Do we really have to pay $137.21 for the data charges below... when we had already turned off cellular data and endeavored to avoid such charges?‏

No, I'm not keeping my reponse to you as a private billing matter as you ask for.  That allows Ting to hide or obfuscate this problem many would be interested to here about that could lead to customer feedback that might improve things while leaving me to pay $137.21 for surreptitious data charges

The reponse below seems really corporate.

As I already explained, we had turned off cellular data on the phone on the day we activated the phone.  Weeks ago.

Do you have a record of that?  Would you even acknowlegde that if you did?  Or is it just about being opportunistic and making a quick buck?

My daughter streams NetFlix from her mother's home and my home.  Through WiFi.  But cellular data turned itself back on, opportunistically... without us asking it to.

So we're the suckers here?

Thanks for NOTHING!!!  Thanks for no accomodation whatsoever.  My bill went from$20 per month to $137.21!!!  If no amount of context and backstory makes any differrence in your ability to have flexibility... if you're just going to tow the corporate line... than we see that Ting is NOT, in fact, the people's company that has the flexibility to work with you when mishaps arise and is in fact more of a corporation in the style of consideration for quarterly profits only.


Hey Randall!

Sorry to hear about this issue. I'm looking into the account now and I'm seeing that the number ending in 8611 (the iPhone 5) was accessing data even up to yesterday. The usage I'm seeing on the phone is rather high, and there is no app that would use the amount of data that I am seeing on the account. On some days I'm seeing over 2 and 3 GB of data. Any OS update for iPhone can only be done on WiFi, and applications would use less than 3-5 MB for any update. From what I'm seeing this is legitimate usage and there isn't anything we can do to help with this bill.

You have everything set up as it should be right now for stopping the data use (turned off on account AND on the phone).

I am sorry for the hassle here. Please note that we have an Alerts system set up so you can monitor the usage of devices and automatically disconnect once the usage level you set is reached. Due to a delay in the towers reporting (anywhere up to 24 hours) we recommend setting the alert lower than the intended cut off.

I hope this helps, Paraic



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  • Randall,

    You can turn off cellular data for the device from the Ting dashboard. This would insure the phone uses no data, no matter what happens in the OS. you need to perform a Profile update on the phone after changing the dashboard settings.

    I agree with Ting wanting to keep private account issues private to avoid lawsuits. They provide much more reasonable support than the big carriers, in my opinion. I have been their customer for almost 2 years now and have 4 devices on Ting.

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