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I live in one of the largest metropolises in the country, LA. To be specific I live close enough to Disneyland to hear the fireworks every night. I previously had AT&T service before switching to Ting about a month ago. I have a Galaxy S4 and my wife has a Galaxy S3. Both of us no longer call anyone including each other and resort to text messages when possible because no matter what the phone says 3g or 4g, and no matter the number of bars, a conversation is nearly impossible due to call quality. The data is a JOKE compared to AT&T and Verizon(my wifes former service). Often times it will tell me I have 2-3 bars of 4g but loading a webpage will timeout and fail. This area is literally covered in cell towers, it's LA for F&%ks sake, if this is truly Sprint coverage then I would expect them to be going out of business before the end of the year. Someone please tell me there is some other issue at play here, hopefully something that can be fixed. I got better voice coverage 10 years ago with an old Ericson flip phone.....




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  • Hi Lucas.  There are a few things that could be causing those data / voice drops, including specific issues in your area, the exact position of the towers in relation to your house or apartment and a few settings within your devices, so I'll create a support request for you and work on that with you by email. Watch for that message within the next 10 minutes and feel free to communicate through it as we investigate your issue and work towards a resolution with you.

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