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Motorola announced the Moto G today.  Looks like an interesting option priced under $200.  It is expected at some point in January, but I did not see any talks about what carriers it will work with.  Any idea if this will be an option for Sprint/Ting?  Obviously the Nexus 5 is a huge deal for Ting and Ting customers, but a good sub $200 phone would likely open the flood gates!



  • I was wondering the same thing, Caleb.  The Moto G seems like the perfect fit for Ting!

  • I want.  Hoping we'll see this available on Ting!

  • Hello all, Thanks for your interest in this device. We are always excited to add new devices, but there is no word on the Moto G yet. Keep an eye on our blog for updates

  • This looks like a good balanced budget phone. Very interested in seeing it available on Ting.

  • This is the perfect phone to bring to Ting. This is closer to the pricing that I was expecting for the Moto X and I would definitely be interested in this phone over the Nexus 5 due to the price point. Hopefully Ting is able to get it quickly like they were the Moto X, that would be awesome. Glad Motorola is targeting the more "budget" users still and hopefully Ting can incorporate this into their lineup.

  • This is phone looks like a fantastic little low-priced device, and there is a CDMA version in the works. This would be a REALLY good phone to get on Ting, as it is set to retail at $199 off-contract. A lot of people I know hesitate to make the switch to ting because they are reluctant to spend $600 on a phone. Even though I already have an S4, I would probably still pick one up to have as a solid backup device. Here's to hoping the phone has the necessary radios to work on Sprint's network, and that Ting will be able to acquire it. 

  • I really wanted the Moto X, but not for $565. Since a big reason we're on Ting is to save money, paying that much for one phone seems a bit defeating. Hopefully the Moto G is like the Nexus 5 in that it can be sold independent of carrier. It seems as if it would be a perfect match for budget minded Ting users! :) 

  • The Moto G is perfect for my needs. I will be out of contract from Sprint in Feb so the timing couldn't be better. Can't wait to switch to Ting!

  • We are bringing 5 lines to Ting from Sprint and then we will buy a phone from Ting and Add my husband (who was previously on a work plan)....He would LOVE the Moto G, and I'm sure the rest of us would switch (for Christmas?? !!!!!) to he Moto G as well. We would lOVE to see Ting the the Moto G ASAP :)

  • I agree with everyone else. The Moto G would be a great device for ting. Especially with it's off contract low price. I really hope Ting gets it early next year.

  • Woo hoo, unlocked GSM versions will be shipping next week, January release for CDMA devices. Hopefully it's like the Nexus 5 in being somewhat carrier agnostic with regards to ESNs.

  • Just chiming in so I'll get email updates.  If this happens, I will be one very satisfied customer, or should I say, more satisfied, if that's possible.

  • I am new to Ting and want to see if the coverage suffices in our rural area.  If it does, I would love to have a Moto G with Ting!

  • Would really be amazing to have the Moto G on Ting! Really need to replace my aging S2 and the G is right up my alley in terms of price and features.

  • The Moto G fits my needs PERFECTLY... and the price fits my budget.  Add me to the list of Ting users hoping this will become available soon!

  • I'm really looking forward to January now. This seems like a great upgrade for me from my $75 refurb HTC EVO. Nice to see a new release at this price point.

  • I agree with everyone. The Moto G looks like a great phone at my price point. Since Ting offers variable cost plans us thrifty types would be very grateful to use this phone on your network. Keep up the great work! Competition is good for everyone!

  • I could see the GSM version being used very soon especially with the nexus 5 developments. I preordered mine, would be happy to test it

  • Hi Folks, We don't have any updates on the Moto G. We are definitely intrigued by the price point and features of the device and would love to have it on Ting. Make sure to check out our blog as this is where any device updates will be posted.

  • Even Moto X contract-free is only $349 from Motorola ( starting 8:00 am CST 12/02/2013), which is $129 less than from you. Would the Sprint version work with Ting?

  • Hi Vince,

    We're currently not able to activate Moto X phones that haven't been purchased directly from us. Please check our blog and the supported devices list for any updates on supported devices.

  • If you get the Moto G, you will have 2 new customers. Hoping by the end of January or the promise of getting it by then. We can't wait forever.

  • I am thinking that this will happen sooner than later I just ordered the sprint nation wide network sim card.  if ting would like to work with me on getting it working i would be happy to. 

  • I really hope that Sprint and Motorola don't create any roadblocks for the Moto G on Ting. I really want to pick up a couple of these and use them on Ting.

  • Ernie,

    Unless there is a special arrangement like that with the Nexus 5, only Moto G phones sold by Ting would work on Ting.

    Sprint is generally blocking BYOD for most new phones until Sprint has sold them for at least a year. They started doing that with the HTC One & Galaxy S4.

  • Darn. So it is not unreasonable to expect that the Moto G might not be available on Ting until 2015. I was hoping for Jan. 2014.

  • Hey Ernie,

    The possibility of BYODing the device may not be a reality until 2015, but we generally sell most of these new devices on This means that you could have the phone in 2014, which is only a few weeks away.

    There is no update, however, as to whether Ting will be getting the Moto G.

  • Suppose Ting sold the MotoG in Jan 2014. What would you speculate the price to be?

  • Unfortunately I can't speculate on that, but what I can tell you is that Ting sells our phones for cost price. So you don't have to worry about any huge mark up on price.

  • Hey Paraic

    Who do you think will win the Super Bowl... oh, and hurry up with the Moto G news please!

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