Galaxy S4 incompatibility with D-Link DIR 655 Router Fix

Have an older (Version A series) D-Link Dir 655 that gave me fits when I tried to use Wifi on my new S4.  The problems were:  (1)  If I was on my computer when I activated Wifi on the phone, my computer lost Wifi connectivity and the phone, while connected, could not access anything;  (2) while the phone was on Wifi, it's data functions were basically bricked--no Wifi and no 3g.  D-Link just put a firmware update on their website to address this issue, which can be downloaded at  This solved the problem for me.   The firmware fix resets the router completely, so be sure to save your configuration before installing.  Ting Help didn't have a clue about this problem, so hopefully this will provide some help for any having the same trouble. 




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