Airave Canceled!

Seems after nearly a year with Ting Sprint has finally decided to kill my airave account.  Was paying $2.54 in bogus fees to keep it active.  Device dropped off my Sprint account today.

After talking with Sprint (Airave department) the nice lady did try to reactivate it but she keep getting a weird error messages.  Said she never seen it before.

Unfortunately she wasn't sure if I was required to return the unit or not.  Said I might get a letter in next couple of weeks.  Also she didn't know if I could just port it over to Ting.  This is the newer 2.5 unit so technically should be portable.

Anybody else in same boat?




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  • Hey Doug!

    I'd wait until you get this letter that was promised. Did you pay outright for the Airave when you got it? If no, then the device will need to be sent back to Sprint and a new device purchased. As with all Airaves the MAC ID needs to begin with 0005B for it to be brought to Ting. Perhaps speaking with Sprint Support (not Airave) might be of benefit.

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