Why are US major carriers so sleazy (and thank you Ting for being completely the opposite!)?

So it turns out that Verizon are an even bigger bunch of jerks than I thought. I recently bought an iPad Mini because I decided to use it as my "smart phone" and just use a flip phone with Ting for minutes. This is because when I had an iPhone I actually had to have TWO phones activated on Ting, a work phone and my iPhone, because I didn't want to take my iPhone to work because it would get scratched. Now I just have the one phone on Ting, which I use for minutes, and I do all of my data usage and texting (via Google Voice and messaging apps like LINE that let you text over data) on the Mini. And I just take the phone to work, and leave the Mini at home.

Anyway, when I bought the Mini I decided to get the Verizon version because I remembered reading somewhere that Verizon is very reluctant to give out SIM cards so if you ever think you might want to use Verizon you should just get the Verizon version. Anyway, I figured if I ever wanted to use more data I could just pop in the Verizon SIM at any time, but for the meantime I would use T-Mobile's 200 MB of data free per month offer. (And by the way, T-Mobile gave me a SIM card with no questions asked. I just had to pop in the store and pay the $10 for the card and I was off on my merry way.)

Lo and behold I actually found out the truth a couple days ago. Apparently on Verizon if you activate your SIM card and then don't use it for five months, not only do they deactivate your account, they brick the SIM card so it can never be used again. And on top of that, apparently they refuse to give you a new one. They say that at that point you have to be on postpaid or buy a new iPad. I've never heard of such shady practices in my life! Even though Verizon has the best coverage in my area and their 1 GB of data is the same price as T-Mobile, I don't think I could honestly be willing to support a company that has such sleazy practices now. I think I'm just going to stick with T-Mobile for everything, even though I would lose in a little bit of coverage.

Doesn't it just drive you crazy what sleaze bags some of the major carriers can be sometime? I don't know about AT&T, but Sprint seems just as bad as Verizon! I am only on the Sprint network because I love Ting so much. If Ting ever decided to go with a different major carrier for their network I would follow them in a heartbeat; it's definitely no love for Sprint. I don't know about AT&T, but Verizon sure is sleazy. It seems like out of all the major carriers, T-Mobile is the only one that is transparent and honest and helpful. And even that might just be because they are one of the little guys. Maybe if they were as big as Verizon they would be just as sleazy. *sighs and shakes head*




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