Recent delays in customer service

Hi there,

If you've recently asked us for help using our help portal, or by calling in, you may have noticed a delay in response from us.

It's been going on for more than a few days and I feel that we owe you an explanation and an apology for letting you down when you needed us.

Before I explain what we're up to, let me do a quick recap about how we offer support. 

Ting Customer Service offers billing, sales, and technical support using a single email address (, and a single phone number with no automated attendant or menu trees (1.855.846.4389).


Customers receive online support by submitting a request through the Ting help portal, or by sending us an email. We like to encourage customers to submit online requests for non-urgent inquiries. * 



We love the phone! It's a fantastic way to connect with our customers, but it's also challenging to schedule for. We encourage customers to call us for time-sensitive things like problems with number porting, or activations.

Our goal when we launched Ting was to answer every email within 24 hours, and every phone call within 20 seconds. These are audacious goals that some people told us would be impossible to meet.

With few exceptions, we've been able to meet these goals for more than two years since we launched Ting.

How are we doing today?

If you emailed us today, our current response time is around 5 days, much longer than our target of 24 hours. If you call us on the phone from 10am-11am, or 4pm-7pm (ET), there is a chance you may have to wait a couple minutes before speaking with one of our advisors.

What's the plan?

On Monday, some new customer advisors finished their training and were able to make an immediate impact. We have more customer advisors in training and they're also expected to hit the floor early next week. In fact, some of them are already helping customers as part of their training, which has made a difference too.

Closer to the end of this month, we expect to finish recruiting and hiring another group of customer advisors. With their help, we'll further reduce the customer request backlog, and also extend our support hours from 8am-8pm ET, 5 days a week, to 8am-11pm, 7 days a week.

We're doing more than just adding staff; we're also adding more functionality to our website so our customers don't have to call or email when they have a question. In a future post, I'll talk about some of the improvements that have already happened, and more that are on the way.

To sum up, we've got a lot on the go and these delays in support are temporary. We expect response times to be back to normal within the next couple weeks and we appreciate your patience in the meantime.

Thanks for your patience,

  - Ben (on behalf of everybody here at Ting)



  • Perhaps you could solve some of the online support ticket backlog by letting us cancel our own ticket requests, or marked them as solved.  I opened a ticket a while back and didn't receive a reply.  I then used phone support and the problem was solved, but the online ticket that I opened first, remains open.

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  • Hi Charles, thanks for the suggestion. Finding and closing your existing support tickets should be our job. When you call in to speak to our team of support staff, they should be searching for existing help requests in our databank. We'll speak to our team and ensure they are continuing to do so.

    If you feel the problem is solved, you can send us a quick reply (just as you did) notifying us that we can close the support request.

    Thanks again for the feedback.

    P.S. I closed your support request

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  • Is this still going on 6 weeks later? Your help center auto-replies refer to this issue.

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  • Hi Ken,

    We're all caught up! thanks for the note (I've removed the alert)


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  • Is this still the situation 11 months later? The help center auto-replies still refer to this post in August 2014. Perhaps an update to the post would help.

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  • Agreed, it seems you're in another crunch. You guys do a great job. Thanks for setting a standard we can all be inspired by.

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  • Unfortunately Ting is back to being overwhelmed by too many calls, and has been for at least four months. How about the executives stop lighting their cigars with $100 bills and hire a few more CSRs?

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