Samsung M400 911 button

Just received refurbished Samsung  M400s from Ting (in essentially brand new condition!). One thing I did not expect was a dedicated 911 button that does not seem to be configurable anywhere. My concern is that this phone is going to my almost 90 years old grandma who is not very handy with small electronics. How do I prevent accidental activation? Oh, and she does not speak English either. Is there a way to define behavior of that button somewhere?



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  • Hi Igor,  We looked into your options and there doesn't seem to be a way to disable or change the function of that button. The device is geared towards seniors and it emphasizes ease of use over complexity. Make sure that your grandma knows that there is a emergency button on the phone to call 911. Also be sure  that she knows exactly where it is should she need it for the intended purpose.

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