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One of your blogs a few weeks back mentioned the LG Volt coming to the Ting device page in mid to late May.  Just wondering what the outlook is for availability.  Thanks.



  • Hi Mark,

    As you may have noticed the LG Volt is not quite available yet. We don't have an ETA at this time, but keep an eye on our shop page

  • I was going to ask this very same question. I've been doing some research on mid level phones and from what I've been able to find, the LG Volt is just what I'm looking for. Any update on an ETA? I'm assuming it would be priced in the $+-250 range? Thanks!

  • Hi Richard!  No update on an ETA at this time.  Thanks for checking in!

  • I just found that the LG Volt is available the Sprint prepaid service. Is that a phone that I could bring to Ting if I buy it?

  • Boost & Virgin Mobile phones officially cannot be brought to Ting because those companies are owned by Sprint.

    Some users have tried specific models and had it work or partially work, but that is not supported by Ting.

  • Hey Mark,

    It's just as Bruce said, we don't have support for the LG Volt. For a full list of supported devices please check our BYOD page.

  • I've seen online that people have had success bringing the Sprint Prepaid Sharp Aquos Crystal phone to Ting, was wondering if anyone has heard of anyone successfully activating the LG Volt on Ting?

  • The SGS3 that's going on sale at Best Buy on black friday won't be able to be used on Ting because it is the new triband model that came out this year, and thus falls under the 1 year rule still.

    Don't know much about the LG Volt though...

    Boost Mobile is selling the Moto G for $80. MOTOGRMN20 will take $20 off and knock it down to $60, and that phone will work on Ting.

  • According to Justen, who works for Ting: https://www.reddit.com/r/ting/comments/2n74os/sprint_prepaid_samsung_galaxy_s_iii_l710t_on_ting/

    Also I have not seen anyone else successfully do it. But of course you're welcome to try the S3 triband and see if it works, I would like to know as well. Thanks

  • Awesome, thanks for checking and for sharing! Good to hear that the LG Volt seems to work, especially since it'll be on sale at RadioShack for $40 this Black Friday. Bummer that the SIII doesn't work though...

    If I see a Tribute somewhere I'll give it a shot

  • Picked up a white SPP LG Volt from Radio Shack for $40 this morning and it activated on Ting no problem. Heck of a phone for 40 bucks.

  • Cowboy - No, I didn't have to activate it at the store.  

  • Did you turn it on to self activate on sprint network first before activating to Ting, or did you never even turn it on before you activated the phone on Ting for it to work?  I didn't know if it mattered.

  • @ Paul, I am so mad. I bought the Boost version at radioshack too. The guy told me that neither would work on Ting. Then I got home and checked the MEID #. The boost version wont work, but the Sprint PP does work. So I whipped my phone and went back to the store to exchange. But they wouldn't sell me the Sprint version without paying $35 to activate. Its the same phone!! Yet I bought the Boost version without activation.

    Can you please confirm that you bought the White, Sprint version and didn't have to pay $35 to activate? They told me that their computer cant sell it to me without paying the $35 to activate with the Sprint version.

    Or did you buy the black, Boost Mobile version, and you got it to work with Ting?

  • @Ken, I bought the sprint version from Radioshack today and they didn't say anything about needing to activate. I've also bought Boost phones from them to use outside of Boost and I just made something up like "I have an account, i'll active the phone myself later, don't activate it right now" or something because I know they can be super persistent/obnoxious about it.

  • @Jun thanks for the reply. When I bought the Boost version, I said I don't want to activate, and already have a number. They wrote that number on my receipt. Maybe that overrides them making you activate? But when I returned to exchange, they knew that I wasn't going to activate with Sprint, so maybe they just wanted extra money? I talked to them about it for 5 mins and they wouldn't budge even tho I said im going to be using the phone on a Sprint network.

    So im stuck with a Boost version for now. You said you bought Boost before, did it work for Ting? I typed in the MEID number from my Boost, but the website says it wont work. I typed in the Sprint version (which I wrote down from a box in store), and the website says it will work. But I really don't want to buy a white phone and pay $35 just to activate, when I already paid for it without activating the Boost version.


  • @Space thanks for the info. I was disappointed with Radio Shack activation policies (that they wanted to use on me, but other people said they didn't have to activate).

    But it worked out for the best (that Radio Shack's denial gave me time to think about it and contact Ting support).

    I must say Ting has great customer support. They helped me out and let me keep my phone version that works on Sprint networks. Now I have a great phone, and kept my Ting number.

    Ty Ting and everyone who helped.

  • Ken, to avoid the activation upsell  you can order the Radio Shack Sprint version of the Volt  (Model: LGLS740ASB -Catalog #: 1710784) online. It's on sale for 39.99 and a $10 off coupon can be applied by signing up for Radio Shack emails- see the bottom of the Radio Shack page. Shipping is free to your home or you can use the free ship to store option. I ordered today.I hope it will work. By the way, the Tribute is on sale at Radio Shack for the same price.

