Samsung Galaxy S4 - media volume goes to mute by itself

I had this problem on the previous version of android and was hoping the recent KitKat update would fix it, but no. Every so often - and I haven't figured out what triggers it - the volume for "Music, video, games and other media" goes to zero - and it's impossible to turn it back up short of rebooting the phone. This is REALLY annoying, as it also affects voice prompts for navigation in Google Maps! Has anyone else had this problem - and most importantly, has anyone found a way to FIX this?

In case it matters - I'm running Android 4.4.2, build number KOT49H.L720VPUFNAE. If there's other info necessary to ID the problem, let me know.



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  • Hey there. I'm sorry for not having any response to that yet. The truth is, that's not something we heard from other customers yet, so at the moment, I believe it might be related to the device itself. Let's wait a bit longer to see if other customers jump in and also share that concern if it's been happening to them.

    In the meantime, have you tried a full reset of the phone to see if that helps? A factory reset would make sure all settings ate back to native in case something got misconfigured. Keep in mind this will completely clear everything you have on the phone, so you'll need to back it up first. To go ahead with that, please submit a support request and make sure to provide as much detail as possible through that request. That will allow us to log what's happening to your phone and assist with troubleshooting and the reset.

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