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Best Phone under 5" LG Optimus F3, Samsung Galaxy Victory, LG Viper, and Kyocera Rise ??

I want a phone that is less than 5" wide.  I have been reading reviews for the LG Optimus F3, Samsung Galaxy Victory,  LG Viper, and Kyocera Rise and all give the phones less than stellar reviews because of small screen and resolution.  I switched to Ting because I don't use the internet on my phone.  I want the best smaller phone for calls, text, and some photos/video but quality isn't major concern.  Can any body suggest which phone they have used and are happy with?


Christopher Ahrens

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A really good site for comparing the specs side-by-side is  I just pulled up those, and noticed something interesting in the battery size of them.  Kyocera Rise--1500mAh, Viper--1700mAh, Galaxy Victory--2100mAh, Optimus F3--2460mAh.  The Rise is the only one of those with a slide out physical keyboard if that's important to you, but the screen is smaller and won't look nearly as nice.  I see that all of them except the Rise have dual core processors, so that will probably help with the phone not being sluggish.

For my daughter, I had gotten her the HTC EVO 4G before.  It's about the same size as those, and the screen was great, but the charging port recently broke, so I got her the LG Viper.  The HTC EVO 4G can be found for around $60 on Ebay now.  The LG Viper I just got was about $85 on Ebay.

In looking at the specs comparison of those ones you mentioned, keyboard is a specific thing either you want or don't care about.  If you don't need it, then the other three are about the same, except for the battery life.  Maybe price comes into it:  The Victory and Viper are older, so you can find them for cheap, while the F3 being really new will be more expensive.

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If not in a hurry you could wait and see if Ting restocks the LG F3 (I think that was the model)  4 inch screen and for around $250 if I recall correctly.



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