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My office is in a fairly low-coverage area for the Sprint network, so much of my time at work is spent in "Roaming" mode.  I have noticed that voicemails are delayed when I am roaming.  For example - someone left me a voicemail  today at 10:45 and I did not receive notice of the voice mail until 3:45.


Is this normal?


I have also had problems getting text messages sent out  to some numbers while I am roaming.  I get an error message that bounces back saying "Msg 2114, message sent using invalid number of digits"  Wierd.



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  • Hey Benjamin!

    Sounds like a case of roaming vs regular coverage! Voicemail notifications require a small amount of data to go through to your device. If you are roaming then this data connection is completely cut (as we don't offer domestic data roaming). I would advise keeping track of this delayed voicemail notification again and checking the level and type of coverage you had when the notification was received. This will be a clear indication that you need to have that data coverage.

    Regarding the SMS error you're receiving, this is generally caused by there being not enough digits in the number (in most cases that I have seen it's down to a missing area code). If you're in roaming while this happens and you have the area code try adding a 1 to the start of the number. That should solve the issue for you. If not however please get in touch with support :)

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