I have a Nexus 5 which I bought recently specifically because my job requires occasional travel to Sweden and it seemed the most likely phone I could use on Ting and also use in Sweden (with another SIM card). I know that Ting has no service in Sweden. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with using one of these devices in Sweden and could recommend a carrier for a prepaid cheapo SIM?



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  • Hey Matthew. I'm not familiar with Sweden carriers, so can't help with that, but just want to have you do a full backup of your phone before travelling to Sweden. That's because the device might not be able to switch from the CDMA/LTE mode that we use to GSM right away without a full reset. That's not to say you will need to reset the phone to use it with a GSM carrier, but that might be necessary to reset your device's radius and have it activate with them. This is also what we have to do when someone tries to bring the Nexus 5 from a GSM carrier to Ting under a few circumstances.

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