PSA: Hope you never need repair work done on a Motorola

For everyone who owns a Motorola, pray that you never need repair work done on it!

My Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE's screen cracked in July, which results in a non-functioning touchscreen on this model. I was to busy to wait for it to be repaired since I had a lot of traveling to do, so when I got done, I called up Motorola in September to get it replaced. It was a BYOD from Sprint, and since it was no longer active on Sprint, Sprint wouldn't help and I wasn't going to bother Ting with a phone that wasn't their phone to begin with (though it had Ting service).

So, on September 13th, I sent the phone in to Motorola, along with $100 payment to get the display replaced.

Motorola proceeded to lose my phone until October 30th!

When they found my phone, they apparently lost the information about the RMA that I paid $100 to get the display replaced. They sent the phone back, and I got it on November 11th.. broken.

Motorola customer service did a whole song and dance about if I sent it back in, it'll be fixed this time. They made sure I got my $100 back and they started this repair at no cost, even paying for shipping.

Epic Fail.

I got it back today (November 22nd), and guess what? Still broken. The idiots even claimed on the paperwork that there was nothing wrong with it! (i.e., Tested No Repair Action Needed). Not being able to proceed past the lock screen because the touch screen doesn't work is a problem that needs to be repaired.

Motorola wants me to send it back in! They are willing to replace it this time, however they can't guarantee the replacement will work on Ting, plus it'll take a few weeks to get me a new phone. Nothing else they can do apparently, no way to speed things up. So I'm stuck without a phone for longer, especially since I need to travel again starting Wednesday.

Ting users: Beware Of Motorola. They do a lot of song and dance about the quality of their work. I love their phones, but their repair division are incompetent, and when they mess up, the best they can offer is to try again, or replace it with a potentially non-working phone after a while.

I can't afford a new phone (a phone better than or equal to the Photon that isn't used costs over $500, and the Nexus 5 has a waiting list of over a month, plus its product of Google, just like my current phone that the manufacturer can't get right). I bought a used LG Viper 4G LTE to tide me over, but that phone is the definition of "crap".



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  • Justin 

    Thanks for the info. I've only ever owned one Motorola and that was a long time ago. I did have to send in a Nokia E70 in for repair about 4-5 years ago and it was repaired but not very well. The keyboard was "squishy" when I got it back (the repair was not for the keyboard). It sounds like it's emotionally cheaper to just get another phone is your main one ever needs to be fixed. Not a very good business model in my opinion. 

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