Moto X, Visual Voice Mail & Android 4.4

I know that Ting has been saying that they can't do visual voice mail because of some limitation of their system......

But, to my surprise, my Moto X just updated to Android 4.4 and all of a sudden visual voice mail now works.  Transcription still needs a subscription (boo Sprint), but at least the rest of it works!


A little curious how this can happen given that they said it shouldn't work, but hey - I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth  ;-)



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  • Chuck,

    I think what Ting means is that their system will not work with a Visual Voicemail subscription.

    The basic voicemail features work with the installed stock visual voicemail app.

    Basic voicemail work with visual voicemail on my Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G too.

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