Alternative to GrooveIP?

I am not a "techie" and only do things (like grooveIP and GV) because some wonderful people on here post the directions!   However~ I have found no mention of alternatives to grooveIP since they are supposed to be inoperable tomorrow.  I came here because I have been having issue with gIP not working lately and I find a blurb about them closing shop tomorrow with no alternatives or mention of it on here.  ?  

I use TING because I can use VOIP and cut costs and would like to continue to do so.  I would appreciate anyone's input on this!  Thanks!



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  • it's going to depend upon your level of expertise.

    The simple alternative if your using an iPhone is to use the Hangouts app

    If your using Android then you have to wait until it's updated to include VoIP calling. it's in the works but no release date has been given.


    The more technical solution is to subscribe to an internet telephone service provider (itps) and install the necessary software on your phone. this solution also allows you to use a common phone plugged into an Analog telephone adapter (ATA) on a always on internet connection at your home.

    This solution can use the number offered by your itps or you can verify the number on your Google voice account as a verified forwarding phone making it a more seamless solution when one number for all your phones is used. 

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