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Does anyone foresee any roadblocks getting the upcoming OnePlus One phone running on Ting though BYOD?  I'm speaking about things like Sprint blocking the Nexus 5 if it wasn't bought from the Play Store or through Ting.



  • Well, I just went to the OnePlus site and looked at the specs of the phone, and right there, it says "GSM only".  So no, it will not be able to work on Ting at all, since the phone's hardware just isn't compatible to run on Sprint's network.  It's not a blocking thing; it just can't work.

  • Ahh, I thought at one point I saw that the phone was coming to Sprint.  I either mis-read that or it changed at some point.  Thanks for the information.

    <grumbles about stupid American phone technologies>

  • Actually here is the official release specs for bands

    Cell. Frequencies GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz

    WCDMA: Bands: 1/2/4/5/8

    LTE: Bands: 1/3/4/7/17/38/40

    Not sure if this would be supported by Ting/Sprint but it would be Hella Awesome if it did.

  • We're also excited about the OnePlus One phone but have no official word on supporting it yet. If we do, we'll definitely have a blog post about it and add it to the BYOD list, so keep an eye on both for any updates!

  • +1

    I'd also like to see this device on Ting. From what I've ready it is both GSM and CDMA. I'm curious if the Ting SIM for the Nexus 5 would bring this phone online with Ting?

  • No, it's not both GSM and CDMA.  This is another really confusing thing in the world of cellular technologies.  I hadn't heard of "WCDMA" before, so I just did some searching to find out what it is.  WCDMA is the same as a technology that is usually referred to in the U.S. as "UMTS".  It is a data protocol used on GSM networks, which is not the same and not compatible with the CDMA format used in Sprint's and Verizon's networks in the U.S., so it still would not be compatible with Sprint's network.

  • That is the reason why on OnePlus's website, they show the U.S. and that it can be used on either AT&T or T-Mobile.

  • That's interesting information and good to know. Thanks.

  • I am only a prospective Ting customer at this point, although I'm likely to switch over here in a few months from VM. I've been waiting for the S5 release to make the swap, however, I'd much rather have a rooted, stock android experience with CM pre-installed as the OnePlus One is offering. At its price and feature set, it is by far the best cell phone I have ever seen. Would love for Ting to get it, however, I have been confused by conflicting reports that its GSM only, or that "no wait, it's also CDMA." Hopefully if it's not CDMA now, it will be, as OnePlus' goal is to be a flagship killer and to do that it needs to work on every major network. Anyway, I would love to see this, if this phone were available on Ting today, I'd order it right now and already be a Ting customer!

  • Hi Travis. At the moment, only a GSM version of the OnePlus One has been announced, which is not compatible with our service. The confusion arises because they use the WCDMA technology, which some people might confuse with the CDMA technology we use, although they're not the same. There's no word on when/if they will release a CDMA version. If they do and we can support it, we'll definitely announce that through our blog.

  • Thanks for the clarification Felipe, definitely explains some of the confusion out there! I will definitely keep in eye out for any future news about it on your blog.

  • Thanks Felipe for the quick clarification. That's one of the reasons I all-ways recommend Ting to my friends, quick friend and accurate customer service. 

  • I want this phone for my next phone. I really did not see a big enough quantum leap past my S3 to get a new one. I hope they will make one for Sprint/CDMA. Also it is really priced low under $500.

  • Even if there is a CDMA version, it would likely not be BYOD until Sprint has sold it for a year. It would be up to Ting to determine whether to sell it as new.

  • Any updates on this?

  • It's still GSM only. Fundamentally incompatable with Ting.

  • So with the news that Ting is going to also begin offering service on a GSM network in February 2015, are those of us who'd like to buy the OnePlus One good to go now? You can currently buy one without an invite, so I was thinking about getting one now and hanging on to it for a couple of months. Will I need to unlock it? I've never unlocked a phone before, but I really want the OnePlus One. I think I have enough technical skill to do it, but I'd prefer not to. Can someone more informed let me know please?

  • Technology lust got to me.  I bought one.  I have no idea if I will be able to use it on Ting in Feb but I figure if it turns out it won't work with Ting in Feb I will sell it on Ebay.  It looks like I can sell it for about what I paid.

    Of course I would much prefer to use it on Ting :)

  • Robert, the One Plus One afaik is factory unlocked so you should be good to go.

    Eric, I would suggest you run it through Ting's IMEI checker might also be worth reading this if you haven't: but shouldn't be any problem, I have seen many people running them on T-Mobile and AT&T's network through the carriers and MVNOs.

  • Please let us know on Jan. 16 how it works. I also wan't to get one.

  • I will post if it works but according to their press release [url=]"In short, when Ting on GSM is live in February 2015,"[/url]  so I don't think I will be able to post in January.

  • Thank you for taking the time to respond, Wesley. I went to order one this morning and see they're now back to the invite system. They must have sold through whatever surplus they had, and with news that the OnePlus Two will drop mid to late next year, I may just hold off until then anyways. Still really excited that Ting will be bringing offering GSM service.

  • Robert that is very frustrating how they have handled both their sales and marketing but its a really nice looking device especially for the money.

  • I think you can still buy one.  It isn't easy to find form the main page but this page has the buy link on it.


  • Thanks for the link, Eric, but it's still a no go, whether I log in or not. It either says it requires an invite, or I do not have the required invite. It's fine, really. It's not like I'd be able to do much with it for at least a couple of months anyways. And I agree, Wesley, the invite system has been very frustrating. Still looking forward to getting a OPO or OPT eventually though.

  • Sorry for the double post, but I just wanted to let anyone who's interested know that you can buy a OnePlus One right now without an invite. They're celebrating the one year anniversary of the OPO.

  • So with GSM coming any hope for a One Plus One on Ting? If so I'm going to start shopping around now!

  • Hey Robert.

    Once we launch GSM at the end of the month, the GSM One Plus One should work. I checked my IMEI number and it seems to be supported so there is no reason why yours wouldn't work. You can query your IMEI number here and if you haven't already, you can register your email address at the end of our blog post to receive updates.

  • Thanks so much for the follow up Keith! This is amazingly wonderful news. Starting my shopping for a One Plus One now. This post made my day!

  • im using my one plus one right now on ting gsm.  free invite good for 24 hours if anyone wants it

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