  • @Carolyn that is a great tip. I already got my issue solved but the tip is good for others, thanks.

    I wrote down a MEID (dec version) of a Volt from Sprint, and checked it on Ting's website. It worked. So have faith. I believe your phone will work for activation. :)

    When you get yours, type in the dec version of the MEID at Ting's webpage check. And if that doesn't work, then contact support here. They have good customer service for Sprint phones that they can recognize.

  • @Space, the Black one. Both work on the Sprint network and use cdma.  It's the same phone, just different vendorware uploaded for the pre-paid route. Since Ting reconized the phone in its systems (from Sprint), they were able to make it work, but the Sprint MEID shows up better at their website checker. If any of you have this Volt and have issues with the MEID check, then I recommend contacting support with your decimal MEID number. Perhaps you typed it in wrong.

    PS for anyone else, I think the Volt phone is good. K-mart was also selling the Black version for $40. Ting is a good company to go with if you don't want high priced data contracts of other companies.

    The Volt is a smart phone, but it has a switch to turn data off if you want to use just wifi, and Ting's voice/txt service.

    I wanted a smart device, mp3 player, HD camera, and Voice service in one. So really happy with getting the Volt working on Ting, because other companies would force a high priced data contract, just to use a smartphone, even if you just wanted Voice service.

  • @Space, yes because it had a workable MEID number and hardware (frequency).

  • @Space, mine seems good to me. Gorilla glass screen. The plastic has a precise fit. Im not sure what you think is cheap about it? Im getting a protective case for mine, but the phone itself has a heavy (sturdy feel), the screen frame feels like metal. Only the back is plastic since it comes off to insert the battery and sd card.

    The indication light has multi color (instead of just white), which I think was great to include on a phone at this price. To me it seems like a pro feature and I can program a specific color to light up depending on the app notification.

    The OS works fast for me and it had a better HD rear camera than other phones in this range (it's a backlight sensor compared to the HTC 510 Desire is not). Maybe you should try it for a while?

    For anyone else, I compared the Volt to the HTC 510 Desire, and the Volt had better stats.

  • I can also verify that the Sprint Prepaid (White) LG Volt model does indeed activate through Ting, I did it for 2 of them over the weekend, and they've been up and running w/ no problems ever since. Interesting that someone found the Boost Mobile (Black) version of the Volt to activate through Ting as well! I can't understand how someone could think this phone is cheap. It feels light, which is GOOD, but that doesn't mean it's cheaply made. The reviews for this phone are very high across the board, and one would be very hard pressed to find a better bang-for-the-buck phone out there right now.

  • To all who have a Volt....  can you use the Wifi Hotspot function?  I keep finding conflicting info on the interwebs...   Thx  Matt  

  • @Matt, I can't confirm that the Volt can't use the Wifi hotspot.

    But I can confirm that the option is hidden/disabled on my phone. (I am not rooted).

    Yet it seems that the [other company that I got it from] makes you pay to enable or use wifi hotspot? They charge for data and perhaps the ability to turn it on.



    This link shows that my version of LG Volt has the ability to setup Wifi hotspot:



    And finally, I installed an [advanced options app] to show "enable wifi hotspot," which it did. But pressing it did nothing (perhaps because I am not rooted). 


  • Also, unable to get Wi-Fi hotspot, as it doesn't show up under "More..." menu.

    Extremely pleased with the phone. A $40 android phone running Kitkat - how could anyone complain? :) I had it (LG Volt SPP)  activated in under 5 minutes of turning it on.  I'm buying another one to replace my wife's old android 2.3 phone.

  • Darn, looks like Radio Shack has Sold out online for the Sprint Prepaid white LG Volt 4G :-(  And Bestbuy is selling it for $80 with "phone activation required for use" in fine print. I'm wondering if I should take a chance on LG Tribute phone for $40?

  • Gina, RS did not sell out of the SPP Volt, their low Black Friday price on it simply expired. All these phones require phone activation, you'll be doing it through Ting, so don't be concerned with fine print about it. The best deal right now on a new SPP Volt that I can see is on Ebay, where you can "Buy It Now" (no need to bid) for $59.99 w/ free shipping. And honestly, even though the Tribute is a great entry-level KitKat phone, even for BestBuy's $79.99 the Volt is still a better bargain overall when you compare their specs.

  • Thanks Tyler! Based on your experience with Sprint Pre-paid LG Volt phones, I can confidently ask my husband to get me one for Christmas :-)

  • @ Paul, my previous phone didn't require a microSIM -- where did you get one so that you can activate the SPP LG Volt on the Ting system?  Can I just buy the one from the Ting shop?  Never had to use a SIM in a North American phone... are there different kinds or will any microSIM work to activate me?  (Ting checker says my IMEI is good to go... start saving!)  Anyone?

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