Help porting says cell phone is landline, device not showing up under my account, no clue what to do?

2 phones ported, first one was fine. 2nd one said landline even though it's my sprint cell number and has been for years.  Now I go to devices while logged in, and it only shows the 1st device I ported, not this one.

I have a google voice number but it's not integrated with the sprint number. Sprint number is on google voice acct and can call google voice from sprint number, but that should not cause a problem.

How do I see what's up?

No information on my account, no acct number, and this device (that it said was landline) doesn't show up.



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  • Hi Mark,

    There are various factors that can impact or delay a number port, so we need to check that on a case by case basis. I see that you already have a support request open with us and an agent has just replied to that request. Feel free to give us more details through that and we'll investigate it further for you.

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