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I'm trying to understand Ting's coverage map, which has color indicators for the following types of data:  Data (=pale yellow), 3g (=bright yellow), 4g Wimax (=purple), and 4g LTE (=fuschia).  It's the plain old "Data" category I'm wondering about.  What is it, and how is it accessed, and/or  what kinds of phones access it and when?   

Sprint's own coverage map doesn't have this category.  It can't be Edge, since that's just GSM.  Is it 1xRTT?

Smart phones--If I turn off 3g and 4g on my Galaxy s2 (or if I'm not in 3g or 4g coverage areas), is there a way I can still access plain old Data on a Galaxy? 

Feature phones--What data categories do feature phones use when they deliver emails?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can give me!




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  • Hi Shirley,

    The pale yellow that you see is the 1x data that is used by feature phones to send MMS/email/access the web. This type of data is only used by feature phones that do not have the 3G functionality.

    While you have 3G turned on within the settings of the Galaxy phone, if you dip out of the 3G coverage to an area of 1x you will automatically begin using this data and you will see Letters (E,F,G,H) depending on the strength of the signal.

    There is no real difference between using the two different data types. It's just the same amount of MB usage delivered at different speeds.

    I hope this helps!

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