year to fill the void.

  • That's it, I'm going to "phoneblock" my own kick ass 4" phone......say about 3 or 4 years from now. 

  • It looks like they'll announce the Nexus 5 tomorrow 10/31/2013. Will we be able to buy it from Ting at Play Store prices? If not, will we be able to buy it from the Play Store and activate it on Ting? This is important to know before it actually goes on sale in case Google and LG have another supply debacle.

  • Hi Ben,

    As yet we haven't received any updates as to whether we will be getting the Nexus 5. There are also no updates on the White List being updated to include this phone. Most likely it will follow suit with other new phones and will need to be on the market for 12 months before it can be BYOD'd. Keep an eye on our Device Blog for updates.

    All the best!

  • @Paraic

    Ben did raise a valuable point and I hope you can address it a little more directly for us.. First would you so kind as to take a moment to comment/refresh our memory on the eligibility of a Play Store purchased handset by Ting? I think I recall your position prior to a Nexus release but I imagine this handset will change that..?

    Now I interpreted your BYOD comment in reply to the Play Store question as a misinterpretation on your part.. But I'm pretty sure you made it intentionally.. In so many words you're saying a Play Store purchase is deemed beyond the scope and subject to any artificial hold imposed by Sprint? So unless a device is sold by Ting (blessed by Sprint) it cannot be/will not be activated by Sprint? I guess it'll come down to the number of SKUs, if there is a standalone CDMA SKU then I imagine we'll be paying more then the Play Store price.. For example Sprint will only advertise the handset subsidized with renewal or a new line, which will artificially raise the off-contract price..

    I'm assuming if/when Ting offers the handset it would then be subject to the off-contract Sprint valuation and be much more expensive then the Play Store. This is similar practice to what T-Mobile does for the Nexus 4 16GB which is 427.99 off contract at the time of this post but only $249.00 on the Play Store.

  • A play store handset will not work on Ting. All of the phones that are able to activate on Ting need to be from Sprint and on our whitelist. A device purchased through the Play Store will not be in Sprint's database of allowable phones and will be unable to activate.

    If/When the phone is released with Ting it will indeed be off-contract (we don't believe in contracts) and sold at, or just above cost. We have been successful before in adding Nexus devices to our device portfolio. such as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus that sold on Ting for $404. I imagine the Nexus 5, should we get the device to sell, will be priced within reason cost, but this is just a speculation on my part and unfortunately may not represent the actual price of the device.

  • just to add, a play store handset is typically sold as an unlocked GSM device. Therefore, it wouldn't be allowed on Sprint anyway. There are rumors of the nexus 5 coming to Sprint though. The news to watch is Sprint's release of the Nexus 5 and hopefully it will be allowed to work on Ting.

  • It's going to come down to the SKUs and there is no Sprint N5 rumor, it is coming. @Paraic if there is something to be said I'll reply after the official announcement.

  • Now that all the info is out there and sprint will be getting the device on Nov 8 when will we get pricing info?

    And here is to hoping they don't price it too high....  but since its sprint I'm doubtful.

  • The Nexus 5 (16GB) popped up on the Google Play Store Today for $350, available for T-Moble and Sprint.


    Will this be able to be activated for Ting? Once (if) the 32GB version becomes available on Ting, it'll finally be what I need to jump ship from Verizon.

  • Ok looks like Ting will need to negotiate something with Sprint.. It's a single device for all of North America excluding Verizon. A Play Store device *could absolutely work on Ting IF Sprint allows it. Considering this will also be the first Play Store device to work on Sprint I imagine things are about to change.

    The Play Store device is unlocked, works on everything except Verizon, and I confirmed this with Google support.

  • Does Paraic's comment above that the play store version "will not work" still stand since Sprint is one of the officially supported carriers?  Thanks.

  • For any one interested, here's the direct link to the White 32GB version, as at least for me, the other options aren't showing off of the Black 16GB version:


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